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Sainsbury's American Hard Gums

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Gum

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    1 Review
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      04.02.2011 08:21
      Very helpful



      Overal a very yummy sweet, but don't eat too many!

      I've got into a habit recently of buying lots of sweets when I go shopping and these are one of the latest purchases. They are from the Sainsbury's own brand range of bagged sweets, which I had never tried before these, so it was a bit of a gamble on the taste.

      They come in a light brown bag that has a set of scales on the front and then a clear section at the bottom where you can see the sweets inside. The bag measures 19cm x 13cm and contains 250g of the sweets. Through the clear plastic, you can see lots of different coloured sweets that are covered all over in water appears to be sugar. Each sweet is cone shaped and is about 15mm in diameter and 15mm high.

      I like the size of the sweets as they are easy enough to put in your mouth and chew quite inconspicuously. They come in a range of different colours, however I don't think this changes the flavour at all. When putting a sweet in your mouth, you can immediately taste the sugar that coats the sweet and it is very sweet indeed. When you bite into the sweet, it has a soft but sticky/chewy texture that resembles a gummy sweet. I quite like this texture and it is very similar to other American Hard Gums I have bought before. This texture means it takes a short while to fully chew one sweet before you can swallow it. I have noticed that as it is quite sticky, it has become a regular occurrence for bits of the sweet to get stuck in my teeth, which can be quite an annoyance. Once you start eating these, they can become quite addictive and I have to put them away before eating too many.

      Like any confectionery sweet, they aren't too great for your health. Each sweet contains a staggering 2.3g of sugar, however there are only 22 calories and trace amounts of fat in the sweets. This is a huge amount of sugar though and will not be great for your teeth. Looking on the ingredients list, they don't contain a great amount of unnecessary ingredients and I was surprised to see that they contain concentrates of nettles and spinach!

      Overall, these are a nice tasty sweet for any time of the day and I would expect most people would like them. They are reasonably priced at just 69p a bag and for that price you get a good amount of sweets. The only problem is the high sugar content and how they can get stuck in your teeth. I think the sugar content would be hard to lower due to the sweets being what they are due to the sugar coating, however if they could sort out the stickiness, then that would make them a lot better. Therefore, I can only give them 3/5 because of these two factors.

      Thanks for reading.

      This review may also appear on my blog and Ciao under the same username.


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