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Pez Hello Kitty

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Brand: Pez

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    5 Reviews
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      15.01.2014 15:37
      Very helpful
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      Hello Kitty PEZ

      PEZ - I had a number of Pez sweet dispensers when I was younger and I remember loving them so when I found this cool one for my daughter I knew I had to get it for her. We have a really cool Olde Sweet Shoppe in our town and they sell a number of different PEZ dispensers in a number of cool designs. My son got a Donald Duck dispenser and my little girl got this Hello Kitty one.

      So, what is a PEZ dispenser? Well, according to an article I read, "Pez (trademarked PEZ, in capitals) is the brand name of an Austrian candy and their mechanical pocket dispensers. The candy itself takes the shape of pressed, dry, straight-edged, curved-corner, blocks (15 mm (5/8 inch) long, 8 mm wide and 5 mm high), with Pez dispensers holding 12 Pez pieces. Despite the widespread recognition and popularity of the Pez dispenser, the company considers itself to be primarily a candy company, and over 3 billion candy bricks are consumed each year in the U.S. alone. Pez Dispensers are part of popular culturein many nations. Because of the large number of dispenser designs over the years, they are collected by enthusiasts. Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse were among the first character dispensers. Since 1950, over 1500 Pez dispensers, including the original character dispensers, have been created.

      I think Hello Kitty suits a PEZ dispenser very well, after all the most famous part of Hello Kitty is her big head design and so to be able to put just this on top of a PEZ dispenser and not have to worry about the body or if it would look funny without a body then it's fine. The sweet holder is black and has the letters PEZ written on the side in lots of tiny little bricks. These are meant to resemble the sweets inside and I think its a very cool and effective touch. The Hello Kitty head is white and then she has a black bow in her hair with a skull and crossbones little design on it. I think it looks quite cool and is a bit dark but still cute in its unique Hello Kitty way. I believe there are quite a lot of Hello Kitty designs and this is one of the ones you can purchase

      The sweets inside are a crunchy, powdery sort of sweet. It's quite small and to me has a bit of a fizzy flavour to it. I would describe it quite like a Refresher and they come in lots of different flavours. The pack I got with this dispenser was lemon and its sweet and tasty.

      The dispenser itself came with one pack of wrapped PEZ sweets and so I bought a few extra packets to go along with the holder so my little boy and girl would not run out. The dispenser cost me just £2.50 which I think is really good value for a cool little toy and a pack of sweets.


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        20.05.2008 09:32
        Very helpful



        Great classic candy,

        ******************** PEZ BONBON *****************

        Pez are an old claasic in the sweet industry. They were first created and sold in Austria about 80 years ago and later they took America and Europe by storm. The first Pez to be sold were peppermint flavour, but these were then changes to the classic sweet flavour candies known and loved in over 60 countries world wide.

        Pez Candy Inc and Pez International AG have the biggest part to play in the production and distribution of these sweets however Haribo are now also involved in the distribution of Pez.

        So, what is it?
        Pez are small hard candy sweets, rectangular in shape, which are placed inside dispensers which have the latest kids charachters on them. They are available in different flavours such as strawberry, lemon and orange and cherry and each little pack of sweets contains about 15 candy pieces.

        The dispenser...
        The first dispenser was introducted around 1940 and was fairly basic. Todays dispensers are made of a hard plastic and come in all shapes and colours.
        It first got its shape because as I said earlier the first sweets were peppermint and were mainly marketed at adults, so they made the pez dispenser to be shaped like a cigarette lighter.

        Nowadays Pez are mainly sold to children so they make the dispenser to look like kids favourite tv charachters. The dispenser is about 3 inch's high, rectangular shaped and has a charachters head on top. This head may be pulled upwards to reveal a tray on the inside where the candy is loaded, then each time the head is pulled, a piece of candy comes out.

        Pez dispensers are now collectable items!

        The sweets and refills
        When you buy a dispenser you usually recieve two packs of candy with it. Should you require more candy refill packs, these are sold in packs of 6 all differents flavours, to refill the dispenser.

        The original shape of the candy has remained the same for 80 years, the flavour has changed, and it is estimated around 4 billion of these are consumed every year!
        The candy are a very pale colour, almost an off white and smell really fruity.

        The ingredients of the candy are as follows:

        sugar, glucose syrup, citric acid, acidity regulator tri-sodium-citrate, hydrogenated vegetable fat, emulsifier, flavour.

        The candy contains no colourings.

        Each little pack of candy weighs 8.5g and contains 40 calories, 7g carbohydrates and 1g fat.

        The candy can be a little difficult to load but aftera few tries you should get the hang of it!

        Other information
        The dispensers are sold in plastic packaging with a cardboard backing. Two packs of refills are included. They retail for around £1. The 6 pack of refills also come in the same packaging and cost 59p.

        Pez have a few websites... www.pez.co and www.lets-pez.com and these are great for any kids who enjoy the sweets as they have loads of info and activities. Also information about pez may be gathered from the Haribo website.

        I have always loved these sweets and my son now loves them and calls them 'head sweets'! Whenever he has a pack, I steal one or two as I am loading them into the dispenser and am immediately transported back to my child hood, when my sister and I would always get one of these when we were shopping with mom and we would collect the dispensers.

        I think these sweets are great to have stood the test of time and I believe they will be around for many more years!


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          18.05.2008 21:41
          Very helpful



          A great candy with no artificial colouring.

          ---PEZ BONBONS---

          Pez is another one of those candies that has the fun factor. I have been buying these for years. I adore sweets. Pick 'n' Mix, penny sweets, laces, coke bottles, shrimps, flying saucers; These kind of sweets, apart from being delicious, have the fun factor that I was talking about and so it is with Pez.

          The clever thing about the Pez product is that they offer the dispenser along with the candies, and they have gained their popularity more for the dispenser, than the actual Pez bonbon that accompanies this. Made in many fun characters which have been popularised over the years, the Pez dispenser has totally captured the imagination of the consumer and the fact that Pez have managed to keep their prices pretty stable over time makes it an inexpensive, very collectable and popular sweet product. -

          The Pez product comes sealed in a basic card backed, plastic fronted covering through which you can see the product inside. In this case, we have bought two different character dispensers from the Sponge Bob series. I have Patrick the pink pointed head character and my husband has the yellow square headed 'Sponge Bob'. These characters sit upon the top of the plastic bodied container for the Pez bonbons. Inside the packet you also get 3 different flavour packets of the Pez sweets which are wrapped in a foil covering.

          In my packet I have the orange, lemon and strawberry varieties of Pez which are tiny, flat candy bricks that are chalky in appearance. The sweets are covered by bright coloured packets with the colour pertaining to the flavour of the sweet. Displayed upon the packet is a characterised candy with large green eyes, black antennae and sporting a strange grin. The lettering of Pez is written in white squares across the front of the packet. The product is bright and fun and Pez bonbons are a great little candy which appeals to all.-

          ---THE PEZ DISPENSER---
          The Pez dispenser is four and a half inches high and is free standing on its own shaped plastic feet. The body of the container is made of hard plastic and to fill it with the Pez bonbons you pull the body of the dispenser downwards whist holding the top. Thus revealing a narrow channel which is where you will place the candies. The action that you apply to release the candy is to pull back the head of the character and a sweet will ease its way out from out the top front of the dispenser. I like the way that they have done this and find it a fun way to eat the candy. It also makes you eat them more slowly in this way and they are also fun to offer around. The sweets are hard and crunchy with great sherbet flavours which have no artificial colourings. -

          Sugar - Glucose - Syrup - Citric Acid - Vegetable Oil - Sodium Citrates (Acidity Regulators) - Flavourings without Colourings. -

          The Pez candy and dispenser is a great product. It is fun and the characters are highly collectable. From time to time Pez offer limited editions of the dispenser. Take a look at their website and see some of the prices that the dispensers are fetching. Pez have been going strong for over 50 years and is known as an 'interactive' candy that is both enjoyable to eat and fun to play with'. I like the way Pez bring out their character dispensers in line with current trend also, making them relatable to children.

          Very much a part of American 'Pop Culture' Pez have a very marketable and popular product which is collectable, current and great fun. I paid 99p for my Pez product, from Tesco, which is the same price that the product was selling for in 2006. There are also no artificial colours in the product which is nice to know. A cute, tasty and enjoyable sweet that carries with it the 'Fun Factor'.-


          Thank you for reading
          May 2008*


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            01.03.2006 13:07
            Very helpful



            Fiddly sweets costing 99p

            The world of marketing and the fact that these are often placed near tills means that we are gethering quite a collection.


            Most supermakrkets, local chemists, newsagents; in fact, anywhere relying on the fact that there are frazzled parents trying to get quickly out of the shop!
            Mine cost 99p and I do believe this is the only price at which they are sold.

            WHAT ARE THEY?

            For your 99p, you get a long tube with a character's head on the top- the ones they are "plugging at the moment seem to be Chicken Little and Madagascar. (That does surprise me!)
            Also contained enticingly behind that plastic cover are 3 little packets of Pez sweets- strawberry, lemon and orange. each of these packets does, I believe, contain 12 tiny sweets.

            HOW DO I USE IT?

            Flip up the character's head and a tube rather like the inside of a stapler is revealed. Like a stapler, this has to be filled with the small rectangular sweets- one packet of the sweets fills it completely.

            To remove the sweets, the head must again be flipped back (head of the character, not to potential eater) and one small sweet will push forward ever so slightly. It can then be removed and eaten. Then the process is repeated until all of the sweets which have been painstakingly added to the tube are eaten.

            WHAT DO THEY TASTE OF?

            Not surprisingly, the sweets do taste of strawberry, lemon and orange, depending on which ones you eat. They are very hard and require sucking before the crunching commences, but once you get to the crunch, they are a bit fizzy, almost like sherbet.


            It is suggested that these are not suitable for children under the age of 3 years because small parts could be swallowed or inhaled.

            I suggest they are not given to anyone as small parts can lead to frustration.


            There is a website which is in German...www.pez.com


            There appear to be hundreds of characters- every event and film is taken care of. If you go on the website, they don't list them in characters but in series, and each of the 38 series seems to have 3 or 4 characters. That's a lot of 99p payments to collect these tubes.


            At the risk of appearing a "Bah humbug" type of person, I have to say no.

            The sweets are extremely fiddly to get inside the tube, and this is the point at which the funa and games commences. Little miss hopping about waiting for her sweets, which are undeniably tasty, and mum trying frantically to get them in. The most I have managed at any one time has been 6 without them popping back out. They are proudly handed over, consumed within seconds and then the tube handed back for a refill.

            There also appears to be no way to buy sweet refills so for the pleasure of the 36 mini sweets, you have to hand over 99p and have another tube with a character's head on top to add to your ever growing collection.

            From a child's point of view, they are of course very appealing and enticing. They love to collect the latest characters and as I said, the sweets are fizzy sweets which appeal to children. However, if they removed them from checkouts, I don't think they would sell as many, because there are "cooler" things to collect.

            So, in conclusion, I would say buy them if you are an extremely patient person or particularly dextrous. If instant gratification is required, then steer clear

            For now, I am going to try to fill this irritating chicken who is sitting looking at me, ready for little miss coming home from school.

            Thanks for reading.

            Daniela x

            (The title is the marketing devise, not my own thoughts!)


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              28.02.2006 20:31



              great for younger kids when discipling them of sweet allowance.

              I had to give in to my two year old and buy this product as it was a character to recognised from TV. I found the sweets hard to put in to fill up the dispencer spilling them all over the place.

              My two year old had great fun taking them out again but found them too sweet and promptly spat them out. I found there was a good mixture of flavours and more than one was definitly too sweet.

              However the whole idea of a sweet dispencer is fun and allows children to get to the sweets themselves without mess. Also you can limit what they have, after those in the dispencer has gone - no more sweets until the next time.

              I would definitly buy this again when my child was a bit older to appreciate it more than for the character it portrayed.


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          • Product Details

            Pez 1 x dispensers 2 x 8.5g refills of dextrose sweets

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