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Tesco Value Toffees

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5 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Toffee

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    5 Reviews
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      04.01.2012 10:06



      I have contacted Tesco to enquire whether or not they have withdrawn this product. My 94 year old mother[ in residential care] has developed something of a toffee habit and gets through 8-10 packs a week. They were last selling at 20p a price drop from 35p over the last two years. My inability to obtain them during the last few weeks has caused major problems. No other own brand toffee has been acceptable and I am still searching for an alternative. Even the fact that they can be hard to remove from the wrapper has been a plus!


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      08.06.2011 20:13
      Very helpful



      See review.

      I quite like toffees, I eat them in between meals because I find they help me along until my main meal, so when I spotted these toffees on a recent visit to Tesco I thought I would give them a go since they were very cheap and I had not tried them before.

      They come in a transparent plastic bag with the usual colours of the Value range, nothing special about the bag. Inside there are approximately 20 toffees, quite a lot of sweets fort the cheap price. They are a circular shape and are about the size of a 10p piece. Each one is wrapped in a white plastic wrapper. It is easy to take the wrapper from the toffee by twisting the sides to take out the toffee from the wrapper. The toffee does not stick to the plastic at all with these ones, which is good because some toffees I have bought tend to stick and it takes some time to take the wrapper off the toffee itself. The toffee is a light brown colour, the texture is quite hard but not so hard that it cannot be chewed easily. I tend to suck toffees for a couple of minutes and then start to chew them because then they are a little easier to eat. These ones soon soften to then begin to chew them.

      They taste really nice and have a really good flavour of toffee, they do not taste bland in my opinion and are worth the cheap price of just 32p for a 200g bag. The sweets can be seen through the transparent bag, which is good because I sometimes like to see the product I am buying so I can see if I think I would like it or not.

      They are not a chew breaking sweet at all, they do not stick to the teeth as much as some other brands, they do not feel as if I am chewing a brick because the texture becomes so soft while eating them and the more they are chewed the more softer they become. They feel mouth watering while eating them and release the flavour just perfectly and the softness in my mouth makes me feel like I am eating a really good quality sweet for the price. Once chewed they are very easy to swallow and then leave a nice tasty in the mouth.

      These do not taste too sweet, although they are sweet that sweetness is not sickly, they are just the right amount of sugar for a toffee in my opinion. They are ideal for snacking and the amount in the bag is a good amount for just 32p.

      For 3 sweets they contain, 110 calories, 13.6g of sugar, 4.2g of fat, 2.3g saturates and 0.2g of salt.

      It tells me on the back of the bag that they are also suitable for vegetarians and that they contain milk and soya. Also the recipe contains no nuts but the ingredients cannot guarantee nut free. So if you have an allergy to nuts it is worth baring this in mind when buying them.

      I ate these at my computer and they filled me until my main meal but they are a little addictive in my opinion because once I tried one I could not stop eating them and so I went and bought another bag to replace it the next day.

      I think these sweets are an amazingly good value for money toffee, they are of a very good quality too. I think they are just an amazing price for a cheap brand. I do highly recommend them for anyone looking for a cheaper sweet as I do not think you would be disappointed with these little beauties. They are ones that I would not hesitate in buying again in the future because they give me all the taste that I expect from a cheaper brand of toffee.

      Thank you for reading my review.

      I give these 5 stars.


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        10.12.2009 01:34
        Very helpful
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        Packet offers everything you need in a toffee!

        I received this item as a quick gift from my Nan - hours away from starting univesity I guess I needed the sugar fix!
        The bag contains 200g of individual toffees, approximately 20 sweets. The toffees are wrapped in clear plastic, and are a fair size. Considering they are a Tesco Value product, I can't really fault them! To be honest, I'm not a major fan of toffees, so maybe that's why, but they taste very similar to the stuff you get at the beach! Chewy, soft and sugary, these are also quite addictive, so beware!
        I'm afraid that I can't comment on the pricing, but I would assume that they would be very cheap, probably less than £1, because of the brand and the very nature of the product.
        One bad thing about them - which is definitely to be expected - is the high sugar content! The packet claims that 3 sweets (THREE!!!) provides you with 16.9g of sugar. That is 19% of the guideline daily amount for adults!
        So, buy these if you have a sweet tooth and fancy an easy fix, but not if you are health conscious (or if you have false teeth!)


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          29.09.2009 13:16
          Very helpful



          Look, smell but don't eat!

          As part of my constant search for a replacement for chocolate in my life I am delving into the confectionery department and sampling a range of toffees. Having recently fallen for a range of tesco value products I happily threw these in my basket and toddled off to the train to sample my new purchase on the way home.
          Big mistake!
          More later but, like any good review, you have to suffer the important info first.

          **TOFFEE - WHAT IS IT?**
          Apparently, according to the fount of all knowledge - Wilkipedia -
          "Toffee is a confection made by boiling molasses or sugar (creating inverted sugar) along with butter, and occasionally flour. The mixture is heated until its temperature reaches the hard crack stage of 300 to 310 °F (150 to 160 °C). "

          Thereafter the mix is stiff enough to be pulled into a shape with a glossy surface. It's then poured into a shallow tray and allowed to cool. Different mixes and temperatures of toffee making will result in different textures and hardnesses. And this is where Tesco need to go back to the drawing board.

          Indeed they do. The front of the packet is ingeniously transparent so that you can view the gorgeously creamy looking circular toffees in their transparent twist end wrappers. They have a traditional look about them reminiscent of olde worlde sweetie shops.

          **WHAT'S IN THEM?**
          We are helpfully told that 3 toffees contain the following (please divide by 3 as you'll never get as far as 3!)

          Energy: 101 kcal
          Protein: 0.5g
          Carb sugars: 16.9g
          Fat: 3.3g

          Glucose syrup
          Veg oil
          Condensed skimmed milk

          Okay, you've held out this long - I'll tell you what they are like. When you unwrap you are greeted by a lovely syrupy aroma. Sit back, twizzle the wrapper ends and pop in.. mmmmm.

          Nice syrupy strong taste - let's have a cheewwwwww. Ow. Tooth count required. Is there a dentist in the carriage?

          These things are like concrete! I tried sucking for an age, chewing gently on the edges but they would respond to nothing other than a T-Rex powered jaw. Tesco could do with more milk or more veg oil or less cooking or.... to stick to making flumps.

          Really not worth the risk.

          Not exactly. My teeth aren't too past it and did just about survive the encounter. The wisdom I wish to impart though is to avoid these particular toffees.

          It would be a shame if toffee eating were to die out as a result of my yellings especially as it has been around since at least the early 1800s (not tescos value ones of course... but then again...!). The origins of the word toffee are unknown but the Oxford English Dictionary dates the first publication of the word to 1825.

          A better way would be to grab a tin of condensed milk and make your own. Try the recipe here:

          The presentation and aroma have awakened my need for toffee - but I will stick to versions not containing concrete.

          Thanks for reading.


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            03.08.2009 10:56
            Very helpful



            Lovely taste but not practical to eat

            My family love toffee with a passion. I personally am not particularly fussed about the stuff but my parents and my younger brother absolutely adore it and therefore any night we spend in watching a family film usually results in a bag of the stuff making an appearance. The last film night called upon the services of a bag of Tesco's diary toffee, which had been bought a few days earlier - god knows how it had lasted that long.

            The toffee in question came in a very bright and cheerful looking 227g bag, which was orange in colour and featured a picture of some rather delicious looking toffee on the front that looked completely appetising. Above this picture was the products name and then Tesco's logo and underneath the picture the new traffic light nutrition band. The reverse of the bag then has all the information regarding allergies, ingredients and nutrition that you could need.

            For those with allergies I thought it was probably important to note that these toffees contain milk and that although the recipe and factory contain no nuts the ingredients cannot be guaranteed as nut free. The sweets are also suitable for vegetarians and for those of you who like to know all the nutritional information I have reproduced this below.

            (Values Per 100g)
            Energy - 464 calories
            Protein - 1.8g
            Carbohydrates - 77.0g
            Of which sugars - 62.3g
            Fat - 16.6g
            Of which saturates - 14.4g
            Fibre - 0.3g
            Sodium - 0.3g

            Now I know full well than images - particularly those of food - can be exceptionally deceptive but seeing the picture on the front of this bag I was rather looking forward to them and of course the rest of my family were near enough chomping at the bit. I am pleased to say that when I peeped inside the bag I found it to be relatively full, which is always a good start and when I plucked out a toffee and unwrapped it did look a lot like those on the picture, although I suppose that's not particularly hard.

            After unwrapping one of the toffees a lovely creamy smell wafted past my nose and the fact that my parents and brother were already chewing away on theirs, I popped mine in my mouth. Now I've already said that I'm not particularly fond of toffees myself but I did find that these were rather pleasant to eat. From the moment they hit your mouth they flood it with a lovely rich and creamy taste. The toffee itself has a very smooth texture, which I really liked but unfortunately I did find that they were rather too chewy and rather made my jaw ache after a while.

            The constant need to chew the toffees and at times near enough pull my teeth out prompted me to put mine in the fridge for a while but upon eating them later I realised that this wasn't one of my best ideas as although I didn't pull my teeth out now when chewing them I did near enough break them as they were now rock hard.

            Unfortunately this rather put me off purchasing these toffees again. Yes they had a rather nice taste but they just weren't particularly practical to eat. My mum also had a problem with the actual eating with them as did my dad - younger brother did not but to be honest he'll eat most things that constitute as sweets.

            These sweets therefore will not feature in my shopping purchases again. They tasted lovely if I'm honest but just weren't edible for the most part - they were either too chewy or too hard - and a sweet that can't be eaten properly isn't a good sweet in my opinion.


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