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Swizzels Matlow Love Hearts Dip

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3 Reviews

Brand:Swizzels / Type: Candy

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    3 Reviews
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      02.09.2010 16:15
      Very helpful



      A Unique Tongue tingling sweet! good for all young and old generations

      Swizzels Matlow Dip!

      Tangy sometimes sour Sherbet with a Tasty Candy/sweet stick to scoop out the Sherbet with, Known to us more as a Retro Sweet,
      my personal favorite version of this sweet/sour candy is the Spooky Dip(that has a candy stick that changes your tongue black)

      But this Version however is Love heart dips
      the flavors are Orange Sparkle , Tangy Raspberry,Zingy lemon and in this version the stick is candy floss flavor.
      you can find the candy/sweet stick in the middle of orange sparkle and tangy raspberry inside the package in a different compartment from the sherbet.

      If your new to eating this or are giving it to a younger child it can become messy or tricky eating it,as it's in a floppy bag type package.

      Let me explain: each flavor is locked up in different paper compartment, to get to them you have to rip a thin layer straight across the top ( or use scissors). when its open you will see the sherbet and the stick in different compartments.
      now if you take out the stick and look closely at how its made you will see on the back of it its grooved in and you can use this to scoop out the sherbet as if the stick is a spoon, but you have to be careful not to over flow the little groove/dent otherwise it spills and goes all over. you could lick the stick then dip it, but you don't get much sherbet that way.

      Warning: keep the stick for eating last ,because you need it to get to the sherbet.

      i've spilt this sherbet a couple of times myself by accident..and i've eaten it ever since i was a kid, just make sure if you eat it your not on a carpet or somewhere where its not so easy to sweep up.

      Overall: its a nice sweet and its addictive, no artificial colors,also there are a few versions of swizzels matlow dips out there if this one doesn't suit your taste! :)


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      10.05.2010 18:51
      Very helpful



      Love hearts in a powder form

      When it comes to putting a new twist on a classic product it appears that Swizzel's Matlow have started to do it themselves with the legendary British sweet manufacturer have taken their "Love Heart" product and turned it in to a sherbet dip product with a hard lolly. No long do you need to get your loving in a pill but you can now buy it in powder form. Though to some fundamentalist this may be sacrilege to the candy that has for years given up messages of love of their front, though to others this is a nice change, though out side of the concept, does the product actually work?

      The product comes in a long paper packaging with 4 sections to it, 1 for each of the 3 powder flavours (Orange Sparkle, Tangy Raspberry and Zingy Lemon) and 1 for the lolly (which is Candy Floss flavoured according to the packaging). The packaging is a nice spread of bright colours including orange, purple, yellow and pink and looks attractive but not what you'd expect of "Love Hearts". One problem with the packet however is that it appears there is no easy way into the product, which would make it one that you can't really eat on the move and to an extent you can't eat with out being messy. After ripping off the top, carefully and sliding the lolly out of it's compartment you can see the "Love Heart" part of the product. The lolly/stick has 5 messages down it (in this case "Yumi", "Babe", "Why Not", "Ask me" and "I'm Shy"- as if they were having a conversation "Yumi Babe", "Why not ask me?" "I'm shy") and has a typical sweet candy scent to it. To start you give it a quick suck to get some moister onto it then slide it into one of (or multiple) sherbet and suck the powder off.
      The Orange power is all right, although it lacks a true strong orange flavour it is tingly on the tongue and with an orange colour.
      The Tangy Raspberry flavour is really pleasant with a wonderfully light raspberry taste and a pink colour (that's actually almost identical to the lolly it's self)
      The Lemon flavour one is sweet and has a stronger flavour than the other two with a nice bright yellow colour.

      Although the sherbets will last a while the product is rather cheap but the fact that the eating process is long winded but can be fun and messy. If it's possible for you and a partner to share the candy you could have an awful lot so of fun (lets be honest licking sherbet off a partners body would be rather fun) making the sherbet "Love Heart" a brilliantly clever concept to share the love. Although it's a messy product Swizzel's Matlow have once again created a fun candy that may not be entirely innocent, but it is incredibly fun.

      Product contains: E500, E470b, E504 and E570 (though on the packaging they are only included in the German ingredients list)

      Product weights 27g in total


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      11.07.2009 10:15
      Very helpful



      See review.

      When happening across the product I will now review I was taken on a trip down memory lane, though this product does now have a bit of a modern twist.

      The product I will now review is - "Lovehearts dip with candyfloss stick"

      For anyone that doesn't remember these, these were readily available when I was a child, though they were called swizzlers then.
      The basic idea is a paper pouch sealed into four sections. Three sections contain around a teaspoon full of flavoured sherbet, these have changed since my youth, but more of that later!
      Finally in the fourth pouch, located centrally on the packet, is the swizzle stick, now a different flavour. The difference between this and some of the other sherbets around is the fact the entire stick is edible, this being a long solid what I can only describe as a refresher sweet.

      The difference between then and now, which would be the modern twist I mentioned earlier are the flavours of the contents.

      In the pack is "orange sparkle", "tangy raspberry" and "zingy lemon", the stick, which is used to scoop the afore mentioned sherbets from the pack with, you now the routine, lick and dip, is candyfloss flavoured.
      There is also a culmination of brands with the stick supposedly being part of the "love hearts" range, with the stick even having little phrases running down one side of it!

      To eat you simply tear the top of the packet off. To save my poor floor I tend to concertina the pack onto itself, then when the top is removed I pour all the different colours and flavours of sherbet into a bowl, the lick and dip method is much easier from a bowl rather than an ever increasingly soggy paper bag!

      The sherbet itself is quite grainy in texture, very similar to granulated sugar , this is of course very sweet and very fizzy in taste.
      You are supposed to take the love hearts stick, lick and dip into the sherbet, this is the supposed method of eating. The stick however is quite chalky and crumbly in texture, so if you are anything like me or my kids it is a real strain not to chew the stick after the first dip, I do think there should be a harder lolly in the pack, like a dib dab.
      This brand really appeals to my kids though due to the simple fact that the stick is advertised as candyfloss flavoured, which in fact just tastes like a sugar stick.

      There is no nutritional information on this fact to relay to your goodselves, needless to say it is made entirely of sugar, so this is not going to be a healthy treat!

      Price wise and availability wise these are available for around the 20 -30p mark and available, surprisingly from a far few places, Asda or Tesco being the two main places I would get these from.

      For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk or www.swizzels-matlow.com

      Thanks for reading x


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