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Ice Cream Chewits

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Brand: Leaf Corporation / Type: Candy

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    2 Reviews
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      08.08.2012 23:01
      Very helpful



      A blast from the past!

      A few days ago at work I decided to nip out to the local shop and go in search of a sweet treat. Rather than opt for my usual chocolate bar I spotted packets of chewits which I had loved as a child and certainly could not resist buying some when I saw they had the ice cream flavor which I didn't even realise they still made.

      I purchased a packet of the ice cream flavor chewits from a local independent store for £0.39 which I thought was a pretty reasonable price for a pack of sweets.

      The sweets are all individually wrapped and held together in a strip with a thick, cream coloured, waxy paper wrapper. The wrapper is made to look like vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone and has a picture of the chewits dragon character on the front. The packet also contains information about the sweets including ingredients listings, nutritional information and that the sweets contain no hydrogenated fat and are suitable for vegetarians.

      The sweets themselves are shaped into small squares and white in colour. The sweets smell very sweet and quite strongly off vanilla. The sweets as the name suggests are chewy, although they are still quite soft so you do not feel like you are going to break your teeth when you chew them. They are quite sweet but they do taste creamy and of vanilla just like vanilla ice cream. These sweets are very Moorish indeed and it is hard to resist not eating the whole packet.

      These ice cream chewits really reminded me of my childhood and are great sweets that I thoroughly enjoy and would certainly recommend anyone to try.


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        12.08.2009 18:42
        Very helpful
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        Yummy chewy sweets that taste of sweet, vanilla ice cream!

        Chewits are yummy chewy sweets available in a range of different flavours and different sized packs. You can buy these in single stick packs which come in flavours such as Blackcurrant, Fruit Salad, Orange and Strawberry. You can also buy these in packs of 5 which are available in mixed fruit and citrus flavours. Also according to their website they also sell sour flavoured Chewits in apple and tutti-fruity flavour.

        ***ICE CREAM CHEWITS***
        I bought this 5 pack of Chewits in WHSmith for a bargain price of 69p which were labelled half price. I haven't seen the ice cream Chewits around for years and they were my favourite flavour as a child, so I just had to have a pack of these. These come in light cream plastic packaging with the look of an ice cream on the front as the bottom half of the packet is coloured and looks like an ice-cream cone whilst the top is a creamy colour and made to look like ice cream. In this pack you get 5 stick packs of Chewits. Each stick pack of Chewits contains about 10 small chewy sweets which are all individually wrapped in separate wrappers.

        Each stick pack of Chewits contains the following:

        * Calories - 113
        * Sugar - 16g
        * Fat - 0.8g
        * Saturates - 0.5g
        * Salt - Nil

        Contains Egg and Soya.

        ***TASTE TEST***
        When unwrapping one of these square chewy sweets they don't have any particular smell to them, in fact they don't smell of anything at all. The sweet itself is a square shape, and white in colour and looks very plain and boring.
        When putting this into my mouth you can tell that these are definitely chewy sweets as they are quite hard to chew at first but they soon get soft as you chew them in your mouth. When chewing this sweet it filled my mouth with a yummy, sweet flavour which did definitely taste creamy and did taste of ice cream, which is just how I remember them as a child.

        Seeing as its ice cream flavour you can taste a vanilla flavour to them which is what probably makes the sweet taste of ice cream so much. The taste of the chewy sweet stays in your mouth for a short while and I am soon craving another one of these tasty sweets.

        ***OVERALL OPINION***
        These are great chewy sweets which are a very different flavour compared to other chewy sweets which are available to buy. They are great value compared to other sweets as well and don't contain much fat either. The ice cream flavoured Chewits are hard to get hold of and this is the first time I have seen them for years. You can't buy this flavour as a separate stick; they are only available to buy in multipacks. These are great for sharing for party bags or for lunch-boxes treat's if you take a few out of the packet. The sell by date on the pack I bought isn't until 2010 so they keep a long time in the cupboard as long as they are kept in a cool, dry place. This flavour is my favourite and nothing can beat this yummy flavoured chewy sweet.

        (review also on ciao)


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