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Sainsbury's Liquorice Allsorts

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Liquorice

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    2 Reviews
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      31.03.2010 17:55
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      Around 40p more gets you the originals and they are so much better.

      I like Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts, I think they make a nice change from chocolate or the jelly sweets that I pinch from the grandkids sweety box but I found out that trying to save a few pennies and buying the Sainsbury version of these Liquorice Allsorts was a bad idea.

      The Sainsbury version comes in 280g bags and costs 62p per bag but they are sometimes on offer even cheaper at 2 bags for £2, even at their full price they are about 40p cheaper than a bag of Bassett`s but there is a reason for this.

      The sweets in the Sainsbury version are exact copies in shape size and colour to the bassets ones but they are nowhere near as nice tasted and certainly not as high in quality.

      The coconut ones didn't taste of coconut at all and the blue candy coated ones were very sweet and very rubbery in texture, the liquorice in all these sweets was a bit rubbery actually and nowhere near as good as the Bassett`s ones.

      Although these are said to contain only natural colours and flavourings they taste very artificial compared to the Bassett`s brand and I certainly would not recommend anyone buying these to save 40p, the extra 40p is money well spent to get the Bassett`s version.

      NUTRITIONAL INFO (per 100g)

      376 calories
      2.6g of protein
      79g of carbohydrate
      5.5g of fat (4.3g of saturated fat)
      1.2g of fibre


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        04.06.2009 19:52
        Very helpful



        cheap sweets that will put a smile on your face

        Bassetts liquorice allsorts have a place in my memories as I can remember eating them at home with the family ever since I was a child. I don't like sweets that are all the same, I like a bit of variety, so allsorts are an obvious choice for me. I wouldn't normally buy bags of sweets unless they are on offer, so when I saw that Sainsbury's own brand liquorice allsorts were on offer at two 280g bags for £1 I thought that I would give them a try.

        I'm not the biggest fan of liquorice because I'm not too keen on the flavour, but I quite enjoy it when it is complemented by additional fruit flavours. Sainsbury's liquorice allsorts are basically a copy of the Bassetts brand and have the same basic types of sweets, although you get more in a bag of Sainsbury's liquorice allsorts (280g) than the Bassetts ones (215g). The packaging is an eye-catching black with strips of bright pink at the top and bottom. On the front of the bag is a picture of all the different types of sweets the bag contains and on the rear of the bag is all of the usual nutritional information, ingredients etc. I always struggle to open the bag without ripping the whole thing apart and scattering the sweets around the room, so just lately I have resorted to opening the bag with scissors.

        In the bag you get liquorice rolls, assorted orange blackcurrant and chocolate square sandwiches with layers of fondant and liquorice, the coconut 'wheels' with the liquorice centre, liquorice rolls with white fondant centres and round jelly sweets covered in blue 'bobbles'.

        The two biggest differences between the two brands are the flavours and textures of the sweets. While both have quite a nice taste, I find that the Sainsbury's sweets taste more artificial (which is surprising considering that they only contain natural colours and flavours). I also find that the Sainsbury's sweets feel cheap and not as high a quality as the Bassetts sweets. For example the pink and yellow 'wheel' sweets (liquorice in the middle and coconut on the outside) have a chalky texture in the Sainsbury's sweets but a nice texture in the Bassetts sweets. The bassets wheel sweets are also more flavoursome than the Sainsbury's ones. The other Sainsbury's sweets similarly don't have as good a texture or flavour when compared to the Bassetts sweets.

        I also found that there are few of the 'good' sweets (such as the wheel and the round jelly ones covered in blue and pink 'bobbles') present in the bags of the Sainsbury's brand which is disappointing. Price wise a 280g bag of Sainsbury's liquorice allsorts costs £0.63, whereas a bag of Bassetts liquorice allsorts costs over £1 for a 215g bag. So your getting a lot more for your money with the Sainsbury brand.

        100g contains:

        - 376 calories
        - 2.6g of protein
        - 79g of carbohydrate
        - 5.5g of fat (4.3g of saturated fat)
        - 1.2g of fibre
        - Trace amount of salt

        Overall Sainsbury's liquorice allsorts grew on me. I didn't like them at first but when you get used to the flavours they are quite nice. They are also very good value for money so I would recommend them.


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