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Tesco Raspberry Fruit Bites

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Berry

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2009 09:50
      Very helpful



      Only eat these if you've already bought them.


      A few weeks ago I found some packets of Fruit Bites lurking in the kitchen, at the bottom of the 'snacks' bowl.

      I bought Fruit Bites from Tesco (a Tesco branded product) as a standby snack to have in, to take to work for days when we're running low on fruit and need to go shopping for more!

      They cost 36p per packet which is ok I suppose.

      Tesco Fruit Bites come in three different flavours - Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackcurrant - I have already reviewed the strawberry flavour, so apologies if it all sounds quite similar!

      ---Today I will be eating the Raspberry Fruit Bites---

      Or Raspberry 'flavoured' fruit bites!

      ---The Packaging---

      The bites are in a little pinky/purple packet, with a rather unappetizing looking picture of three raspberries and some little brownie reddy coloured lumps.

      The packet states that they are ideal for lunchboxes - that's probably if you don't like your children much though.

      It also clearly states what the pack contains on the front in terms of calories etc.

      ---What they contain!---

      Calories - 65 - 3% RDA (not too bad then)
      Sugar - 8.3g - 9% RDA (not wonderful, but less than the strawberry flavour)
      Fat - 0.5g - 1% RDA (good) Saturates 0.3g (2%)
      Salt - trace

      The back of the packet has more detail nutritional info, and the ingredients - Apple juice concentrate (51%), Apple Puree Concentrate (35%), Raspberry puree (5%), and various other things such as cherry juice and rice flour. So as one can tell there's not really a great deal of raspberry in them (that is reflected by the taste)!

      For those with allergies, it contains no nuts, but can't guarantee nut free, although the factory has no nuts in it. They are suitable for vegetarians (lucky you!).

      Each bag is 20g, and as anything should be stored in a cool dry place. They have a shelf life of quite a few months....

      ---Does it count as 1 of your 5 a day?---

      It doesn't say on the packet that it counts towards your five a day of fruit and veg, so unfortunately it probably doesn't.

      ---So, onto eating them---

      It's 11:15am and I fancy a pre lunch snack.

      The fruit flakes are in one massive clump, all stuck together. They don't look anything like the picture on the front, but that's not necessarily a bad thing as that looked like poo.

      As far as I remember they don't really taste any different from the strawberry ones. They are quite bitter. They are coated with something kind of floury.

      Oops, I just dropped one down my top....

      These aren't actually very pleasant, but not desperately unpleasant either. They are a bit chewy and tend to get stuck in the teeth. They leave a funny after taste in the mouth so you'll want some water nearby.


      According to the packet these can be used for homebaking. I have no idea why I would want to cook with these.

      ---The Verdict---

      Perhaps I was in a different mood taste wise when I ate the strawberry ones as I found them far more palatable.

      I wouldn't say I really like these raspberry ones at all. They certainly bear no resemblance to raspberries in taste. I wouldn't recommend these - they are edible, but only just.


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