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Tesco Fruit Pastilles

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Fruit

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    2 Reviews
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      31.03.2009 23:07
      Very helpful



      Good for the price, but not the best.

      I'm such a Dooyoo addict these days... I just opened up a packet of Tesco Fruit Pastilles, and do you know the first thing I did? I took out one of every colour so that I could independently taste-test them (the things I do for you...) and write a review.


      These fruit pastilles are of course Tesco's own brand version of the famous Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles. They're a lot cheaper (retailing at 65p for a 250g bag, as opposed to £1.24 for a 205g bag - yes, you read it right folks, a SMALLER bag - of Rowntree's).


      The packaging (as you can see above) is in the same tone as Rowntrees', although more subdued in colouring - the logo on the front reminds me of Rainbow (remember Bungle and Zippy????)

      Anyway, to the good bit - the tasting....


      Let's start with the nasty green ones (usually I throw these out of the window, or give them to my other half - I used to save them up and send them to a friend who likes green sweets, but then they took her away to an asylum....). Lime, according to the flavourings list on the back. The flavourings are all from concentrated fruit juice, which is nice, but fairly standard these days. The sugar on them is not as coarse as the sugar on Rowntree's ones (although this does mean you don't sandpaper your tongue...)mmmmbleurgh, it's a bit bitter and not that sweet at the end. I'm not impressed with the limes.

      Lemon (yellow) next. Here's a lemon slice... oh wait. The shapes are pretty much random. Bizarre - they go to the trouble of making them fruit shaped, then don't match up the shapes to the flavours. Hmmm. Wait a minute... this is Pear flavour! Much nicer than lemon! Tangy, with that nail-varnish remover taste of pear-drops. Mmmmm good.

      Lemon this time: pretty good, less sharp than I would expect lemons to be, but pleasantly sweet. A bit bland.

      Now orange (in the shape of a raspberry... Sigh.). Mmm, zesty, mmm, oh, wait, no the flavour's gone. Bit of a let down there - nearly tasted like orange, but then went sugary and gooey at the end.

      Ahhhh. Raspberry. My favourite. Even shaped like a raspberry (for the connoisseur). Mmmmmm-hmmmmm. Subtle, delicious and surprisingly real taste, this one.

      Blackcurrant: Deeper flavour, tastes like distilled Ribena...Heaven.

      Right. I've put the packet away now (before I slip into a hypoglycaemic coma).


      Overall, these are a reasonable substitute for good ol' Rowntrees. The good colours (red, black, er...pear) are lovely, just as good as their counterparts. The orange (I like to think of this as the Cat Deeley of the fruit pastille world - you can't hate it, but would you give up everything for it?) is disappointing and saccharine tasting.
      The 'bad' colours - green, lemon/yellow - are fine, but not as good as their counterparts. This doesn't worry me, as I don't eat those weirdy colours anyway, yuk.

      The texture is stickier than Rowntrees' - there's less substance, and less 'chew', although as one who has less than perfect gnashers (surely not, I hear you cry! And you reviewing sweeties and all....), this might be a good thing. There's less of the outer hardness of Rowntrees, and this does mean they become sickly tasting quite fast. Diet fruit pastilles, perhaps?

      Nutritional Info

      They're not too awful on additives, preservatives and e-numbers, advertising 'no artificial colours or flavours'. They are of course pure sugar, and five sweets is 17% (nearly a fifth) of your daily sugar intake!!!! They would also not be suitable for vegetarians, as they contain beef gelatine.

      I'm not sure these pose a real threat to Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles, as they are not an exact equivalent. They are, however, a nice sweet treat, and well-priced. Just be careful with the shapes and colours - it can be very confusing, and no-body wants to accidentally eat a lime sweet when they wanted a raspberry one, now do they?


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        28.03.2009 22:51
        Very helpful



        Tasty Treat.

        On a shopping trip to Tesco, I wondered down the sweet aisle as I had a craving for jelly tots for about 3 days. I couldn't see any Jelly tots and thought fruit pastilles would fill my fancy as they are near enough the same.
        My eye caught the purple, bright packet of Tesco's own version, I picked the packet up and it looked perfect.
        Light & dark purple with a picture of the sweets on the front, the picture looked just like the Rowntrees fruit pastilles and the bag around the same size of 250g.

        Opening the packet was easy you just pull it open like most packet sweets. And the smell was nice and fruity.
        I popped my hand into the packet and pulled out a sweet, unlike Rowntree's the Tesco's own brand are in different shapes made to look like fruits. Each flavour sweet representing that fruit. E.g Green = Lime.
        In the packet are Orange, Blackcurrent, Raspberry, Pear, Lemon & Lime tasting pastilles.
        I am a big fan of the Blackcurrent and of course this was the one I ate first, and it tasted pleasent, just like Rowntrees.
        I useually leave the Yellow/ Green coloured sweets as I don't like Lemon & Lime, but as it was a different make I thought I might as well give it a taste My first reaction on the Yellow one was 'Wow, this tastes alot like pear drops.' A bit odd for a Lemon flavoured sweet right? It took me the last yellow sweet to realise it was actually a Pear flavoured sweet and not Lemon!! And this made a really nice change to have Pear sweet instead of Lemon.
        I then tried the Green colour (yes this one is Lemon & Lime) as I bit into the soft sweet the taste hit me and unfortunatly I'm still not a fan of Lemon & Lime.
        All the other colours tasted pleasent and had a good fruity taste to them. Each pastille being a soft centered sweet or you could just stuck it for a while, with a sugar coating dusted on top.
        I enjoyed the pastilles and it didn't take me long to finish the packet off after a hard day at work, I was kind enough to share the green ones though!

        Overall the Tesco own Fruit Pastilles are good, I must say Rowntress will always be my number 1 choice as I like the hardness of them.
        At just 63p for 250g compared with Rowntrees £1.26 for 205g, it's a bargin and you can't go wrong. It just depends on what you like best.

        A downside to the product like most sweets is the sugar content.
        5 Sweets contain 85 calories & 15g of Sugar. On the packet it doesn't actually say how much the whole bag contains it only shows you 100g or 5 sweets worth, but 100g contains...

        330 Calories
        59.8g Of Sugar
        Protein 3.6g
        Carbs 78.2g
        Trace of Fat, Fibre, Sodium & Salt.

        On the ingrediants Sugar is listed first which means thats what it contains most of. I also noticed this product is NOT suitable for Vegetarians as it contains Beef Gelatine.

        A good product shame about the sugar content!
        I give this 4*'s because of the pear pastille instead of Lemon, otherwise it would have been just 3*'s. It looses a star because of the Sugar content.


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