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Sultan's Turkish Delight

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2 Reviews

Brand: Sultan's / Type: Turkish Delight

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    2 Reviews
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      16.11.2011 22:57
      Very helpful
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      A great sweet rush!

      I adore Turkish Delight though I have to say that I was not sure when I was first given a box filled with the scent of rose petals!!!! However it has become to be the thing I need when I get fed up of chocolate!!!
      Taste and Quality; The good news is that if you have a very sweet tooth you can actually add extra sugar to the plump pieces of the Turkish Delight. However I tend to get rid of the sugar, the Turkish Delight is sweet enough as it is and it would ruin the quality and flavour of the pieces. Below I have mentioned what the individual flavors are like

      Rose Flavour; I found the taste to be bizarrely lovely... Who the hell would decide it would be a good idea to make a rose flavour dessert... But it actually works so well. It tastes so refreshing and sweet and can be described as eating sugary rose perfume... trust me it tastes better than it sounds!!!!

      Lemon Flavour; I found the lemon flavor to be a less bizarre flavour. I can describe eating the lemon pieces as eat soft, sticky jelly. It tastes fantastic and has a hard outer shell as the rose one. The Turkish Delight will get softer the closer to the center you get.

      Smell; The smell is dominated by the strong scent of rose with the refreshing zest of the lemon as an after touch; It smells very sweet though!

      Packaging; The Turkish Delight comes in a cardboard box with a Middle Eastern pattern on it which condiments the Turkish delights beautifully! The Turkish delight is packaged in a grease proof like paper, which contains the Turkish Delight meaning that things do not get (too) messy!!!!

      Product Quality; Real lemon extract and fine quality rose essence and soft and delicate icing sugar has all gone into the ingredients list (flavouring)

      Value For Money; You will pay around £2.45 for a box of 325 grams. However one must keep in mind some off that weight is made up of icing sugar!!!! However I still find it to be good value for money as the product is of high quality.

      Verdict; A great sweet rush!

      Ingredients; Sugar, Water, Maize Starch, Acidity Regulator (Cream of Tartar), Flavourings, Colours (E120).

      Nutrition; Per 100 Grams
      Energy kCal 343kCal
      Protein < 0.1g
      Carbohydrate 85.8g
      Of which sugars 78.6g
      Fat < 0.1g
      Of which saturates < 0.1g
      Fibre N/A
      Sodium < 0.1g
      Salt N/A

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        29.05.2008 13:04
        Very helpful



        A nice little luxury or gift

        With the Narnia films just releasing, a whole new generation of kids will be learning over about Edmund, and how he betrayed his family just for the sake of some turkish delight. And because turkish delight isn't a sweet found so often around homes now, around half of them will be wondering "just what IS that stuff any how?"

        Well, this is it. This little box contains the sweet good enough to sell your family out. And when you try them maybe you'll understand why.

        Do not confuse this with the chocolate version. REAL turkish delight comes in a box of icing sugar to stop it being too sticky. It comes in two flavours - rose and lemon - both of them incredibly sweet (I rarely manage more than two or three pieces at a time without starting to feel a little sick). The sweets are a jelly - not quite as firm as folk used to things like wine gums might expects - and very very sticky without the icing sugar.

        It's getting harder to find - I think it's falling out of favour - but you can sometimes still find it in supermarkets for around £2.00 for an 325g box. That's not particularly cheap, but it makes a nice gift for someone who's sick of chocolates. And, as an added bonus, they're only 8% fat.

        Worth selling your family out for? Well, maybe not. And it's a little too sweet and sickly for some. But if you have a sweet tooth, try them, you just might decide Edmund has the right idea.


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    • Product Details

      Turkish Delight is made from sugar and rose water. It has a low fat content - about 8%.

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