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Mentos Gum Peppermint Sugar Free

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Brand: Mentos / Type: Mints

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    1 Review
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      11.07.2013 15:24
      Very helpful



      I think I'll risk one or two a day, but probably not more.

      There comes a time in everyone's life when your mouth tastes a little dodgy. Maybe it's last night's curry that won't go away, you've eaten an especially garlicky garlic bread at lunch or you just can't get to the nearest toothbrush to go through your normal oral hygiene routine. Whatever the reason, you need to freshen up your mouth, fast. Chewing gum could be the answer and, if gums your thing, you could do worse than these little Mentos sugar free peppermint tabs.

      They're oblong capsules of gum surrounded by a crispy white shell. If it wasn't for the fact that the product claims to be sugar free I'd swear that it was a candy coating like you get on Smarties. They're curved on all sides so there are no sharp corners to cut your gums or get stuck in between your teeth (like can happen with some snacks, like crisps).

      They can either be bought in a little pack of ten pieces or a fat blue plastic tub containing 50 of the little tabs. The tub is much better value and can usually be found for somewhere in the region of a pound (July 2013).
      There's absolutely no smell to the product out of the pack and so you get no clue as to what the taste will be. However all that changes the moment that you crunch through the hard outer coating.

      The gum is quite tough to chew at first but once you get going it feels like a normal gum. After a few chews the taste kicks in and it's quite a strong one. It has almost a menthol, clear-your-nose, attack to it, it's that strong initially but the peppery strength doesn't last more than a few minutes. After that you're left with a normal strength, pleasant tasting peppermint gum.

      The taste is gone from the gum after about ten minutes but surprisingly stays in your mouth long after leaving a clean, tingling sensation like you've just brushed your teeth. This stays around for much longer, maybe an hour or so, and your breath really does taste much better for it.

      The nutritional content is negligible, for bad or good. There's hardly any calories or carbohydrates and zero sugars and fats. However the packaging does say that "Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects". It gives no indication as to how many pieces of gum constitute "excessive consumption" though, so it's up to you how often you chew a piece! My granny always used to say that there's a risk to everything in life.
      All in all this is my favourite gum of the moment and I usually have a packet in my pocket when I'm out. You never know when you might need extra-specially fresh breath!


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      Sugar-free chewing gum

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