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Haribo Football Mix

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Brand: Haribo / Type: Candy

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    2 Reviews
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      31.07.2008 17:47
      Very helpful




      I prefer this over the other haribo products mainly because of the fact that i liked this taste and the cool neat packaging.

      This packet of sweets made by haribos is considered a nice collection of sweets in my family. My mum especially loves these and she can never get enough of them I suppose that is where i got my sweet tooth from.

      I only can say is that the taste is okay and has no special qualities probably because it is very cheap in stores and most sweets that are cheap do not really taste as good as the more expensive priced sweets.
      Well i can proudly say that it is definantly very addictive for some reason it does not taste very nice but it is indeed quite addictive.
      The only major downfall of the taste was the sweetness of it, i do really like haribo and i know that it is very addictive but it was just a bit too sweet.
      TASTE= 8/10

      In fact i really did like the packaging of this product mainly because of the fact that it has a chubby little kid on it i mean come onnnnnnn!! he looks really cute and adorable.
      In my opinion haribo have used a good range of colours and have surely succeeded in design and quality of design.
      I would definantly give this a 10/10 on packaging because they definantly deserve it and the packaging is just plain SUPER!!


      In most haribo products they use quantity rather than quality, personally i don't mind but if they partially increased the quality of the sweets i would have of rated this a 10/10.
      On the other hand i am grateful that they used quantity rather than quality because when a bunch of mates and family come around i can just hand them out without the worry or fear of running low on supplies of haribo.
      I am going to rate this a 9/10 because of the fact that it has lots of sweats in the product but since it has not enough quality to match up to my high standard i am going to give it a 7/10.

      The smell is just nice and is not to strong but on the other hand could have of been much better.
      It could have of been better by increasing the chemical called smiton which increases the aura (smell) coming from the product. This is what they use now days in all different kinds of foods and snacks from chocolates to ice creams.
      I suppose that haribo were going for a nice plain smell receptor from the haribo product. personally i prefer a high strong scent rather than a weak one.
      I am going to rate this a 6/10 for smell mainly because of the fact that the smell was too weak and not too my liking.

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      10.12.2005 21:58
      Very helpful



      An acceptable sweet treat, but nothing special

      Well, I’m reliably informed by the many Haribo adverts I’ve seen that “kids and grown-ups love it so the happy world of Haribo”, and although I wouldn’t quite go that far it is fair to say that I’m a sucker for sweets, with Haribo`s many offerings amongst my favourite. Indeed every time I swing my trolley down the sweets aisle at Tesco it takes a momentous effort on my part not to grab a packet of everything and skip to the checkout in a sweet buying frenzy, no I try and limit myself to one packet of sweets a week, and this time I’ve plumped for a packet of Football Mix from Haribo which appear to be a mix of multi coloured fruit gums in various shapes and sizes.

      As one would expect from a bag of sweets the packaging is bright in colour to entice the prospective buyer. The pudding bowl haircutted Haribo boy is kicking a football while displaying a deranged look on his face with small footballs displayed haphazardly to carry through the whole soccer theme. As is common with most food products the back is given over to Ingredient information which is displayed in an impressive number of languages.

      As expected in a multi colour sweet the list of ingredients is not for the healthy eaters amongst us with glucose syrup and sugar the most prominent of ingredients and no less than six artificial colourings and flavourings. I’m surprised that there are no Nutritional details on the pack as I was sure this was law in this country, but I think it’s fair to assume that these sweets are not terrible good for you and are high in calories.

      There is no discernable smell when the packet is opened so a check to see exactly what we have is in order. The sweets seem to be about a fifty fifty mix of plain fruit gums and foam backed gums all in the shape of football related items. We have a number of the big headed Haribo boy kicking a football, a good smattering of round things that are meant to be footballs but resemble pith helmets, and odd little yellow things that are meant to be trophies but are unlike any F.A.Cup I’ve ever seen. A quick tot up reveals that approximately twenty-five of the little treats make up the 200g bag size which cost me 69p to procure.

      So to the taste test, And I go straight for the largest red football kicking Haribo boy sweet and bite his oversized head off, the flavour has the faintest hint of fruitiness without blowing me away and the whole effect is more of a gelatinous chew fest than anything else, never the less it is pleasant enough. Next I go for one of the many foam backed treats (looks like a crocodile to me!) and I am much more impressed with the overall taste delivered. The white foam backing adds a softness and sweetness to the gelatine sweet which compliments the fruity taste exquisitely. Unfortunately no matter which colour sweet I try they all have the same generic fruit flavour, it would be so much nicer if the red ones tasted of strawberry and the green ones tasted of apple, but then again I’m guessing that would mean another dose of artificial flavourings and I think it’s safe to say there are enough of them already!

      So all in all Haribo Football Mix are an acceptable sweet treat without really blowing me away with their flavour, It’s fair to say they won’t be replacing Starburst Joosters as my number one choice but as an occasional departure they will do nicely. Some Nutritional information on the packaging and more of a fruity taste would improve them no end but I still recommend them and award them three stars out of five. Just watch those many artificial colours and flavours!


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      Football Mix fruit flavoured and sweet foam gums. Kids and Grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo.

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