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Henry Goode's Soft Eating Liquorice

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Brand: Henry Goode's / Type: Liquorice

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    5 Reviews
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      10.02.2012 22:08
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      Yummy Strawberry flavoured liquorice

      Henry Goode* is a very English butler who has come up trumps with soft eating liquorice in strawberry flavour. I hate black liquorice but adore the strawberry equivalent. When I worked at a pub I used to go to the cash and carry and buy big boxes of those huge strawberry whips you could get for 10p a whip in the newsagents. They lived under my desk at uni and lasted forever, it seemed like an on-going supply.....until I left my job for work nearer my studies and the cash and carry was no longer an option. I haven't had decent red liquorice since and that was 6 years ago.

      In Asda last week I was looking for something sweet to pick at during the football and came across Henry Goode's soft eating strawberry flavour liquorice. The brown paper bag hardly jumped off the shelf at me to be honest its quite dull and their marketing manager is evidently lacking in imagination.

      The front of the bag has a picture of a butler wearing a Union Jack apron holding a plate of cylindrical liquorice. They aren't tubes because they are solid, so the 'rolls' of liquorice are the same size on the packet as they are inside.

      The "new improved flavour" banner covers the cover of the packet, but to be fair I have no idea whether it's an improved flavour as I have never come across them before. It also boasts just 2% fat. The back of the bag has a very English blurb written by the butler proclaiming to have produced the "finestasting liquorice ever!" All flavours and colours are natural and are they are made from authentic ingredients, here in Britain. Henry hopes to put the great back into Great Britain by producing his liquorice in
      Pontefract and is award winning in his field, winning the Grocer Food and Drink award 2010.

      The liquorice is blood red in colour, a vibrant redness. Each piece is thick and cylindrical and can be eaten in two sensible bites. The texture is chewy but not chewy enough to pull at any dental work you may have had.

      Alternatively you can suck the liquorice and not lose the flavour. The strawberry flavour is quite intense, and unlike must shoe laces and whips etc whilst natural flavours are said to be used there always seems to be a somewhat artificial taste the aftertaste of this product is strawberry, pure and simple strawberry. No horrible tastes which leave you needing a drink which some cheaper brands can do.

      An emulsifier E471 is included in the product. Now, the bag says that this product is suitable for vegetarians, but I understand that E471 is derived from Glycerine (Glycerol) which may contain animal fats. I'm not a vegetarian, so I guess it would depend on how strict a vegetarian you may be as to whether or not you discard this item as unsuitable.

      Henry Goode's liquorice has a 365 day shelf life providing they are kept in a cool dry place. The paper bag is lined with a greaseproof lining which keeps them fresh and doesn't leave visible greasy marks.

      They don't smell of strawberry, they don't particularly have a fragrance at all.

      I wouldn't recommend eating a whole bag of these in one sitting. Each bag contains 300g of liquorice and cost me £1 in ASDA, the liquorice sits quite heavy on the stomach if eaten in one sitting, but they are handy to have throughout the day for a mini sugar rush if you wish.

      I have read reports which suggest that the black liquorice can have a laxative effect on the digestive system. I can't report similar side effects with the red version but I haven't scoffed a bag full and have eaten them in moderation. My bag has lasted me 1 week so far.

      I would recommend these delightful pieces of strawberry goodness if you have a sweet tooth and fancy something different. They will most certainly be on my shopping list in future.

      *Henry Goode is infact the brand icon for Pontefract's Tangerine Confectionary Company, the largest independent sugar confectionary company in the UK.


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        08.12.2011 21:52
        Very helpful



        lovely soft liquorice

        I do like liquorish but it is not something that I usually buy, but recently I have become aware of the growing availability and trend of the soft eating liquorish that you can now buy. I know that Lakeland sell this in big bags in a variety of different flavours, but on a recent shopping trip to asda I spotted amongst the display of individual chocolate bars individual bars of soft eating liquorice.

        The difference between the soft liquorice you find in Lakeland and the Henry Goode liquorice is that the Lakeland one is Australian and the Henry Goode's is British. I was surprised to find that this liquorish brand was only launched in 2009, I found this gem of information on the Henry Goode's website www.henrygoode.co.uk.

        The liquorice is called Henry Goode's soft eating liquorice and is aniseed flavoured. I purchased this liquorice in a single bar from Asda at a cost of £0.49 but it can also be purchased in larger bags too.

        The liquorice comes in a brown paper feeling wrapper that has a plastic coated inside which stops the soft liquorice sticking to the inside of it. The wrapper is easy to open with the jiggered edges at either end that you can tear open. The packet has the Henry Goode name on the front and a cartoon man which I think is meant to represent Henry in his Union Jack apron obviously to represent the fact that the liquorice is British.

        The soft liquorice states on the wrapper that it contains less than 2% fat and only natural colours 'n' flavours. This helped to draw my attention to the bar especially low in fat part as it meant feeling less guilty when eating it. The nutritional information per bar is:
        Calories - 140
        Protein - 1.2g
        Carbohydrate - 33.2g
        Sugars - 24.1g
        Fat - 0.4g
        Fibre - 0.3g
        Sodium - trace

        I found this soft eating liquorice very tasty and a lovely texture, it is much better than the traditional liquorice I remember eating as a child. The bar itself is not very big but liquorice is very sweet so for a sweet treat it is just the right size not to get too sickly. The bar of liquorice is black in colour and you can smell the aniseed flavour as soon as you open the packet. The flavour is quite rich and treacly in taste but also slightly creamy too. The liquorice is a little chewy but does not stick to your teeth like some sweets do which was very good. Overall I really like this liquorish it is a huge improvement on the drier, harder traditional liquorish and I will certainly buy it again and also look forward to trying the strawberry flavour too.


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          28.02.2011 12:52



          My husband and I consider ourselves experts on liquorice and we think yours is the best we have ever eaten, the flavour is like no other.


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          26.02.2011 16:21
          Very helpful



          Nice British soft eating licorice

          About my passion for licorice:
          I am a huge lover of licorice and particularly love the Australian and New Zealand brands but I have discovered one that is almost as good and the Aussie Darrell Lea and the Kiwi RJ's stuff and that is Henry Goode's which comes in a brown paper bag just like these two brands too.
          My love from licorice may come from my family's Dutch origins. T he Dutch are extremely fond of licorice and eat it in many different shapes called drop. Some of the Dutch drop is hard and others are softer and some are sweet whereas others are really very salty. If you don't speak Dutch then sometimes you end up with the wrong sort and that can be a bit disappointing. They also like to chew licorice stems which look like a small twig and do taste good but they are hard work and don't look that great as you are chewing on a bit of wood really.

          I found this on a shopping trip in Tesco in Derby a few weeks ago and thought it worth a try as it did say Henry Goode's soft eating licorice. Which led me to think it might be similar to my favourite brands. The bag holds 300g and has a rather typical cartoon British butler on the front of the pack. I can't remember exactly what this cost as I have been away on holiday since buying it but do remember it was under two quid for the pack.
          Licorice is great as it tastes wonderful but has less than 2% fat although it does has lots of sugar which is not so great. This pack claims to have all natural colours and flavours too which is always a plus in my view.

          About the company :

          This licorice was first sold in September 2009 and it claims that it is the only British soft eating licorice to compete with the Australian and New Zealand brands I have written about before. The Henry Goode's soft eating licorice apparently won Gold in the Grocer food and drink awards 2010, a fact which I found on their website. They are justifiably proud of this award as it recognizes products for their taste and appeal to the consumer and they received the award only a year after the product was first launched so much to be pleased with there I feel.

          Once Inside:
          As the bag is opened the smell is evident but not amazingly strong. The licorice is much smaller than the rival antipodean brands I mentioned and the pieces are slightly harder to the touch or the squeeze. The pieces are just perfect to sink your teeth into and quite soft to chew. They still get stuck to your teeth and I always hope that I have not got black teeth after two or three strands. I would always clean my teeth before going out after eating this licorice as I would want to make sure I wasn't grinning with black bits in between my teeth! You can, if you are self controlled enough, suck half a strand and still enjoy the same flavour sensation but I have never managed to do this as I can't resist the urge to chew.

          The pieces do taste sweet and of aniseed but they are not quite as sweet as their rivals, they are not quite as chewy and a bit shorter (in the pastry sense rather than length) In texture but not hard like that in licorice Allsorts or Pontefract cakes. I just love aniseed flavor so am always a fan of licorice but I never have more than one or two sticks at a time as they can have a very intense loosening of bowels effect if you have too much. Although I am pleased to have found this British alternative I am afraid to say that if given the choice I would go for one of the antipodean brands as they are just that bit tastier but this is almost as good and a lot nicer than the Panda brand which is another one I sometimes buy.

          According to the pack this licorice is suitable for vegetarians and Halal approved. The bad news is despite being low in fat (2%) this does have 177 calories per 50g .It is therefore high in carbohydrates and much of that is sugar so those who have to watch the sugar intake should be aware. I convince myself that it is medicinal and helps me with constipation and so I therefore don't feel quite so guilty eating it.

          Some snippets of interesting information I have gleaned from browsing the net and reading:
          * The licorice plant is grown in many countries
          * Licorice is made from the root of the Licorice plant
          * The licorice plant is a legume - a member of the pea family
          * The active anti viral ingredient in licorice is glycyrrhizin
          * The sweet-tasting compound called anethole is many times sweeter than sugar
          * anethole is also found in anise, fennel, and other herbs
          * It has been used since 750 AD
          * Native Americans used it to help with the pain of childbirth
          * Pontefract in Yorkshire was the first place to make licorice confection and it was known as 'Spanish'
          * It only contains 100 calories per ounce
          * Licorice plants are native to Southern Europe and parts of Asia
          * It's the second most prescribed herb in China
          * The plant has blue flowers
          * It can be used to help coughs and asthma
          * It was considered by some to be a sexual stimulant
          * It is very good at relieving constipation

          I am not claiming that this particular licorice has any of the health benefits above nor do I make any claims that any of this is based on scientific research as such but I am merely offering them as little snippets of interest.

          I can certainly vouch for the laxative qualities but as for the asthma and sexual benefits I cannot really say I have noticed any difference but maybe I need to eat more or a different sort. I do eat this because I love the taste and as I am now the only person in the house to like licorice now that my son has gone to Canada it does mean that I don't have to share my treat. I do also like the fact that it does act as a laxative as I do have problems with constipation despite eating high fibre cereals and lots of fruit and vegetables so this is another bonus. It does still have sugar in it and has got quite a high calorie count so apart from the fact that eating too many can make for a very active bowel you should not pig out on these if you are watching your calorie intake either.

          So I am thrilled that we have a British alternative to my licorice desires but it still is not quite as good in my personal opinion. If I buy it and eat it without comparing then I am more than happy but it just happens that I had the three different packs in my stock at the same time so I was able to do a taste and texture comparison. A really good licorice and one that I would eagerly purchase again but if all things were equal (price weight etc)and I could choose any of the three my choice would be Darrell Lea first, RJ's second and this one third, the Panda stuff would be fourth in line.

          PS I have chosen the spelling licorice rather than liquorice as i understand both are correct and had to choose one for continuity.

          This review may be posted on other site under my same user name
          © Catsholiday


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            14.02.2011 21:51
            Very helpful



            Soft declicious liquorice

            I am a huge lover of liquorice but often find that the likes of Asda and Tesco don't sell the good stuff that you find in health shops and higher end stores, so I tend to avoid buying it, but on a recent shopping trip to Asda I noticed on the shelf something I hadn't seen before...a new kind of liquorice in the form of Henry Goode's soft eating liquorice. The friendly British butler on the front of the pack was enticing me with a platter of liquorice cylinders advertising them at less than 2% fat with all natural colours n flavours, packaged in a 300g greaseproof paper bag, so I thought to myself - why not, let's give this one a bash. I normally buy my liquorice from Lakeland here in Aberdeen because they sell lovely soft eating Australian liquorice but it is quite pricey at £3.49 a pack so when I saw the £1 special offer price tag on this I didn't really think I had anything to lose.

            ***About Henry Goode's***

            Launched in September 2009 by tangerine, this confectionary hasn't been on the go for long and our Henry Goode is all about the greatness of Britain, professing to have produced the only British soft eating liquorice to rival the Australian, New Zealand and US offerings available to us consumers. Perusing the website I can tell you that this soft eating liquorice won Gold in the Grocer food and drink awards 2010, which is an award recognising products for their taste, and general appeal to the everyday consumer, so for a product that only appeared on the supermarket shelves in late 2009, I think that's a very promising award to have under your belt. If you want to know more about Henry Goode and the range of truly British products you can visit the website www.henrygoode.co.uk

            ***About the Liquorice***

            Opening up the packet the smell of aniseed hit me immediately and I had a feeling this was going to be an enjoyable taste experience. Presented in short cylindrical lengths the liquorice is soft and smooth to the touch and very pliable. Now I'm not greedy when it comes to my liquorice so very gently I bite a small bit of the end...it's not tough at all, like the liquorice you get in a packet of allsorts, but incredibly soft and smooth (it's softness is what's said to set it apart from normal traditional liquorice), and there's an explosion of flavour as soon as this tasty treat enters your mouth, titillating the taste buds and leaving you wanting more. Of course it is the aniseed that stands out straight away, so I guess if you don't particularly like aniseed based products then any form of liquorice is a no no, but I think this is a very enjoyable confection, and with it's all natural ingredients and low fat content is a very appealing treat for me personally.

            ***Nutritional information***

            Suitable for vegetarians and Halal Approved this confection will cost you 177 calories per 50g (1 serving), high in carbohydrates and low in fat some people may look to avoid this due to its high sugar content.

            ***Health benefits***

            Liquorice is one of those products that's been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years with health benefits in relation to your digestive system and "regularity", along with its use in the treatment of sore throats.

            ***where can you buy it?***

            So far I've only found Henry Goode's Liquorice in Asda but believe you can also buy it in Tesco for £1.82.

            ***My Final thoughts and opinon***

            This Liquorice is definitely something to rival the Soft eat Australian liquorice that I normally buy from Lakeland and may very well become a firm favourite in my household, and luckily for me I'm the only one who likes it so I get to enjoy the entire 300g bag myself without the fear of someone else sneaking the occasional piece here and there. The flavour is full and rich, and just the right level to get my taste buds tingling, the softness of the liquorice makes the sweet all the more enjoyable to eat. I do definitely recommend this if you're a fan of liquorice.


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