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Mentos Juice Burst Chewing Gum

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Brand: Mentos / Type: Gum

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    3 Reviews
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      08.04.2010 22:08
      Very helpful



      Nice chewing gum

      I'm actually not a gum chewer but I love soft mint candies. I saw this Mentos Juice Burst Chewing Gum in a convenience store shelf. I chewed Mentos fruits and Mentos Classic before so I simply thought this was just another chewable candy product from Mentos that just comes in new packaging. I just read the name Mentos and wasn't aware of the 'gum' written on it. I fell in love with the tube's design so I got one.

      Mentos Juice Burst Chewing Gum comes in a red 1x1.5x3 inches plastic tube with a flip top cap. It has the picture of berry fruits with the traditional blue 'Mentos' print on it. I love sweets with plastic packs. The sweets that are packed in paper or foil just get distorted and their outer shell covering simply crack in my pocket. The tube has 12 pink chewing gums. Each gum is covered with a thin crunchy sugar shell and the inner part is a soft gum.

      Upon opening the tube, I can smell the strong scent of strawberry and raspberry with a hint of lime. Upon biting it, I can hear the crunch of the top shell. The first thing I noticed was the sweet soury taste. The sour taste (so that's the lime?) quickly stimulated production of saliva in my mouth but not too sour to make my lips pout.

      It has the flavour of Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry and Lime. The fruity sweetness is good and I enjoyed chewing it. The gum doesn't harden much in my mouth like other chewing gums that get harder and harder when chewed in 5 minutes. It doesn't get hard but it doesn't disintegrate in my mouth. The sweet soury taste fades an about 2 minutes and it leaves my mouth sweet and fresh for about 10 minutes.

      Price: 99p


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        14.05.2009 18:09
        Very helpful



        Read review.


        I have tried most chewing gums available on the market and usually just buy Cool Breeze but now and again I try something new. I was in my local Morrisons, picking up a few things when I noticed these Mentos Juice Burst. I had already picked my usual Wrigleys Extra Cool Breeze chewing gum so Decided to add these aswell. Whilst I had never tried these before I was willing to try them out. I knew the brand Mentos as they make a number of other chewing gum and mint products that I am aware of.

        **The Tube**

        The Mentos Juice Burst comes in a small tube which looks different to most chewing gums. Inside you will find 12 pieces of the Juice Burst chewing gum. They are pink in colour and quite large they are shaped a little like Trebor Softmints. The tube may take a while to get into as looking at it for the first time It was not clear how to exactly open the tube. But after a little inspection I managed to get inside them.

        **The Gum**

        As I mentioned before, The Gum is in Pink, let me add something to this. they are saucer like pieces and the flavour is "Red Fruits and Lime". The Red fruit juices contained in the gum are as follows Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackberry????. Putting a piece of the gum into my mouth I instantly taste the juices once I bite into the gum. This results in giving off a very tasty fruity gum which also benefits from the inclusion of Lime. They also come in three other flavours, These are pure and fresh, strawberry and ice blast,

        **Nutritional Information**

        These are sugar free which may be surprising because of the sweetness of them and work out at around 16 calories a tub, which is more than reasonable! You do have to watch how many you eat though as this product contains phenylalanine, which is a sweetner, but excessive consumption can cause a laxative effect. And you don't want that now do you.


        Although this is 99p per tube, which is rather expensive In my opinion compared to other rivals it still has it's appeal and although it's not up there with my favourite gums around it is still a tasty gum that you should give a try. Put it this way, there are many worse gums on the market that I have tried. Oh and look up what happens when you put them in diet coke.


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          22.05.2008 21:12
          Very helpful



          An alternative to traditional minty gums.

          As a smoker, (yes I know bad habit that I am seriously thinking about sorting out!), I do like to have chewing gum for my stinky nicotine breath! So when I spotted these at the counter in my local Asda store and on offer I bought them in a flash.

          The product I will now review are "Mentos juice burst chewing gum"

          ~~~~~~ THE PACKAGING ~~~~~~

          The gum comes in a small, stand up plastic tub, oval in shape and green in colour. Across the front is the "mentos" name in large blue lettering, with juice burst above it in white italic writing and chewing gum under it written in pink. This text is laid over a picture of raspberries and apples to identify the tastes and right at the bottom is a pieces of the gum, split open exposing the apparent liquid pink centre.
          The lid is a lift and click top, and is sealed with a plastic strip, which you obviously just peel away before use.

          ~~~~~~ THE CONTENTS ~~~~~~

          As someone who before trying this product has never actually tried the mentos sweets before, I was surprised at the size of each piece of gum, my friend at work pointed out that the gum is actually very similar in size and shape to the sweets themselves, but I only have her word on this matter!

          There are 12 pieces of gum in the tub, all pale green in colour. The size and shape can only be described as the same looking as a marrowfat pea, large and chunky in size but slightly misshapen.
          There is a distinct smell of fresh apples when the lid is lifted, real ones not synthetic, so that immediately made my mouth water.

          ~~~~~~ THE TASTE ~~~~~~

          The flavour is apple and raspberry which is a slightly unusual combination to me, and I don't normally go for fruit flavoured gum so I was not prepared to be overly impressed, ok, between you me and the door post I actually bought these for my husband to take to work, but after trying one decided to keep them for myself, sshhh, don't tell him!

          After the first initial chew the first thing that hits you is the apple, sour, strong and incredibly mouth watering. Not quite mouth puckering though and you only have the sourness for seconds before the secondary taste of raspberries kicks in. The raspberry flavour is very sweet counter balancing the apple perfectly!
          The only problem's I can mention though is 1, there is no liquid centre like the picture on the front of the tub suggests, only a small pink area that is the part that holds the raspberry flavour and although slightly more viscous than the rest of the gum, by no means liquid and 2, the taste is very intense for a couple of minutes, but then dies down to almost nothingness, a little disappointing.
          Even flavourless and chewed for a while, the gum still retains a softness to it, not like some other gums that seem to start solidifying in your mouth after 10 minutes.

          ~~~~~~ NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION ~~~~~~

          These are sugar free, surprising because of the sweetness of them and work out at around 16 calories a tub, which is more than reasonable!
          You do have to watch how many you eat as this product contains phenylalanine, which is a sweetner, but excessive consumption can cause a laxative effect.

          ~~~~~~ PRICE AND AVAILABILITY ~~~~~~

          As I mentioned previously these were purchased from Asda, and as these are a relatively new product they are on special offer, around 99 pence a tub or two for £1.50, these come in four flavours - juice burst, pure and fresh, strawberry and ice blast, I will be reviewing some more!

          ~~~~~~ CONCLUSION ~~~~~~

          I would recommend these, even though the taste wears off far too quickly, they are juicy tasting and delicious, although the breath freshening aspect is not as effective as the mint versions!

          Thanks for reading x


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