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Pascalls Kola Kube

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2 Reviews

Brand: Pascalls / Type: Cola

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    2 Reviews
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      14.12.2009 14:46
      Very helpful



      A blast from the past

      We have a proper old fashioned sweetie shop in my nearest town. When you walk in you are greeted with rows and rows of big plastic tubs containing all manor of tooth rotting delights. I don't go in there all that often but every now and then me and my husband go in and each spend ages choosing some sweets. We normally don't end up agreeing on one type of sweet and we usually end up buying a bag each.

      We visited this sweet shop at the weekend and my husband picked something really boring...think it was a mint humbug. I shook my head in disgust and contined to scan the shelves looking for the perfect sweet to suit my mood.......... A few minutes later, I spotted Kola Kubes - perfect. I used to eat these when I was at school and back then I loved their sweet cola taste and the fact that they would last for ages. You could probably make one last a whole science lesson.

      I bought 100g, and the lady measured them out into a good old fashioned paper bag - it really was like going back in time. I believe they cost me about 90p but I guess prices will vary in independant sweet shops quite a lot.

      Once back in the car I popped one in my mouth immediately. These sweets are and reddish colour cube and have a frosted sugar coating. The flavour immediately brought back old memories, the sweet cola taste hadn't changed and I still loved it. It is a milder taste than you would expect from say a cola bottle sweet and it doesn't have the sourness of that kind of sweet. I sucked away but before too long I had the urge to crunch. These sweets have a slightly soft centre which is great should you decide to crunch them, it add a whole other dimension to a completely fab sweet!


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        07.10.2009 18:56
        Very helpful



        A flash from the past and a treat worth paying over the odds for!

        ~ Personal Experience ~

        Kola Kubes (made by Pascall's) are one of my all time favorite sweets and takes me back to when I was a young chap (aged 10+). I used to buy a quarter of these from the local sweet shop on the way home from school. I loved the little white paper bags you used to get which could be crumpled up time and time again in your pocket and it would never rip.

        ~ Taste ~

        Well, they taste just as you would expect a Kola Kube to taste...like cola. If you have had cola bottles then you are about half way there to knowing what these taste like. They aren't that fizzy but do have lots of flavor.

        ~ Smell ~

        They smell like cola bottles in my opinion. They actually look like red cubes of jelly with icing on the top but I love the smell of a bag of Kola Kubes.

        ~ Shops that sell them ~

        Every sweet shop in the UK should sell these and our local shop does for around £2 a quarter of a kilogram. I actually found a website which sells all types of wonderful toffee and sweeties. It is called http://www.aquarterof.co.uk/ and sells all types of treats and ideal for Halloween. They sells the Kola Kubes for around £2.42 per quarter of a kilogram which is a bit more expensive but still it's a wonderful site which offers so many novelty sweets which I had forgotten about.

        If you're looking to order from here then I would check out the Brown Gems as they are scrumptious. The postage costs are quite small and can be reduced even further if you buy over £20 worth of sweets.

        ~ Texture in the middle ~

        They contain a chewy middle with a hard coating which can be easily broken with strong teeth. I love to lick the white coating off the kubes before crunching it altogether (very detailed I know!).

        The cost of jar of these from the above website would set you back around £22.26 but still it would last you a month (well it would last me that long).

        ~ Conclusion & Ratings ~

        Well, these are worth tasting for the memories and will give you a flash back off your youth and will make you feel young again as long as you don't have false teeth! In that case you might find it hard to chew these. Not really recommendable for very young children as they might choke on such a hard product but still great for a treat every now and then.

        Taste rating: 5/5 - Tastes just like Rolla Cola!
        Smell rating: 5/5 - Smells just like Rolla Cola!
        Price rating: 4/5 - A bit expensive.
        Looks rating: 3/5 - Nothing special but a lovely treat for the old taste buds!

        Overall Rating: 4/5


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