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Tesco Mint Assortment

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Mints

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    2 Reviews
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      06.11.2009 11:27
      Very helpful



      Well worth buying if you enjoy the odd mint from time to time!

      With a long trip on the cards in the next couple of weeks to see my son at University, can't wait I haven't seen him since he went at the start of September. I may have spoke to him nearly everyday but I can't wait to give him a cuddle, anyway back to the review. We don't like to travel without a few different sweets to suck to take the boredom of the journey away.

      Well we usually stock up with Murray Mints, Fox's Glaciers ect.. so last time when we had a long trip ( that was to take him up there) we grabbed a bag of Tesco's own, not to save on pennies, but because these come as an assortment of different mints.

      These come in a light green and white stripy bag and weigh 250g so you get quite a few in there. On opening you will see that it contains Everton Mints, Clear Mints, Mint Humbugs, Butter Mintoes and Mint Toffees. So instead of me having to buy several different bags you get all these in the one bag.

      Now all the mints apart from the Toffee ones are in a clear plastic wrapper, with the toffee ones covered in a shiny green foil wrapper. Now as with most things everyone has different tastes so with;

      ~~~Hubby liking Humbugs ( don't surprise me with Xmas coming up!)~~
      ~~~Son 1 liking Evertons~~~
      ~~~Son 2 liking Toffee~~~
      ~~~Me liking Butter Mintoes~~~

      It works out quite well, except that being that no one seems to be keen on the clear mints these are what you get the most of!

      I'm the loser in this bag as I've just counted out what this particular bag holds and it works out that:

      ~~~Clear Mints 10~~~
      ~~~Evertons 9~~~
      ~~~Humbugs 5~~~
      ~~~Toffee 5~~~
      ~~~Butter Mintoes 4~~~

      Now it tells you on the back of the packet how many calories ect.. there are in 3 sweets, but surely it depends on which 3 sweets you choose. Toffee Mints should have more than say Clear Mints I would have thought? Anyway here are the stats per 3 sweets;

      ~~~Calories 100~~~
      ~~~Sugar 13.5g~~~
      ~~~Fat 1.8g~~~
      ~~~Saturates 1g~~~
      ~~~Salt 0.1g~~~

      Quite high being thats only 3 sweets, so I shall have to be watching what I pop into my mouth next time as with being bored I could quite easily suck quite a few without realising how many calories I have just consumed!

      These cost just 68p a 250g bag or 3 for £2.00

      So these deserve a 5 star rating as the taste of each sweet is up to top standard level, with each of the mints be it Everton, Humbug, Butter Mintoes, Toffee or Clear mints, individually taste of a very good standard and taste to me better than the more well known brands.I will be buying these again that's for sure!!


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        22.07.2009 13:07
        Very helpful



        Top mints and a bottom price

        Now I must admit that I am quite partial to a mint or two. If I'm honest I'm a little more than partial and my consumption doesn't normal stop at a mint or two but that's another story. Anyway my love for mints has lead me to try numerous different brands and I must say that Tesco's mint assortment are one of the best I have tried in quite some time. This was one bag of sweets that certainly didn't make it into the communal family bowl and stayed firmly on my desk in my bedroom.

        The mint assortment toffee in question comes in a very bright and refreshing looking blue bag. About a third of the way down the bag is a deep blue stripe and printed upon it is the name of all the different mints within the bag and the words 'Mint Assortment'. Below this deep blue stripe is a picture of the different mint types and they really do look lovely. The front of the bag also contains Tesco's logo as well as the new traffic light style nutrition band and the bags weight (250g).

        For those with allergies I thought it was probably important to note that all the mints within the bag contain milk and Soya and that although the recipe and factory contain no nuts the ingredients cannot be guaranteed as nut free. The sweets are however suitable for vegetarians and for those of you who like to know all the nutritional information I have reproduced this below.

        (Values Per 100g)
        Energy - 349 calories
        Protein - 0.3g
        Carbohydrates - 80.9g
        Of which sugars - 58.7g
        Fat - 2.7g
        Of which saturates - 1.3g
        Fibre - 0.0g
        Sodium - 0.1g

        Now we've dealt with the admin side of this product its on to the most important factor - taste. Now as I have already said this product contains an assortment of mints, 5 different types to be exact. Because of this I am going to discuss each mint separately.

        Everton Mint
        This mint is striped black and white and rectangular in shape. I must say this was probably my favourite one in the bag as the mint taste was exceptionally prominent and rather strong, which is exactly how I like my mints. What I also liked about this mint was that it didn't shatter in my mouth and simply got smaller the more I sucked it rather than becoming exceptionally brittle and breaking into a million tiny mint shards.

        Clear Mint
        These mints are the typical glacier type mints that are normally found in bags of mints. They are ovular in shape and just thick enough that the mint is of a decent size but doesn't make your jaw ache. The mint taste in this one is less powerful than in the previous one but still very refreshing.

        Liquorice & Mint
        These mints were lovely and made a real change from the others in the bag. They're more round than ovular but not completely spherical. They are like the clear mints of a very decent thickness and taste delicious. The mint taste is powerful enough to compete with the liquorice taste, which is again strong, but neither of them are overpowering.

        White Mint
        These mints seem more rectangular than ovular but I suppose shape doesn't really matter, as it's the taste that's important. The white mints taste rather like the clear mints but are maybe a little more subdued in flavour. They are also more subdued in colour as they have a rather clouded look.

        Mint Humbug
        Everyone loves mint humbugs don't they? Well I do at least and these are a brilliant example of them. The mint humbugs in this assortment are ovular in shape and striped deep brown and light brown, which make them easily distinguishable. They are also the only sweets in the bag that are chewy to some extent. I must say however that this chewy texture isn't particular grand if you don't put them in the fridge first, as they do become too sticky unless they've spent a spell in the cooler.

        ~~~Final Opinion~~~
        This mint assortment is definitely one that I will purchase again because it did actually have an assortment of mints in it, which is actually quite rare when it comes to so called assortments. The inclusion of humbugs and liquorice & mint sweets made this bag a little bit more special than a simple bag of glacier mints. It must also be said that all of the mints stayed solid throughout and didn't shatter easily which is always a bonus in my opinion. The most important thing however is that they all tasted delicious and their 68p price tag made them even more enticing.


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