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Mars Wild Berry Skittles

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Brand: Mars / Type: Berry

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2010 18:57
      Very helpful



      A nice alternative to the normal skittles

      My parents have just returned from a substantial holiday in America. We have family in the south (namely Texas, Mississippi and Tennessee) and my parents go and visit every year. With this comes a large goody bag for myself of all the American goodies I adore (as I too spent a lot of time over there). One thing which I always enjoy receiving is Skittles Wild Berry Flavour. Its not something we can buy in the supermarkets over here and the only way you can get them is buying them online which for me is ideal as I buy a lot of American products this way.

      *** Skittles ***

      Skittles are those lovely little fruit flavoured sweets which have hard sugar shells, a soft inside and as long as I an remember the little "s" on the top of the shell. They were created in the UK by the Wrigley Company which is now a division of Mars. It wasn't until the early eighties that the US started to import Skittles and now the US make more flavours for the US market than we get over here. These include Wild Berry, Sours, Crazy Cores, Tropical, Citrus and Bite Size Candies.

      *** Packaging ***

      The Wild Berry Skittles come in exactly the same packaging as the normal fruit type. Instead of the packaging being bright red it is bright purple which certainly does catch your eye! On the front the word "Skittles" in white is the length of the packet and above this are the skittles on a rainbow background. Certainly colourful! On the back of the packet it explains the flavours and nutritional information.

      *** The Skittles ***

      The Wild Berry Skittles come in five fabulous flavours:-

      * Wild Cherry *- this comes in a bright red hard shell and although it doesn't taste particularly of cherries it certainly is sweet but with a sour note to it. In a way it actually reminds me of the sour cherries you find in Haribo so if you like those then you will like this Skittle!

      * Raspberry * - this Skittle comes in a blue sugar shell. It always makes me wonder why some confectioners choose blue for raspberry (Slush Puppies for example use blue colouring for raspberry too!). Now I was slightly disappointed as it doesn't taste in the slightest of raspberry. The raspberry flavour is incredibly sweet and I find this is one I tend to leave at the bottom of the packet as I find it's flavour a bit too quickly for me. Clearly more sugar and less distinct flavour other than "sweet".

      * Strawberry * - comes in a candy pink hard shell. I'd of thought this one would have been in a red coloured shell as strawberry flavoured sweets are normally red but then what colour would you give to wild cherry?! Again this doesn't really have a strawberry taste but it does remind me of strawberry flavoured Starbursts (or Opal Fruits!). This is one I find isn't too sweet compared to others so it isn't too sickly.

      * Melon Berry * - this little sweet comes in a green candy shell and is by far the nicest skittle in the pack as it has such a lovely sweet taste which isn't as sugary as the other flavours. I'd never heard of a melon berry before but apparently they grow on trees (known as mandarin melon berry), look like raspberries and taste like cantaloupe so we all learn something new everyday! Again, this is another Wild Berry Skittle which reminds me of another Starburst, strawberry and banana flavour to be precise. But as I have recently learnt Mars also own Starburst as they incorporated the company from the Wrigley Company so I am guessing the use the same flavourings for Wild Berry Skittles as they do with Starburst.

      * Berry Punch * - housed in a little purple sugary shell this skittle has a lovely fruity but tangy flavour which I really like as the taste isn't specific but definitely has a berry after taste. It is also the only skittle which isn't based on a real fruit but seems to be a mixture of all the other flavours. This is one of the better tasting skittles in terms of not being too sickly.

      Well that's the five flavours which all have similarities with Starbursts but as I mentioned above it seems that Mars use the same flavours in some of their sweets. Only difference is Skittles have the hard shells making them a hard candy.

      *** Price and Availability ***

      As I said the Wild Berry Skittles are not available in the UK as they are only distributed in the US. However, there are a lot of websites which cater for American groceries and can easily found just by googling "Wild Berry Skittles". The cheapest I have found is £0.95p per packet (61.5g). Websites I have used and found are:-

      www.americansweets.co.uk (also have a UK based store)

      *** Overall ***

      I love these Skittles but there is a downside. I can't eat a whole packet all in one sitting (which is probably not good for you anyway) as I find them far too sweet and sickly so by only having a few my mountain of packets last longer and I can have a quick sweet fix. I always look forward to getting them every year so this is probably why I like them so much as I tend not to buy them online instead I buy other items. I would definitely recommend them for anyone who already likes Skittles and Starburst. Not for people who don't have a sweet tooth as they are incredibly sweet.


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