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Asda Pick 'n Mix Sweets

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Brand: Asda / Type: Candy

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    2 Reviews
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      12.05.2010 21:00
      Very helpful



      Worth trying

      I am a bit of a tight arse, and when we go to the cinema, I hate spending a fortune on pick n mix. I am a huge fan of sweets, and usually when I fill a bag in the cinema it costs at least £6 at a rate of 97pence per 100grams. My girlfriend would always moan, as me buying sweets would near on double the price of our visit.

      Up until recently, we used to go into Woolies to get a bag each, but as they have now shut the doors, we were looking elsewhere.

      When i saw that Asda sell it for 55pence for 100grams, it had to be worth trying, at about half the price of cinema sweets. They have a good selection out with all the usuals, White mice, frazzles, chocolate raisins, cola bottles, smarties & much more...

      There are plenty of bags and scoops available for use, each tray of sweets has a lid on it which helps keep it fresh, and everytime I have visited they have always been full.

      The sweets themselves are exactly the same as any other pick n mix I have tried - nice tasting and bad for you! You definitely can't tell the difference between this and the cinema stuff, so it's well worth buying it as a substitute.

      One slight problem with Asda, is because the tills are always so busy, I always tend to start eating the sweets before I have paid, this has resulted in a few stern words from Asda staff, as in their eyes it is chassed as shoplifting. That aside, I would recommend giving it a try.

      One bad point with pick n mix, which I actually saw the other day, is when people pick the sweets with their hands, not with the scoops provided. There is absolutely no need for this as there is always a free scoop lying around, but as the pick n mix is down an aisle within the shop, there are no staff to monitor it, where as in a cinema, you'd probably get a telling off for using your hands. In this case, I decided to tell the lady off myself, she soon decided on using a scoop after that.

      If you like pick n mix, give Asda a try, try and dig from the back of the tray, that way there is less chance you'll pick up sweets that have been man handled.

      3 stars, losing two because of the hygene issue.


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        14.10.2008 20:22
        Very helpful



        Great for when you want to go back to your childhood

        This review is slightly unusual as it is about lots of things. I have been working as a merchandiser in Asda for about three months now and one of my areas of responsibility is the Pick 'n' Mix.

        At our Asda we have just one bay of sweets on our Pick 'n' Mix which consists of 36 individual pods arranged in six rows of six.

        Just briefly my job consists of making sure that the pods are kept as full as possible at all times. I restock on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays cleaning and replacing the scoops used to access the sweets and cleaning the finger marks off the outside of the pods each time.

        The cost of the Pick 'n' Mix is currently 57p per 100g. The amount you get for your money depends on the weight of the individual sweets. The pear drops for example are quite heavy so a bag of those would cost a relatively high amount whereas the foam shrimps are fairly light and so a bag of these would be cheaper.

        Anyway let's get on to the sweets - these will be pretty much the same from store to store in each branch of Asda. A few of the stores have more than one bay of Pick 'n' Mix and so would have a larger variety of sweets.

        I will start my descriptions at the top left and work down the bay. You will notice that, as the sweets I describe get nearer to the bottom, they get brighter and more yucky looking - just what the children like!

        Vanilla Fudge - 2 pods
        At present the fudge comes in unwrapped cubes about an inch in length, width and breadth. It's very sweet but really nice. I have noticed that the new boxes of fudge contain smaller wrapped sweets but the actual fudge will be of the same standard.

        Chewing Nuts
        Now this is one I remember from when I was a youngster. These are basically little balls of toffee covered in chocolate - about the size of a shelled hazelnut. If you have fillings in your teeth beware these are quite stiff to chew!

        Fruit Jellies
        These are good quality, unwrapped jelly sweets covered in sugar in a variety of flavours including orange, strawberry, lemon, blackcurrant and the sweets are in the shape of the fruit which gives the jelly its flavour. They are firm and of a decent size - I would say more of an adult sweet than a children's favourite. Mind you everyone seems to avoid the lemon ones and there are always lots of that particular flavour left!

        Caramel Cups
        These sweets are covered in silver foil and are half sphere in shape. They are chocolate with soft caramel centres. These don't sell as quickly as some of the others - I don't think they look 'interesting' enough to attract the children to try them. You'll see what I mean by 'interesting' later!

        Liquorice Torpedoes
        These are the old fashioned, long thin liquorice sweets covered in a hard sugar coating in various different bright colours.

        Quality Street
        This is an item that should be in our Pick 'n' Mix but I haven't seen any stock yet so this pod gets filled with whatever I have left over once everything else is full.

        Chocolate Caramels
        These are again caramel sweets covered in chocolate. These are square wrapped sweets made from hard caramel, the sort that loosens your fillings!

        Wine Gums
        I think we all know what wine gums are! These are a fair size and are of good quality too.

        Spearmint Chews
        These are wrapped white chewy sweets flavoured with spearmint - again an old favourite.

        Liquorice Cream Rock
        I can't tell you what the liquorice sweets taste like as I haven't tried any of them - I hate liquorice! These are small cylinders of liquorice with various different coloured centres.

        Fruit Chews
        These are small wrapped chewy sweets in a variety of flavours including strawberry, blackcurrant, orange, lemon etc.

        Jelly Babies
        These are good quality jelly babies in various pale colours covered in a light dusting of icing sugar.

        Foam Shrimps
        These are one of my favourites! They are pink shrimp shaped sweets made from a semi solid foam. They are very sweet but very moreish!

        Milk Chocolate Speckled Eggs
        These are little eggs made from chocolate and then covered with a hard sugar coating in pastel colours and speckled to make them look like real birds eggs. I can see these being VERY popular at Easter!

        Porky Pigs
        These are strawberry flavoured pigs' heads about the size of a walnut.

        Teddy Bears
        These are tiny little teddy bears made from jelly and they come in a variety of different colours.

        Milk Chocolate Raisins
        Now you might not guess this one but they are just raisins covered in chocolate - delicious!

        White Mice - 2 pods
        These are vanilla flavoured white mice shapes about two inches long with a flat base.

        Mini Strawberry Cables
        The cables are about two inches long and half an inch through and they are twisted all the way down. The flavour is strawberry and the texture resembles hard jelly.

        Tropical Caterpillars
        These are jelly sweets in the shape of large caterpillars in a variety of lurid greens and yellows.

        I told you they got worse the lower down the bay we got!

        Gummy Cola Bottles
        These are miniature cola bottles made out of jelly and tasting something like cola - apparently!

        Milk Chocolate Beans
        These are chocolate beans covered in a hard candy shell in various bright colours - looking exactly like Smarties!

        Fizzy Fruit Dummies
        Here we have dummy shaped sweets made from jelly and covered with sugar. They come in a variety of flavours and have a slightly fizzy sensation in the mouth.

        Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles
        As with the dummies these are made from jelly with a sugar coating, but this time in the shape of red cola bottles and tasting like fizzy cherry cola.

        Dolly Mixtures
        Well we all know what Dolly Mixtures are but this is another one that we haven't yet received in the stock order.

        Soft Fried Eggs
        These sweets look just like little fried eggs with a bright yellow centre surrounded by white, but these are made of jelly.

        Foam Bananas
        Like the shrimps these are sweets made from semi solid foam only this time they are shaped like yellow bananas. Again they are very sweet but very moreish!

        Strawberry Pencils
        The long thin pieces of stretchy stuff are about six inches long. The flavour is strawberry and the texture resembles hardish but stretchy jelly.

        I have no idea what these are - they are on my plan but I have never yet seen them! If we ever have any in I will update!

        Teeth and Lips
        These are rosebud lips in bright red jelly and teeth / gums in white and pink jelly.

        White Gems
        Here we have discs of white chocolate with hundreds and thousands on one side. The size is somewhere between a 5p and 10p piece.

        Jumbo Fizzy Blue Bottles
        These are fairly large bottle shaped sweets made from jelly and covered with sugar which give a slightly fizzy sensation in the mouth.

        Giant Tarantulas
        It's not too much of a surprise to find that these are jelly sweets in the shape of quite large tarantulas covered in sugar.

        Mega Strawberries
        These are jelly sweets shaped like large flat strawberries and they smell strongly of strawberries and taste like them too.

        So there you are - now you know what to expect from the Pick 'n' Mix in Asda!


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