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Burnt Sugar Crumbly Fudge with Sea Salt

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Brand: Burnt Sugar / Type: Fudge

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    1 Review
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      17.05.2010 13:19
      Very helpful



      A tasty salty sweet.

      I don't normally write food reviews and so it's a bit strange to be writing a few so close together, but since discovering Waitrose there have been so many things that I want to rave about. About once a month I get massive sugar cravings, and this was the case when I went shopping there yesterday. As well as buying my usual banana and toffee cupcake I also spent a few happy minutes browsing the confectionary aisle. While there were about fifteen things that I wanted so much I had to restrain myself from grabbing them and eating them there and then, I managed to control myself and decided to only buy two things. One of these things was a bar of milk chocolate with chilli and lime (gorgeous, by the way) and the other was this packet of fudge.

      I was immediately attracted to the row of Burnt Sugar fudges by their simple yet sophisticated packaging. These packs of fudge come in a thin cardboard pack with the brand name and the type of fudge written simply and attractively on them, with a small window cut out so that you can see the nice fudge within. There were a few different flavours (one with ginger I believe as well as plain and something else), but it was this crumbly fudge with a hint of sea salt which particularly caught my eye. I hadn't had fudge with sea salt in before, as far as I can remember anyway, so I was interested to see how something so savoury as salt would go with something as sweet as fudge. I had a look at the back of the pack, and it described the flavour as being a 'proper grown-up caramel taste' due to the salt included. I took the 'grown-up' description to mean actual adults rather than children who want to feel grown up and mature, and so assumed that this would be an interesting and not overly sweet flavoured fudge.

      I had planned on saving this fudge for my train journey home tomorrow, but I just couldn't resist trying it while I was sitting in my flat yesterday. I decided that I'd just have a piece or two and leave the rest until later, but it was so nice that I had to eat them all in one night. The flavour was amazing, and not really anything that I could have imagined. The fudge was much sweeter than fudge that I normally have and I was surprised, but then after a couple of seconds the sea salt taste came through and there was an amazing balance of flavours. While at first the fudge is so sweet that many people might not be a fan, the saltiness which comes through completely cancels that out and makes this fudge nicely sweet. The fact that it is made with sea salt rather than regular table salt makes it taste really fresh and taste almost how seaside air smells. I imagine this tastes like what eating regular fudge in a wet sea wind would taste like, except without the cold or effort.

      For the sake of this review I counted how many pieces of fudge were included in this pack, and found twelve bits in total. There are roughly 440 calories in this pack according to the nutritional info on the back, which means that each piece contains 35-40 calories. While this is quite fattening if you eat the whole lot like I did, it does mean that if you only have one or two it's not really that bad at all. I certainly would enjoy having two or three pieces of this fudge more than having a small bar of Cadbury's, for example, and it would only contain around half the calories that chocolate would.

      Since this is a 'grown-up' and sophisticated looking piece of confectionary it understandably costs more than a bag of fudge that you'd find in a newsagents, but at £1.39 for this 110g pack I think that this fudge is very reasonably priced. I've looked for this fudge online and found it for £1.79, which is also a price that I'd be happy to pay for this fudge. I should hopefully make back the cost of my packet by writing this review anyway, so should be able to justify buying myself another one in the future!

      So in conclusion, I would really recommend that all of you try this fudge if you see it in a shop, as it has a very interesting flavour and is delicious. If you look at this fudge and think 'god, I wouldn't eat that. It sounds too odd!', then open your mind a bit and you may be pleasantly surprised. Chilli and chocolate are two flavours that you wouldn't expect to go together but they do amazingly, and I will probably be reviewing my purchase of chocolate with chilli and lime very soon. Watch this space for my review of toffee made with chalk and cheese!


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