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Hotel Chocolat Rum Sultanas

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Brand: Hotel Chocolat / Type: Cola

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2009 00:20
      Very helpful



      These make a different gift for a special occasion but many will not realise how pricey the gift was

      Just before Christmas I received a fairly large box containing mainly bags of air (why?) but also two cardboard tubs with plastic press on lids, similar to the type of tub that might hold hot chocolate. The parcel had been ordered online from Hotel Chocolat on behalf of my mother (she can't work t'internet herself) and was a surprise Christmas gift in addition to the wad of cash she foolishly sent through the post from Cyprus.

      One of the tubs contained Rum Sultanas, the other Kirsch Cherries, and I was instructed by my mother that neither was for consumption by the children (Oh goodie!).

      I hid the tubs away in the depths of my 'Christmas Cupboard' and waited for a weekend minus big kids (ex-husbands have their uses) so that I could indulge my dual love of chocolate and alcohol whilst conning myself that this treat contains fruit so must be good for me somehow!

      This is a review of the Rum Sultanas.

      The tub is simply decorated on the front with the Hotel Chocolat logo on a cerise pink background, and on the rear with a picture of white grapes, a pool of melted chocolate and some prepared rum sultanas. The rear of the tub also contains a list of ingredients and the usual aray of warnings regarding milk, soya, the possibilitiy of nut traces and suprisingly...... alcohol!

      150g of Rum Sultanas are contained within the tub. On removing the lid I am instantly hit with a strong smell of alcohol followed by the sweet smell of chocolate. These babies are loaded! The chocolates are not a uniform size but average the size and shape one would expect of a flat bottomed malteser. They are a light milk chocolate in colour (lighter than they appear in the picture accompanying this review) with lines of white chocolate cascading over the top.

      I am a pig and eat each chocolate whole. The chocolate casing easily breaks to allow free access to the plump sultana waiting inside and a warm, burning sensation erupts on my tongue and down my throat as I chew and then swallow the fruit. The rum is warming and much stronger than anticipated, despite the early warning on opening the lid. I cannot eat too many of these and after an experimental 8 I actually feel slightly merry (and slightly sick). I try taking a small bite from a ninth chocolate and discover that the Sultana is reluctant to break in two and comes away with my first taste of chocolate. I am left holding an empty half casing which is quickly gobbled up. Mmmmmm, milk chocolate tinged with rum, lovely.

      Mother was right. These are not for children.

      Although reluctant to discover the price of my special present I have checked the Hotel Chocolat website (just for you) and found that each tub retails at £6.60, but can be purchased at £5.90 each for 3. The Rum Sultanas can be found within the Fruit & Nut section of the website. Delivery costs £3.95 per single item and £4.95 for two or more items.

      I cannot provide calorific values or any other nutritional information since there is none on the tub........ Mmmmmmmmm, does that mean I can have another one?


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