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Skittles Crazy Cores

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Brand: Skittles

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2011 10:11
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      Another version of the much loved Skittles brand

      Skittles Crazy Cores are new to the UK market but were released to the US market back in 2008. They come in a bright orange packet, identical to the normal skittles bag. The word "New" is highlighted in the left corner on a blue splodge shape. I couldn't see what these were called when I first picked them up, but on further inspection the words "Crazy Cores" is written under the Skittles logo, however the lettering is only the same for the "Crazy" and the "Cres" the "C" of "Cores" falls under the front of the packaging and isn't visible, whilst the "O" is substituted by a Skittle. Probably just me but I actually had to study the packet to see what they were called.

      They are made by the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company and are the latest in Skittles inventions since the "Original" packs were invented by a British company in 1974.

      The new bag has 5 new flavours it in, in a variety of colours. They are the same size as normal skittles but the colours are closer to those of Smarties.

      The flavours are as follows;

      Blue Raspberry Lemon (blue shell and yellow on the inside). These taste a bit like lemonade once chewed but the initial taste is of a cheap raspberry drink. The end result is quite nice but of all the new flavours, it is one of the closest to the original flavoured Skittles.

      Cherry Lemonade (red shell and yellow inside) tastes like the cherry flavoured double dip sherbet. The lemonade gives it the sherbet fizz, whilst the cherry is really strong and overpowering. This is my favourite flavour and it takes like it has a hint of spice in it. It reminds me of sweets I had when I was younger.

      Strawberry Watermelon (pink shell and green inside). The first hit of the watermelon is then complimented by the strawberry but despite the shell being the strawberry part, the taste is more apparent on chewing the two flavours together and tastes a little bit like Hubba Bubba in strawberry.

      Melon Berry (green shell and clear on the inside). The melon flavour is more distinctive that the berry, despite it coming from the shell, overall I am not sure that I like this flavour that much, despite melon being a favourite of mine. It takes like Midori (melon liqueur) in a sweet.

      Mango Peach (orange shell and clear inside). The peach is the strongest flavour of the two in this combination, to a point where the mango is barely noticeable. The colour of these is a pale orange a bit like the orange Smartie! I am not sure on this one as Peach isn't my favourite flavour but I do love Mango.

      Judging by the history of Skittles these seem like a re-make of the "Tropical" variety which were released in 1989. Melon Berry seems to have cropped up in various differently labelled packets of skittles, including the Blenders which are due out this year and the "Wild Berry" mix which were also released in 1989.
      The aftertaste is mixed, but like the "Original" skittles it's an artificial fruity aftertaste and they do not smell any different to the normal Skittles.

      I paid 59 for my packet in the Co-op but I had never seen them before this.

      Overall I am not very taken by these and they made me feel a little ill. I couldn't have eaten a whole packet, but I would recommend them to be shared as they are something different to try.


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    New - Skittles Crazy cores pack of 6

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