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Tesco's Cool Cats

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Candy

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2008 17:12
      Very helpful



      A brilliant treat

      This is my second of three reviews on Tesco's sweets. This isn't however me moving away from Asda's children's sweets and taking a preference to Tesco but has simply occurred because whilst out in town I fancied something sweet and being miles away from an Asda had to resort to Tesco's for a quick sugar fix.

      The bag in question is called Cool Cats and is quite eye-catching. The bag itself is a pinky, purpley colour and has a picture of an alien looking cat creature on the front., which is also pink but does have a yellow belly. The words 'Cool' Cats' is also printed boldly on the front in white as well as the fact that the sweets contain no artificial colours and no artificial preservatives.

      The bag contains 100g of sweets, which in my case meant 16 sweets. The bag costs 38p but can be bought on offer with any two other bags for £1. The back of the pakc contains all the nutritional information, which is as follows...
      Calories - 342
      Protein - 5.1g
      Carbohydrate - 80.0g
      Of which sugars - 60.0g
      Fat - 0.2g

      The nutritional information therefore tells me that the sweets aren't particularly great for me but then again aren't too bad and to be perfectly honest who looks for healthy in a sweet. But what would they taste like?

      Well pretty damn good to be brutally honest. On opening the pack you are greeted with a fruity smell that I cannot place my finger on. It was however very appetising and it wasn't long before I delved in. The sweets themselves are made out of a soft white foam substance that is relatively chewy but not break your teeth chewy. This part of the sweet has the face of a cat on it and the ears of the cat are made out of a harder pink jelly substance.

      Like with the smell I couldn't quite place my finger on what fruit the foam part of the sweets tasted of but I can tell you that it was relatively different and definitely refreshing. Furthermore it wasn't overpowering and didn't leave a strange after-taste in my mouth. The ears of the cat tasted like strawberry and where delicious. The taste was far stronger than that of the main part of the sweet and so perfectly complimented it.

      These sweets are definitely something I would purchase again should I ever be out of reach of an Asda. They taste brilliant and come in a pack small enough to conceal in my pocket or handbag. Children are bound to love these sweets because of the fruity flavours and mix of textures but also because of their 'cool' pack and unique shape. Anyone buying them for them is also going to love them, as the sweets are cheap and easily purchasable, well if you live near a Tesco's. All in all a fabulous little treat for you or for someone else.


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