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Jelly Belly Bean Boozled

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Brand: Jelly Belly / Type: Jelly

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    4 Reviews
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      01.03.2010 21:56
      Very helpful



      An unusual gift, lots of fun to be had!

      My best friend bought me a load of jelly belly stuff for christmas (i love jelly belly!) and she bought me these also as a bit of fun.

      Basically there are 20 different flavours, 10 nice and 10 nasty, in lookalike colours so you don't know what you are gonna get, bit of a taste bud russian roulette!

      Flavours include:

      - Top Banana or Pencil Shavings
      - Berry Blue or Toothpaste
      - Peach or Vomit
      - Caramel Corn or Mouldy Cheese
      - Chocolate Pudding or Dog Food
      - Coconut or Baby Wipes
      - Juicy Pear or Snot
      - Strawberry Jam or Centipede
      - Buttered Popcorn or Rotten Egg
      - Liquorice or Skunk Spray

      As you can see, the flavours are very original and may I add, taste exactly like what they say!!

      We had lots of fun having a drink one night playing jelly bean russian roulette and watching each others faces as we realised we had got a bad one and then after that offering friends and family a lovely "jelly bean" and waiting for them to realise they'd been conned!


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        25.01.2010 12:53
        Very helpful



        Hilarity, nausea and treats in a box, everyone's a winner!

        My family have a tradition of buying each other small 'tree presents' for the afternoon of Christmas Day. I can honestly say, these are the best tree present I have ever bought! I gave them to my younger brother and he loved them so much he tried to stock up to take them back to university with him (unfortunately they'd sold out!)

        Jelly Belly Jelly Beans have always been my favourite- they actually taste like what they say they will. That's not necessarily a good thing with these though! The box contains yummy flavours like Juicy Pear and Peach, but it also contains some incredibly nasty ones. Vomit, toothpaste, baby wipes, mouldy cheese, pencil shavings, rotten egg and bogey, yum! There are more, but I can't remember them. The thing is, they *look* just like a nice flavour. For example, vomit is identical to peach. This is truly such a hilarious game to play, and so simple! My family sat around the table and basically played Jelly Bean russian roulette. The look on peoples faces as they chewed on what they thought was a banana flavoured bean only to discover it was mouldy cheese was priceless! I haven't laughed so much in a long time- however, I managed not to get any of the nasty ones. I actually found myself a little disappointed because I wanted to see how realistic they were!

        In short, these are delicious or revolting, depending on whether or not you get lucky. They are great for a laugh with family or friends (or to trick a friend!) and I can't wait to have a dinner party and produce them after dinner and a few drinks!

        Go on, do it, you know you want to!!!


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          24.11.2009 23:25
          Very helpful




          I am a big fan of Jelly Belly beans but if I am being completely honest with you these beans scare me like crazy. They are the Jelly Belly Bean Boozled and I tell you they are not a box of sweets that you just want to get out of the cupboard and have for a snack as they are horrible but in a good way. Ok so let me explain.

          Bean boozled is a box of jelly belly beans that comes in a very bright and flashy box which is red, orange, blue and purple with the words bean boozled on the front in electric shock type writing. They look interesting and attractive and they only cost about £2.50 so not bad at all. So on first impressions yes they look great.

          The box is quite small but still contains a lot of beans and what they have done here is make a box of beans where you don't know if you are getting the nice tasting flavour bean or the absolutely disgusting one. Bear in mind Jelly Belly are famous for making the beans taste exactly how you would expect then if you get a nasty flavour you really don't feel well from it. Lets go through the flavours shall we.

          First you have the practically identical white beans with yellow specks on them. Now the normal flavour is buttered popcorn which I love as you could be in a cinema watching a film so if you get the nice one great. The nasty one of this however is rotten egg and it tastes disgusting. So disgusting in fact that I spat it out. It was like putting something gone off in your mouth and I really hated it so much!

          Then you have Berry blue which is a great flavour bean and bright blue. The nasty one is toothpaste so a kind of minty mild flavour which reminds me of toothpaste when you have had it in your mouth for a while. Yuk! At least this one is a safe bet though as the toothpaste is not too bad and much bearable than rotten egg.

          The light green bean with dark green specks is juicy pear for the normal which tastes just like you are biting into a lovely ripe pear. The nasty one is booger which make of what you will. I think this one tastes of nothing really but it has a nasty after taste which makes you feel a bit sick. I had to keep drinking to get the taste out of my mouth but I cant explain what it's like. Kind of like eating rubber maybe?

          The light orange with dark orange specks has the normal flavour being peach which is delicious. Then the nasty is vomit. Now this bean has a nasty name already and I really wasn't looking forward to having one of these. I smelt it and to be honest the smell put me off eating it as it smelt quite sickly sweet so I cant tell you what this one is like as I just couldn't bring myself to do it. If you have had one though please let me know what it is like.

          Then there is a orangey cream one with slight orange specks which is caramel corn which is lovely an sweet which is ruined by the lovely mouldy cheese one you could get. This tastes disgusting and does remind me of stilton a little which I hate. Again I was reaching for my drink straight away to take away the taste.

          The very dark purple one is plum for the nice one which is very tasty. You could however get black pepper and it does taste exactly like black pepper. This one is kind of like the toothpaste and a safe bet to try. It is not very nice as eating pepper on their own is horrible anyway if you can imagine it as it is such a strong taste. In a jelly bean though it is bearable and the taste does go away quite quickly which is good.

          There is a white one which has coconut for the nice one and this is lovely as it reminds me of eating a bounty which I love. You could however get baby wipes which is a crazy thing to do but the flavour does taste like them it's horrible. It is like a very medicinal taste in my mind and again I reached for the drink.

          Finally we have the normal banana which is the yellow bean with dark yellow bits which is great. The nasty flavour is pencil shavings which is like eating ash I think. Yuk again!

          So this bean boozled box is really to give people for a bit of a laugh and not to sit there and eat leisurely. As you can see by the flavours that are there, they are not just nice and to be honest just writing this review and reminding me of the taste of osme of them has made me feel a little bit peaky which is not good.

          In conclusion I will give them 3 stars as they certainly do the job but I don't think I would ever buy them for anybody ever again as they are disgusting. A great idea but not one for me or anybody I know as I would feel cruel for inflicting them on them. Only have these if you are in a very brave mood.

          Thanks for reading.



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            28.10.2009 20:06
            Very helpful




            I love Jelly Beans - especially Jelly Belly brand ones - they have such a huge array or very realistic flavours .So, I was delighted when my mum gifted me with a packet of these - that is, until I inspected the packet a little closer.

            For these are no ordinary Jelly Belly's - well, that is some of them are ordinary, and some are not . There are 8 different colour jelly beans in this selection -each colour representing a lovely flavour, such as buttered popcorn, peach, plum, and banana.

            The only thing is, each flavour has an evil twin - that looks exactly identical . Are you sure that's a peach jelly belly in your hand ? Or could it be its disgusting doppelganger, vomit.

            The flavours line up like this :

            White with Yellow Specks - Buttered Popcorn / Rotten Egg
            Pale Blue- Berry Blue / Toothpaste
            Greenish Yellow - Juicy Pear / Booger
            Orange with Red specks - Peach / Vomit
            Black- Plum / Black Pepper
            Pale Yellow with Yellow Specks - Caramel Corn / Moldy Cheese
            Bright Yellow with Brown Specks - Top Banana / Pencil Shavings
            White - Coconut / Baby Wipes

            There is a nice illustrated picture on the back of the pack telling you which flavours each colour represents, the only trouble is that the twinned flavours look identical .

            It took a while for me to be brave enough to try these, but when my boyfriend came for a visit we decided to crack these open.

            I opted for a pale yellow one, and promptly got a mouth filled with the flavour of Moldy Cheese . Initially, it wasn't to bad, although the cheesy flavour was an odd mix with the sweetness, but after a while it became so awful I had to swallow it quickly and then gulp down several mouthfuls of coke to get rid of the flavour .

            Then, being the coward that I was, I went for a nice pale blue one, after all, toothpaste is a relatively inoffensive flavour. Luckily for me, I got a delicious berry flavoured been that time, which I swiftly followed with a lovely purple black plum.

            My boyfriend got a babywipe flavoured bean, which wasn't pleasant although he struggles to really describe, followed by rotten egg which tasted like a mouthful of farts. He then bravely opted for an orange jelly bean , and luckily got a peach flavoured one , which was juicy and fruity .

            We haven't finished the entire pack - having both had some good and some bad beans, and with me retching after the mouldy cheese one, we decided to call it a night . I've decided to keep the rest of the pack though, and to mix them in with some standard jelly belly sweets when I have friends round sometime .

            I'm not sure I can honestly say I had fun eating them - some of the nasty flavours were just that - nasty! But, it was interesting, and there were a lot of giggles at facial expressions . These could be used at parties to provide entertainment, which is exactly what I'm going to do with the rest .

            These cost 2.99 for a 45g box - rather expensive, but the Jelly Belly brand always have been. My mum purchased these from Hawkins Bazaar, but they are also available to buy from various sites online .

            As a relaxing candy to enjoy when you want a sweet treat, these certainly deserve to rank a one out of five . But as a bit of evil entertainment, a trick to play on friends or enemies, these get the full 5 stars . Excellent entertainment value!


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            No artificial flavours No preservatives Jelly belly's favourite assortment pack with bean boozled flavours

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