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Tesco Sweet Shop Cough Candy

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4 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Candy

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    4 Reviews
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      14.03.2012 18:04
      Very helpful



      Inexpensive cough sweets - unusual taste but no worse that lots of others.

      ---Why I Buy These---

      As we live out in the wilds I thought I had better have a supply of cough sweets - just in case. I bought these online as they were cheap - as I have ooften stocked up on the expensive cough sweets before now only for them not to be used, get all sticky, and then get thrown away.

      ---The Brand---

      These are Tesco's own make so come in cheaper than the branded versions.

      ---The Product---

      Called 'Tesco Cough Candy' - the sweets come in a plastic and see through pouch.
      200 grams - I had about 23 sweets for that.
      Pattern on the pink part of the bag is reminiscent of rows of old fashioned sweet jars - the bag design is slightly different to the image above.
      The clear front window which is made to look like you are looking into a large jar of sweets reveals the sweets inside.
      No artificial flavourings or colourings.
      3 sweets contain 100 calories and 14.6 grams of sugar.
      'Herbal flavour hard bolied sweets.'
      Cannot guarantee nut free.
      Suitable for vegetarians.
      Produced in UK.
      Ingredients - glucose syrup, sugar, citric acid, flavouring and colours,


      Is shown on the Tesco website but as 'unavailable' - I do not think I paid very much for them - around 89p I think for the 200 gram bag.

      ---My Opinion---

      Well I was hoping I would not need to try these sweets - but Inevitably we are now all full oFfcolds with sore throats and tickly coughs.
      I must admit the first sweet I tred I was not very keen.
      They are transparent red hard boiled sweets with indentations and come individually wrapped in clear cellophane.
      However now I have more of a bad throat I am finding them quite acceptable - the only down side now is that they are unavailable from Tesco online!
      The taste is a weird sort of herby aniseed type flavour - but as the only thing listed on the ingredients is 'flavour' I have no idea of knowing what it is.
      The sweets are very hard boiled and you can such them for ages - which is quite soothing for my throat and also helps a little with the cough.
      They do not make medical claims and they have nothing as far as I know that would actually help with a cough - but sometimes the mere fact you care sucking a sweet seems to help.
      I would be happy to buy more of these - thoguh if I get a very bad cough I may have to try Tunes or Halls for a bit more powerful effect.

      ---Star Rating---

      4 Stars. 1 star removed for weird taste and no idea of flavours used.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes - a good cheap bag of cough sweets - worth a try at that price.




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      27.01.2010 15:38
      Very helpful



      Dead Nice Sweets That Are A Nice Change From Other Ones I Eat Regularly

      I've got a bit addicted to these Cough Candy sweets from Tesco, it's a bit mad actually because I don't think they taste that brilliant but they're a refreshing sweet and loads different from other sorts.

      They are hard sweets and it was when I had a cold just before Xmas that I started buying these because they did help me stop coughing a bit and also soothed the sore throat I'd got from coughing.

      The flavour is quite hard to describe, they've got a strong aniseed taste to them and there is also quite a hot flavour as you suck the sweet. You're better off to suck these because as the sweet slowly dissolves that's when you get the relief from your cough and sore throat.

      They're not as sweet tasting as other sweets from Tesco, there's still shedloads of sugar in them though so don't think that just because they don't taste sweet they're better for you than other sweets.

      They've got quite a strong taste and that might put some people off, I didn't think I'd like the herbal flavour at first but it's deffo growing on me and now I can't stop munching them! lol

      When I first ate these sweets I did have a sore throat and a cough and they helped a bit, I don't think they did that much for me though because at the end of the day they're just sweets and won't do you as much good as eating proper medication sweets like Tunes or those antiseptic throat sweets you can buy.

      I pay 67p for a 227g bag and because these sweets are majorly hard a bag will last you for ages. I don't recommend you try crunching these sweets because they're one of the hardest boiled sweets I've ever tried and I reckon my teeth would snap in half! lol

      Recommended.... but they're REALLY a sweet for when you've got a cough because they don't do that much for you!


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      13.01.2010 11:43
      Very helpful



      See Review

      Tesco Sweet Shop Cough Candy:

      These are probably my favourite boiled sweets. They are very very tasty and they also help when you have a cough. There was one stage of y life when I used to buy these all the time. But, then I figured that my mouth would probably go very red and my teeth drop out! I am quite a big fan of Tesco sweets actually and I do think they provide competition for other brands!

      These come in a red plastic bag like the one above with a little gap in so you can see the sweets. They are all individually wrapped in clear plastic wrappers so they don't all get stuck together which would be a complete nightmare. These come in quite a big bag and I once counted 37 sweets in a bag- so they do give you a lot for your money! All the nutritional information is available on the back of the pack but there is a little bit on the front of the pack too.

      So, you are probably wondering what these actually are, how these look and how these taste. Well, they are hard boiled sweets which are red in colour. They are quite big and they have quite a strong aniseed smell to them. They have quite a hard texture but if you suck them they last ages. They have an aniseed taste too but it is not too strong. I think these are great because they do definitely make you breathe better if you have a cold or cough. Although, these sweets are not a cure for coughs and colds they do help!

      Per three sweets:

      99 calories
      0g fat
      15.6g sugar
      0g saturates
      trace salt.

      These are quite sugary so my warning would be, watch your teeth!

      Holly x


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      14.12.2009 03:21
      Very helpful



      Great for the price!

      The other week I had flu and what bothered me the most was a sore throat and a cough that every time I did cough I either wet myself or hurt my throat bad lol! I was in a terrible state so as I got struck with it I dashed to Tesco to try get a few bits and pieces while I was still up and on my feet and I grabbed a bag of these!

      The Packaging:

      Light beige and white striped packet and on the front there is a photograph of some of the sweets and I'm told they are Tesco Cough Candy and that they have no artificial flavours or colours in them, there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there and the weight of the product is given which is 227g. On the back of the packet other information includes ingredients and allergy advice, I'm told they are suitable for Vegetarians, there is a full nutritional chart on there and contact details for Tesco are listed. It's a nice enough, easy to open packet and inside the packet the candies are individually wrapped in a clear plastic wrapper.

      The Cough Candy Sweets:

      Well I counted 35 of the candies in my bag and they were easy to unwrap to suck! They are a rich orangy, red colour and are a length-ways hard and twisted product. Rather big in size they are hard and translucent and have a sort of very sweet aniseed smell to them.

      Taste wise yep they are sweet and do contain natural sugars. They do have a sort of medicated and aniseed taste to them which not only tastes nice but clears passages due to a menthol type of feel to the product. Hard to chew and best to suck, suck on one of these they gently melt in the mouth over time.

      They taste nice, fresh, open airways so I can breath easier and though they are not a 'cure' for coughs, cold and flu.... being able to breath easier and with the liquid soothing your throat....every little helps!

      Allergy Advice:

      Recipe: No nuts
      Ingredients: \cannot guarantee nut free
      Factory: No nuts

      Nutritional Information Per Three Sweets:
      Calories: 99
      Sugar: 15.6g
      Fat: 0g
      Saturates: 0g
      Salt; Trace

      Only available in Tesco stores and expect to pay about 34p a bag.


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