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Fili Folly Gum

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Brand: Fili / Type: Gum

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    2 Reviews
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      25.03.2010 22:21
      Very helpful
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      A fun and tasty sweet!

      I first discovered this stuff when I was a small child on holiday with my mum and brother and staying at our cousin´s house. I remember the packaging had Flli Folly Gum on the front in pink writing and it was strawberry flavour. Our cousins bought it for us to try as it was something very popular in Germany at the time and maybe still is now.

      When you open the foil packet, you reveal what looks like candy floss. Ours in particular was pink as it was strawberry flavour. When you put it in your mouth, it melts a little like candy floss, certainly tastes like candy floss, but then magically turns into chewing gum. It might not be as impressive now, but when me and my brother were kids, we were absolutely amazed by this little treat.

      We brought some back for our other brothers, who both equally like this stuff as much as we did. At the time, about 15 years ago, Fili Folly Gum wasnt available in England and then one day when we saw it in a sweet shop, we just got so excited and had to buy loads. The packaging has changed a little since then and there seem to be more flavours, such as green apple, cola and lime.

      Nowadays, even though its not very popular, Fili Folly Gum is available in many sweet shops but I say not enough. A candy floss that turns into gum people! Even to this day when I see a packet of Fili Folly Gum, I get all excited and have to text my brother to tell him and vice versa.

      I absolutely love this stuff even though its probably not amazing for your teeth or anything! It gives me good memories of when I was a child and moreso that I was on holiday, as I never went on many holidays as a kid. I find Fili Folly Gum a very fun treat and something different from most sweets.


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        28.06.2007 00:54
        Very helpful



        I haven't seen any other product like this one - candy floss that turns into gum! YEY!

        I first tried Fili folly gum when my little brother ran up to me after coming in from school shouting ‘Jo look what I got from Johns! (Nick name of the local newsagents) It’s candy floss like in the fare and it goes chewy!’ Whether I had wanted to or not he insisted I tried and that’s what I did…

        It’s manufactured by a company called Perfetti (Van Melle) a company based in India to my knowledge.

        The gum comes in a small packet which reminded me of the little dog food pouches you can buy. They are coloured in relation to the flavours e.g green for apple flavour. ‘Fili folly gum’ is written in big bubble letters and underneath there is a picture of a weird fuzzy ‘thing’ blowing a bubble. Pretty simple but effective and eye catching.

        My local shop sells it for 45p per packet, I’ve looked online and found you can purchase a box of 20 for £9 which works out as 45p per pack so I’m guessing this is the average retail price for the gum. I’m guessing you can bulk buy at a lower price though. The price isn’t fantastic but the price of sweets these days isn’t exactly great. There isn’t really much candy floss in the packet and well, being candy floss it doesn’t last very long.

        When you open the packet it smells strongly of what ever flavour you’ve chosen I assume the air tight packet holds the flavour in well. You see candy floss but as you chew it, it turns into gum. It does taste very sweet and candy floss-like, it’s available in cola flavour, apple flavour and strawberry flavour. The gum tends to loose flavour quickly and only a small amount of gum is produced from a fair amount of candy floss. It isn’t chewy gum either, it feel as if its already been digested in your mouth, well in a way it has, it feels like a chewing gum does when you’ve been chewing on it for hours. My brother loves it and thinks its magical so its keeps its target audience happy which is of course the aim, it’s just a pity the gum wasn’t better.

        What if…
        You’re vegetarian - It’s gelatine free!
        You’re allergic to nuts - May contain traces sorry…
        You’re a crazed 6 year old boy - It contains sugar so watch out! - also contains colours and flavourings

        GUM BASE
        COLOURS: E150b
        ANTITOXIDENT: E320

        Kids seem to love the stuff and I’ve never seen candy floss that turns into gum before so it’s got something on hubba bubba! It’s ok as a treat but I it hasn’t got the healthiest of ingredients.

        Review written by Jo. E


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      • Product Details

        Bubble Gum. Fili Folly Gum is strawberry flavoured cotton candy bubble gum. Foolishly yummy, foolishly chewy, foolishly explosive!

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