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Brand: Campino / Type: Candy

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    2 Reviews
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      22.10.2009 19:05
      Very helpful



      Lovely Sweets

      My friends bought me a packet of "Yoghurt And Fruit" Campinos while they were on holiday to America and now I'm enjoying them as I write these! They are gorgeous!

      ~~~PACKET DESIGN~~~
      The sweets are packaged in a plastic packet, and individually wrapped in plastic as well. Once opening the pack, you can easily share between friends and eat them slowly. I hate packets of sweets where they are just all open and you are forced to either eat them all in one go or to find some alternative source of binding it back (rubber band or tape) to keep them from going off or diseased by insects.

      However, this method does mean more plastic wastage... which I guess is a fair con.

      After unwrapping each sweet, you have a nice round sweet, with a beautiful swirl emanating from the centre. Not only does each one look appealing, they taste good too.

      This tropical pack I have consists of three flavours: Peach, Cherry and strawberry. Each one has a strong fruity taste, but I have to say I like the cherry flavour the best, as strawberry tastes rather generic, whilst peach isn't as genuine as it could be. The cherry flavour is not only exotic and exciting, but it tastes like cherry. It also has a swirl that is slightly deeper red, making it even more appealing, and attractive!

      I tend to eat them by savouring it in my mouth and letting it slowly melt, but others might choose to bite it. Either way, it is a very yummy candy; at the end, when I do bite, it is crunchy and strong. The milky flavour also mixes very well with the fruit and overall has a fresh smooth taste.

      These are fantastic when you are bored or just want something sweet and fresh to eat. I would recommend these to everyone. Personally, they are just the right taste, and the variety allows you to be a bit different every time, not just one boring flavour again and again.

      The packet also allows you to share with friends, which makes it great for parties or outings, or plane trips! I am sure children AND adults will love these!

      HOWEVER, (correct me if I'm wrong) I am not sure whether you can get them in England. I remember seeing these a few years back but can't seem to find them anymore? Maybe at some confectionary shops and supermarkets they are still there. IF they are, they should cost around £1.


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        02.02.2007 15:50
        Very helpful



        A refreshing, juicy sweet.

        There always seem to be a bag of these in our house just lately that gets dipped into quite often.
        Campino's are a hard boiled sweet that come in three different flavours, Oranges and Cream, Summerfruits and, for the purpose of this review, Strawberries and Cream. Even if you've never had the pleasure of one you will recognise the red sweets with cream swirls that give these sweets their unique look.

        We tend to have the 140g bags though they do come in smaller tubes of about 10 sweets ( I think). You really can't miss the red/pink packaging. Our current bag has a best before date of Oct 07 so even if you only had one occasionally you'd still eat them all in time!

        The ingredients contain, amongst others, Real Cream (6.2%), Butterfat and Lactic Acid so allergy sufferers please check the list first. There is no mention of whether these are suitable for vegetarians either although pursuing the ingredients list might give you some idea if you are vegetarian yourself. Neither does it state how much sugar or how many calories these little sweets contain but it's probably best that I don't know that info!

        Each Campino is individually wrapped in it's own mini wrapper. Not good in terms of excess packaging but better than having them all stick together as hard boiled sweets have a tendency to do (usually at the bottom of my coat pocket when I was a kid!)

        The easy to tear wrapper gives way to a red and cream swirled sweet a bit smaller than a 10p coin. They have a very creamy and sweet smell, almost reminds me of the smell given off by the candy floss machine at a fairground (strange, I know!)

        As soon as you pop one into your mouth the flavour immediately bursts through. The strawberry flavour is juicy and refreshing and no where near as articial as some but them Campino do contain concentrated strawberry juice. Blended with the cream it creates a very smooth, tasty and refreshing experience. The cream itself does not have a strong taste, it just compliments the juicy strawberry taste and gives it an extra smoothness. The strawberry is not a sharp taste just fruity enough to make you want to suck harder!

        The initial burst of strawberry gives way slightly the further into the Campino you get and it becomes an overall, juicy, refreshing, creamy and 'clean' taste and is almost thirst-quenching.

        There is no nasty aftertaste, just enough of the delicious flavour of strawberries and cream to keep your mouth salivating for several minutes afterwards!

        I'd definitely recommend these. Taste wise they are one of the few sweets that can wake-up your taste buds and leave your mouth feeling as though you've had a fruity drink. Sugar and calorie-wise, I'm not so sure but then that depends on whether you wish to pig out on a whole bag in a short space of time!

        For roughly £1.30 a bag they are handy to keep in the car for journeys or indoors when you fancy something non-chocolately.

        I've not tried either of the other 2 flavours, I can't get fed up with these to try another! Apparently Storck, the makers of these, have created Campino Minis, Sugar Free in the Strawberries and Cream variety but I have never seen these in the shops.

        So overall, a very tasty and delicious sweet that are not too expensive and suitable for most of the family that have the most, juicy light taste.

        As a footnote, did you know that Campino's also contain Paprika Extract…thank goodness I can't taste THAT!

        Distributed in the UK by Storck, Moorside Road, Winchester, Hampshire.

        So, go on then, do tell……………do you bite or suck ?!

        Thanks for reading,

        © 2007


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      • Product Details

        A special candy made from fruits and fresh cream for that extra creaminess and caressing mouthfeel. Campino promises the greatest indulgement.

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