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The Natural Confectionery Co Jelly Un-Bear-Ables

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Brand: The Natural Confectionery Co / Type: Jelly

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    4 Reviews
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      14.06.2009 21:39
      Very helpful



      Stock up when on offer!

      I had previously come across sweets made by 'The Natural Confectionery Co.' before, but had always been put off by the price. However, I came across a pack of 'Jelly UnBearables' in Tesco for 61p instead of their usual £1.22.

      Brief Background:

      According to the Natural Confectionery Co's website; the company
      "came about when a very little man in Australia had a very big idea...in Australia".
      "The little man wondered... 'what if i made a jelly sweets that didn't have all the artificial colours and flavours you usually get in jellies?'
      Surely a sweet can't be delicious without maltodextrin, trisodium citrate or e147? Apparently it can."

      The Natural Confectionery Co. also carry in their product range: Sour Jelly Squirms, (Non-sour) Jelly Dinosaurs, Jelly Snakes, Party Jellies, & Forbidden Fruits.

      The product is made & distributed in the UK by Cadbury Trebor Bassett Ltd.

      The Product:

      The Unbearables come in a white 180g bag (exactly as shown in the dooyoo picture). The other products in the Natural Confectionery Co. range all have very similar, easily recognisable packaging.

      The company obviously don't use artificial colourings, instead going for natural colourings such as Chlorophyll & Anthocyanins (natural plant pigments that can vary in shade).
      This in itself is great, but I do think it is a shame that these contain beef gelatine, thus rendering them unsuitable for veggies.
      Similarly, they also contain wheat and sulphites, PLUS the possibility of milk traces. Not as accessible to all as I first thought then...

      Per 100g, these sweets contain:
      325 calories
      58.3g sugar
      Trace fat & saturated fat.

      But hey... who eats sweets to be healthy?!

      ~ ~ ~ ~

      Although the title 'Unbearables' doesn't sound particularly appetising, there is a clear 'window' on the bag, which allows you to see the sweets inside, which in their 5 different colours, look quite appealing.

      The sweets come in 5 different flavours: Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Banana, Orange, & Lime.
      They are described as 'awesomely sour' on the packet, and from the large-grained, sugary coating, they look like they may well live up to the promise...

      The Proof Is In The Eating:

      Now for the purposes of a fair and accurate review, I MUST OBVIOUSLY be munching on a bag of these as I'm writing this...

      On opening the pack, you are hit with a pleasant fruity smell (nothing too strong), and the individual 'bears' are a good size - much bigger than traditional gummy bear style sweets.

      I love sour sweets, so I was hoping that these would live up to their promises on the pack; and I'm glad to say that I wasn't disappointed!

      The sweets themselves aren't too chewy, but not too soft either. They have a lovely sharp fruity taste (the kind that makes your mouth water), and this is really complimented well by the rough and uneven texture of the sugar coating.
      Each of the 5 flavours is lovely and tangy (I don't even like banana flavoured things, but these were yummy)!

      It would be all too easy to munch the whole bag of these, but I will resist to avoid a sugar overload!


      Although these are very tasty and as sour as promised (but in a pleasant way), I have to criticise the flavourings slightly. This is purely due to the fact that if I hadn't read the flavour listing on the back of the packet, I may not have necessarily been able to identify all of the flavours.
      I think this is possibly partly due to the citric acid that has been used alongside flavourings to sharpen the taste - resulting in a couple of the flavours tasting quite similar.

      I will not give these the full 5 stars, partly for the above reason; but also because when not on offer, I do think that £1.22 is quite expensive for an 180g bag. Especially as they certainly won't last very long, (unless you're very good with your sweets & treats, which I am definitely not)!!

      All in all, I think these are a great treat every once in a while.


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        14.03.2009 22:22
        1 Comment



        national confectionery rules!

        Hey Look Who it is Rapheal bear he's a hard bear. have you seen these adverts? everytime i see these it makes me laugh with so many popular catchfrases such as "bring on the trumpets" "im sorry i don't speak pinapple" "im a hard bear!" Personally i think this is a genius, forget haribo national confectionery all the way! apart from the fact its natural which is always great you know these characters and want to eat them :P i love Rapheal the sugar bear, he's soo cute and tasty. have you seen all the adverts there is so many to choose from sugar bears pinapples snakes and lots more. anyway we all know how lovely jellies are but all the colours and flavours make my stomach churn because thinking of all these ingredients puts you off abit, but if you really like other sweets such as haribo i advise you dont read the back of the packet, national confectionery all the way!


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          08.03.2009 13:30
          Very helpful



          let your taste buds tingle

          Now you must have seen the adverts for these delightful sweets with popular catchphrases like "bring on the trumpets". Every time I have seen these adverts they have brought a smile to my face. The advertisement of course is for sweets by the natural confectionary company (TNCC). The natural what? I hear you ask. The adverts depict these sweets coming to life in a range of settings and chatting about their naturalness.


          The natural confectionary company was established initially in 1947 in Australia when Julius Lighton and his son in law Walter Eger bought over a small confectionary business Jupp and Sons and created Sunrise confectioners (Aust) Pty Ltd. 2 years later Sunrise confectioners aquired another small confectionary business E & H Ihles and were joined by another of Julius's son in law's Rudi Moser. Sunrise confectioners went on to produce a large variety of confectionary and between 1960 and 1980 the company was well established in the Australian market place and also the overseas market, in particular the UK.

          It wasn't until 1991 that the original confectionary company was established. The company, being inspired by trends in the European market place came up with an idea to produce confectionary that container no artifical colours or flavourings of any sort in any of it's products. It began with 3 products in a small range known as Binka's, but due to popular demand and popularity has evolved the range now consisting of 18 products. In April 2003 'The natural confectionary company' was bought out by the Cadbury schweppes group of companies.


          These delicious little sour bears are packed inside a white bag displaying the distinctive natural confectionary company logo along the top with a large brown bear on the front puckering it's cheeks. The name - jelly unbearables also features on the packaging and it is made clear that this product is intensely sour.

          THE PRODUCT

          These are bear shaped jelly sweets that have a sugar like coating that is mouth tinglingly sour. With Banana, blackcurrant, Lime, Orange and raspberry flavours to choose from you really are spoilt for choice. My favourites are the banana ones. The jelly is very soft and not chewy like some jelly confectionarys and the taste is very pleasant.

          A truly delicious product that I would recommend to anyone who has a sweet tooth and a likeness to those sweeties that have a sour kick. My mouth starts watering before I even put these sweets in my mouth, anticipating the intensely sour flavour. You can buy these in your local Asda or Tesco for just over £1.00


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            26.01.2009 15:46
            Very helpful



            I wish these were veggie and I wish they were good for teeth.


            The History Of The Natural Confectionery Company

            You may not have noticed the lovely teddy bear sweets I am going to talk about in this review, but when or if you do see them on the shelves you might like to know a bit about them.

            Their origins are in Australia when in 1997 the first natural sweets were made. The company who made them were first formed as far back as 1941 though, but the idea of making their sweets as natural as possible came in 1997.

            When they were first produced the owner's daughter used to cycle around Melbourne getting people to sample them! Available in the UK since 2007 when they were marketed by Trebor Bassett, they are now made in the UK to the exact Australian recipe.

            They make many different sweets all with the natural theme in mind, and the ones I chose were the Teddy Bears known as Un-Bear-Ables.

            What Are Jelly Un-Bear-Ables?

            I picked off the shelf two packets of these sweets in Somerfield as they are on buy one get one free, and I notice they are on offer in many other places as well. They are jelly sweets in the shape of teddies with no artificial colours or flavourings. Price is £1.22 per bag, but as I say I got them on offer and they are in generous bags of 180g.


            Glucose syrup
            Modified Wheat Starch
            Citric and malic acid
            Apple Juice
            Flavourings and natural Colours

            The Packaging

            Lovely packaging where the sight of a teddy heap peering through a cellophane window, all frosted with sugar, and in different pastel shades, would tempt even the most tooth preserving shopper. A pile of glistening teddies waiting to escape.
            The bag is decorated with a large brown teddy which was designed by an Aboriginal artist. He lives in the bush outside Melbourne and he also designed many of the cartoon characters in the range.

            The Taste- (my opinion)

            I popped one of these into my mouth and wow- not what I expected-they are amazing, sour and fruity, and the sour taste explosion lasts for the whole duration you are eating it! They remind me of those sour cherry drops -really delicious and fruity and refreshing. I adore the fact they are like little teddies- they are actually like little Koala bears and you almost feel sorry for them trapped in the bag. Very delicious. Trouble is it all turned sour when I realised they contained gelatine-more about that in a minute.

            The Disadvantages.

            1. I read the ingredients and to my horror noticed they contain gelatine which means they are not vegetarian. Now being so I will not be buying these again, sadly as like some things I try you often forget that seemingly innocent things contain something which makes them unsuitable for me and my family. Luckily only me and my husband tried them before we realised, as my son a lifelong veggie, would be horrified if he had accidentally eaten one of these. Hubby and I who have been veggie for 30 years have accidentally swallowed a few things in error, but tend to put it down to life, whereas my children would be horrified if they thought they had eaten meat or fish derivatives.

            2. They are of course sweets and so are full of sugar -being the largest ingredient so if you hate the dentist I would avoid them.

            The Advantages

            If you are not veggie and don't mind the teeth risk then they are lovely, and the best thing is they do not contain any artificial ingredients at all.

            Would I Purchase Again?

            No because as I say they are not veggie but I am gutted because they are really delicious. Mind you my dentist will be pleased as I know he would tell me to avoid them! If they were veggie I would buy them from time to time for myself as I think they are probably the best sweet I have tried in a long time. I wouldn't buy them for young children though because I am afraid the tooth decay risk would haunt me. I tried to avoid giving my children sweets when they were growing up, because I didn't want them to have the misery of fillings as I did as a child. They had chocolate which was fine, as my dentist told me the oil in it is better for the teeth, but these would be a disaster. It did work as not one of my 4 has ever had a filling and they don't eat sweets.

            In Conclusion

            I think these are the best sweets of their type on the market, but I would only eat them with caution as they really are molar crumbling. Sad though because I could just cuddle up with a blanket and a film with a bag of these teddies! Why are all the nice things bad for you?


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