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Mentos Chewy Fruit Sugar Free

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Brand: Mentos / Type: Fruit

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    1 Review
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      04.08.2008 05:00
      Very helpful



      Nice try but why do they have to be laxative!?

      Before I get the train from Waverley Bridge in Edinburgh I usually stop at Boots to get a soft drink for the train's journey at Boots, not just because little by little I can add to points to my Advantage card but also because it seems to be one of the cheaper shops in the train station that doesn't mark its products up highly. A week ago when it was too hot for its own good, I did the usual and bought some Boots products and saw these Mentos Sugar Free Chewy dragees on sale, sitting below the cashier's desk along with Boots own branded Shapers bars.

      Mentos and I go back a fair bit, when they made chewy soft mints well before I tried any other version made by Trebor. Priced at 75p per 32g the colourful box pre-sealed in cellophane looked good at the time and was added to my purchase.

      Now the main reason to why Mentos Fruit chewy dragees are sugar free is unclear although it would stand to reason that they should appear in the UK alongside other sugar free confectionary. The major downside is however there is no other fruit version available; abroad where their latest home company are based, there are two other flavour versions including all one flavour strawberry chews in a similarly designed boxed. Using the traditional capital letters, Mentos isn't afraid to obviously bring new versions of its confectionary worldwide however, even though the box of sugar free chews are only available by the box and not the famous tubes of their chewy sugar loaded mint dragees. Coloured in a slight dark pink box with blue writing and smaller green writing to highlight its "Sugar free," formula; I got immediate peace of mind when I saw the "Xylitol," banner which also claims to be kind to teeth.

      Xylitol is an active ingredient in my number one favourite chewing gum, Orbit and without going into too much detail regarding to why it is included, I've often found that Orbit has a very cool effect well before it gets a chance to break up into loose elastic gum on the sugary shell; this same effect can also be found with each "dragee" of Mentos Sugarfree sweets; this was a godsend when the heat in the train was so high people were fanning themselves with their newspapers.

      The flavours of the sweets in particularly are quite delicious and fruity, measuring little more than a 1p coin on diameter, each sweet has a hard shiny coated shell of which appears to offer a cool sensation the moment one of them is in my mouth. Whilst the sweets don't smell of much, they certainly make their aroma felt and present whenever they are actually eaten. Being shiny in appearance however doesn't mean they automatically slide around my teeth and afterwards my teeth aren't coated in sugar like other similarly designed products.

      The claims are of course similar to most sugarfree tooth friendly confectionary that has Xylitol additives, not just promising healthy teeth but also "...giving taste and freshness..." which is slightly vague as I don't quite know what Mentos are on about in this respect.

      Take the strawberry flavours for example; they are pink in colour, and like all the round hard coated shells, have different colours to apply for each fruit. One bite into the hard shell and I'm rewarded with the same pungent sweet strawberry taste that brings to mind Starburst without the sticky feeling against teeth. Then there are also waves of coolness similar to the sugarfree Cremosa lollies you can buy by Chupa Chups. Each bite has a rounded taste only sometimes taken aback by more coating which hasn't been bitten into yet. Whilst there is a definite crunch to these sweets, they are quite rounded on their own and each one (there is a triad of colours) has a distinct fruity flavouring against the colour.

      The orange ones for example remind me of Orange, but they also have a slight sweet citrus roundedness of say, Pineapple which was always one of my favourite Starburst/Opal Fruits in their limited edition days. My friend remarked she could smell these Mentos Chewy sugarfree sweets off me, which pays a lot to the fact that as much as they are scent free in the box, they're definitely a lot stronger when the juices are flowing out of the hard sweet in your mouth! In terms of chewiness, these sweets are the same as Mentos mints; hard at first but slowly as the sugary coating dissolves you're rewarded with a strong flavour which lasts until there is little more than a roly poly of soft confection accompanied by saliva based juices running down my throat!

      The last flavour is a definite fruity pleaser and in dark pink is probably cherry because that's exactly what it tastes like; loud, rounded, very fresh and very tasty. I was disappointed however that out of 14 of the sweets that came out my box, there weren't that many Cherry ones. But despite that there's no surprise that within 30 minutes of my travel time I had devoured the whole box! Did I feel guilty? Hell no, they're sugar free and on my sensitive teeth which are often scared of harder sweets, the abrasive effect is minimal where Sugar Free fruit Mentos is concerned.

      A couple of hours later however, I felt a slight rise in my stomach. I could feel and hear my stomach gurgle as if there were pockets of air, and I found that strange because when I got to my destination I had bought a sandwich and felt distinctively full. However when I got home, all was revealed!

      Thanks to the sugarfree content of Xylitol, Mentos Chewy Fruit decided to go mental in my insides. I was on the loo for a good couple of hours and realised the full laxative effect these sweets have. What a pity for the fact that for the moment I'm seriously hooked. I guess for those on diets with a strict day to weigh in, Chewy Fruit Mentos Sugarfree could be a godsend as they don't have sugar and you can chew to your hearts content! But if like me you want something fruity, cool, reasonably healthy and sugarfree there are things in life you have to make compromises on and in lieu of the fact that as yet Starburst don't produce sugar free chews, this is a good back up plan; try not to devour the whole box though! You'll know about it later on! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2008

      www.mentos.com (good site with loads of graphics but little info)


      One of my COF's has messaged me about possible inference that this review states that laxatives are good for you to lose weight. Having done meal replacement diets and attended diet meetings, most members are chewing gum and look like a herd of animals chewing the cud whilst listening to their weekly leader. Here is a confection which slightly combats this constant chewing with longer lasting flavours unlike most chewing gum and it is the purpose of the confectionary to be enjoyed, not to lose weight; Laxatives are dangerous and should never be considered as a form of dieting or general meal replacement.


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