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Chupa Chups Strawberry Yogurt Lollipop

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Brand: Chupa Chups / Type: Berry

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    3 Reviews
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      01.02.2010 21:36
      Very helpful
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      Yum yum yum!

      I had one of these for the first time yesterday after years and years, and I don't know how I managed to stay away - although, I suppose it is a good thing or my teeth would have rotted away by now!

      In my local nightclub, the lovely toilet attendant in the men's loos sells the usual aftershave, chewing gum.... and Chupa Chups. Why? I have no idea, but he is on to a winner. I have spoken to him about this and he buys them in for about 8p each, and sells them to the drunk men for £1 a go - what a profit!

      I am sure he makes a tidy sum each night, considering the amount of guys who are seen dancing in the club with a white stick poking out of their mouth, and the amount of white sticks found on the floor!

      Anyway.... this is where I got my lolly - for some reason my brother bought it for me!

      So.... the wrapper in itself is plastic with the nutritional content on and is nice and bright and colourful. The stick is a long white one with a hold at either end so that if a child swallows it then they are supposedly safe!

      The lolly in itself is pink and white, and is a round ball on top of the stick.

      The flavour is quite strong and very strawberry-ish and is lovely and creamy.

      The ball is the perfect size without it being too sickly sweet, and lasts a good amount of time. It is a good size for biting too if that is what you like to do!

      The lollies are about 20p each, which is well worth it if you want something sweet - although it is hard to look grown-up whilst eating them!

      1 lolly has 48 calories so is actually a really good way to have a nice sweet snack, although it is filled with sugar!

      The lollies come in lots of flavours, although this Strawberry Yoghurt is my favourite, along with Coca Cola. The other flavours available are....

      # Apple
      # Cola
      # Cherry
      # Raspberry
      # Strawberry yogurt
      # Cola lemon
      # Kiwi strawberry orange
      # Lemon lime
      # Mango strawberry banana
      # Mango pineapple kiwi
      # Orange
      # Raspberry vanilla
      # Strawberry
      # Watermelon
      # Vanilla
      # Strawberry cream
      # Cocoa vanilla
      # Melon yogurt
      # Cola lemon powder (magics)
      # Vanilla cherry powder (magics)
      # Mango apple powder (magics)
      # Cherry bubblegum
      # Cola bubblegum
      # Cocoa cream cremosa
      # Strawberry cream cremosa
      # Caramel cream cremosa
      # Banana/
      # Banana milk/(Japan)
      # Berries yogurt
      # Blackberry/
      # Blueberry/
      # Capuchino vanilla/(JPN)
      # Caramel/(JPN)
      # Caramel vanilla/
      # Coffee/
      # Cucumber/
      # Custard Pudding/(JPN)
      # Forest fruits yogurt/
      # Grape/
      # Mango/
      # Milk/(JPN)
      # Mocha/
      # Peach/
      # Peach cream/
      # Peach yogurt
      # Pineapple/
      # Pudding/
      # Ramune/(JPN)
      # Salmiak
      # Sugar free cherry
      # Sugar free orange
      # Sugar free cola


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        15.01.2010 10:29
        Very helpful



        Chupa Chup - worth a fortune at Scrabble and they make great lollies.

        A smaller sized lolly than say, the Chupa Chup Giant, it makes for a quicker suck - good for a lolly in a hurry moment, if you ever find yourself in that situation. When Kipling wrote "If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run", I'm sure he meant for people to improve themselves or leave the world in a better place for them having been there, not for people to think "ooh, I've got a spare minute, where's my lolly?". Sorry, Rudyard, for twisting your prose into a sweet based metaphor, rather badly too.

        Anyhow, back on subject, the small (ish) size of the lolly makes it ideal if you are a "biter" as opposed to a "sucker", because you can get your back teeth round the sphere of sugary strawberry goodness perfectly in order to smash the lolly free from the stick completely. I find the smash and grab technique doesnt work very well with larger lollies and you just succeed in either breaking off a small sliver of the lolly, or breaking off part of your molar. If you havent got 6 months to hang around on an NHS dentist waiting list, and like biting your lollies, then go for the Chupa Chups Strawberry Yoghurt lolly. Your teeth will thank you, but maybe not your dentist.

        Taste - Sticky, fruity and sweet (no innuendos please - my wife reads these sometimes) and the strawberry yoghurt flavour is very noticeable. Overall, a very appealing taste.

        Negatives - As I work for a large public organisation, terms like "carbon footprint" and "sustainable development" are, sadly, subjects that that I consider when eating lollies. The wrapper is plastic, fair enough - its a good non-porous material for protecting foodstuffs, but the stick is also plastic. A compressed rolled paper stick would better ensure the safety of the Lesser Spotted Peruvian Warble Throated Tree Licker (its a bird), (dont google it, I made it up) because the paper type of stick could be composted or recycled, whereas the type of plastic that makes the current stick, if thrown into my wheelie bin, would send my local council's cleansing operatives (formerly known as bin men) into a rage so bad, the anger will only be seen on that scale again when my daughter finds out that Daddy has eaten all the Chupa Chups from "her" cupboard so he could write this review.

        Its all in the name of research Princess, honest.


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          24.11.2009 16:53
          Very helpful



          These suck!!!

          Aside from Cojac people think lollies are for kids. But try one of these and you will resort to hiding them in the back of the highest cupboard or sucking them in the car by yourself.

          First discovered when i was a youth leader running a tuck shop I have been a fan for over 10 years. The flavour is consistantly good without being too sickly and they are delicious.

          There have been many incarnations of these over the past but the original strawberry still remains hugely popular. Personally I prefer cherry or apple but you will get to find your own facourite. there was a range of milk flavours and ones such as choco banana but they were more creamy than the traditional range.

          So what is it?

          It a plastic stick with a solid ball of candy in various flavours and nice pastel colours. It is encased, in a sometimes difficult to open, wrapper showing the flavour and the boring ingredient stuff that tells you the speed at which these rot your teeth. The first ingredient is sugar. (I'm sure that's not a shocker)

          The stick has a hole so young children can still breath if swallowed, but no doubt they will have the stick chewed to pieces long before that happens.

          All in this is a great sucky sweet that can be bought for around 25p though I just got 5 for 8p each. You do get mini versions but don't bother unless you want to try a new flavour as they are too small.

          As for the mega chuppa chups? I'd use them to keep the kids away from my secret stash.


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