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Chupa Chups Sugar Free Relax

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Brand: Chupa Chups / Type: Candy

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    1 Review
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      13.12.2009 23:15
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      Who says lollies are for children? Go on, grab one and give it a suck!

      These 'adult' Chupa Chups come in a box of six. The box is a bit like a cigarette packet and I think this is intentional as the idea is to have a lolly instead of a ciggy! The words '6 moments of peace' or 'Sucking relaxes' is in place of the health warning!

      I know they come in two varieties, there's a yellowy box but this review is about the reddish box, the ones that are more strawberry-flavoured.

      I bought mine in a shop called Home Bargains for only 24p so I have no idea how much they cost full price. I've seen the yellow box in Morrison's once but that was a while ago. Other than that, I don't think I've seen them in many other shops but I guess some health food shops might have them.

      The pack I bought had obviously been shipped from abroad as the whole pack was in Spanish (I think) but had a sticky label to inform me of the ingredients in English.

      Every lolly is smaller than a regular sized Chupa Chup and they have the usual plastic stick with the hole all the way through and a cellophane wrapper as usual.

      Each lolly has the very faint smell of fruit with a touch of herbs and this smell gets stronger when you start sucking them.

      They are a red colour with a white powdery look and they go a deeper red when sucking until they're more of a deep pink.

      While the lollipop is in your mouth it doesn't taste overly herbal but there's herbal aftertaste which isn't unpleasant. It has a fruity flavour with sweet hint of strawberry but the slight sourness of grapefruit.

      If you're a smoker trying to give up then I think these would help to keep your hands busy and they do have a strange calming feeling to them, whether it's because of the herbs, because you're sucking something or because of the comforting feeling of eating a childhood sweet I don't know but I like it!

      The allergy warnings say that it contains a source of phenylalanine and may contain traces of milk.

      Overall, I think these are a good adult sweet. I don't think children would like them because of the herbal flavouring to them.

      Sweeteners (isomalt, maltilol syrup, aspartne, acesulfame K), acidifier (citric acid, malic acid), flavourings, colourants (E162 E100), concentrated fruit pulp [1%] (apple, cherry, lemon, lime, strawberry, raspberry, peach, pineapple, orange, mango, banana, blackberry, blueberry, watermelon, kiwi), lemon balm extract [0.1%], linden extract [0.1%], emulsifier (soy lecithin).


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