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Mike & Ike Tropical Typhoon

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Brand: Mike & Ike / Type: Mixture

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    2 Reviews
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      23.08.2011 23:02
      Very helpful



      Much like Marmite, it's worth a try at least once

      I'm not ashamed to admit that I still like to scoff down these kiddies sweets. In fact it's been around 5 years since Mike and Ike's, a jelly bean like sweet, have hit the shelves, so it's surprising why these haven't really caught on in the UK compared to Jawbreakers or Chewits. After all, these are widely popular in the States. Created by Just Born Inc., Mike and Ike's are available in 3 flavours here in the UK. This product, Tropical Typhoon is in a red packet. Original Fruits are seen in a green packet and the Berry Blast flavour is in a blue packet.

      5 different flavours are in a Tropical Typhoon packet. The first is the "Orange Pineapple" flavour, an orange bean that tastes like neither in all honesty and is probably the worst flavour in the pack. The "Caribbean Punch" bean is a yellow bean which I have no idea what the taste is but it is quite tasty though. The "Kiwi Lime" bean is green and has a weak lime taste with a kiwi aftertaste. Still. it isn't bad. The "Passion Fruit" is a light pink bean which hardly tastes like the real thing, yet I find addictive in a chemically way. My personal favourite is the "Tropical Punch" bean, a dark pink, light red bean, in which strawberry is said to be included in. I don't have a sweet tooth, but it's a very, very sweet erm, sweet and it's usually the flavour you'll find the most in a pack, not that I'm complaining about it. The picture above is actually the older Tropical Typhoon that Mike and Ike used to make and it's been relaunched and long been replaced by the version I'm reviewing.

      Here comes the tricky part though. I personally find these to be very tasty. However after dishing it out to family and friends, most don't concur. The Tropical Typhoon Mike and Ike clearly relies on flavourings (despite the packet saying "No Artificial Colours", "No Artificial Preservatives"," No Artificial Flavours" and "A Fat Free Candy") therefore making it one of those sweets you'll either love or hate, like Marmite

      While before the relaunch, some small 55g packs were easy to find in stores such as Asda, Woolworths and a range of newsagents, I've only seen the new Tropical Typhoon pack available in 180g packs and only at Tesco for £1 special offer and £1.28 standard price. While they are often on special offer, when reading a 100g serving contains 364 calories, 51mg of sodium and 61.7g of carbohydrates, you just can't help but try to hold off on these, seeing as those numbers are practically doubled with the 180g bag.


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        05.07.2010 10:05
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Yummy jelly beans from the US of A.

        Mmm, yummy sweeties! Whenever I am travelling, I like to have a nice sweetie to munch on, and these have featured quite regularly in my handbag.

        Mike n Ike is an American Candy brand, and so are not really that common over here in good old Britannia though they seem to be getting more popular in recent years. I first spotted them here in the UK a couple of years ago in my local 99p shop for a bag of 3 packets, which is pretty bargainous (they normally cost about 42p per packet in Tesco et al) so in the basket they went.

        They are basically jelly beans similar to the brand 'Jelly Belly', which you probably would have heard of if you are a sweet aficionado. The sweets are shaped like long torpedoes, so not quite bean shaped funnily enough.

        Each jelly bean is a different colour, all attributed the following flavours:
        * Orange & Pineapple (orange)
        * Caribbean Punch (blue)
        * Kiwi & Lime (green)
        * Strawberry & Banana (pink)
        * Pineapple & Banana (yellow)

        Although they are obviously very sugary, they are also flavoursome with a rich sweet fruity taste emanating from each one. The combinations of flavours offered are a good mix and are pretty true to their names, although on some you will get more of a hint of the flavour than others.

        The Orange & Pineapple and Kiwi & Lime are both nice and there are hints of both fruit in the bean. Caribbean Punch is also pleasant, and is some sort of amalgamation of fruit flavours. Now the Strawberry & Banana only tasted like banana to me, same with the Pineapple & Banana, which only tasted of pineapple - so these two are the only confusing ones in the pack.

        Each jelly bean is of a decent size (approx 2cm long) and is soft and easy to bite into. You will most likely enjoy some flavours more than others, and you can either pick each one individually out and delicately nibble them, or just do what I do and grab a handful and chuck it all in your mouth - how will you eat yours?

        Not quite sure who Mike and Ike are, and what they have to do with the manufacture of sweeties, but its makes a quirky and memorable brand name!

        Apart from this Tropical Typhoon variety, Mike n Ike jelly beans also come in a few other flavours such as Original, Berry Blast. There are lots more varieties available in the US if you ever go.


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      • Product Details

        Mike and Ike Tropical Typhoon mix contains the following flavours: Paradise Punch ? Kiwi-Banana ? Caribbean Punch ? Strawberry-Banana ? Mango

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