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Thorntons Mint Collection

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Brand: Thorntons / Type: Mints

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    5 Reviews
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      06.01.2013 12:59
      Very helpful



      Good mint selection but a bit sweet for me.

      ===My Box had a lift-off lid so is slightly different to the illustration===

      ===Why I Got This===

      I received this box of mint chocolates for Christmas as my sister and nieces always know I am fond of mints and that they are the one flavour chocolate my son does not like so they do not get 'pinched' from under my nose!

      ===The Brand===

      Thornton's have been making chocolates in the UK for over 100 years and are now a very well known brand. They have their own chain of stores and you can also buy their products from their website or from lots of other major shops.

      ===The Product===

      Large single layer box of chocolates.
      The bright green box contains 316 grams of chocolates.
      Along the centre of the lid are images of the chocolates.
      'A luxurious collection of mint chocolates made with natural peppermint oil and covered in rich dark and white chocolate.'
      The box contains 5 different chocolates which are described in coloured images around the sides of the lift-off lid.
      The chocolates are suitable for Vegetarians.
      Made in Derbyshire - Thornton's have been 'providing delicious chocolates for over 100 years'.
      Contains milk, soya and egg.


      Thornton's website shows the full price as £6 but they are currently being sold there for half price.

      ===My Opinion===

      This is a very brightly coloured green box which clearly indicates that the contents will be mints. There is also a colourful image of the chocolates on the top and around the side of the lid each chocolate is described in detail.
      The box is all one layer and the chocolates are well protected in a moulded plastic tray.
      In total the box contains 27 sweets in five varieties. Only one of them is wrapped in silver signed foil.
      The chocolates have a lovely minty aroma and are all quite large is size - so one or two is quite enough as they are quite sweet and rich. When you first open the box the chocolates are protected with a sheet of dark corrugated cardboard.
      The chocolates themselves, although having different names and shapes all have pretty much the same sort of peppermint flavour - so apart from the fudge one which is slightly different it does not really make much difference which one you choose to eat.
      The fillings are all quite thick and solid so are not runny and messy. As with All Thornton's chocolates they are all covered in a thick layer of tasty chocolate which is lovely and crispy to bite into and you can actually nibble the chocolate off the sweets if you wanted to.
      A tasty box of chocolates for the mint lover but with the rich fillings they were quite sickly and you would not want to eat many in one go.
      From a personal point of view I think I prefer plainer mints such as Bendicks or Elizabeth Shaw which do not have such fancy fillings.

      Here are the individual chocolates:

      ===MINT FUDGE===
      Fudge made with peppermint oil and covered in dark chocolate.
      I had six of these in the box and they were the ones I liked the least. They had a good thick covering of chocolate but I was not too keen on the fudgy texture.
      These were wrapped in silver foil and there were four in the box. The chocolates had a fondant centre made with peppermint oil and were covered in dark chocolate. The centre was quite firm so was not messy to eat and the chocolate covering was thick and crispy..
      Again the truffle was made with peppermint oil and contained mint pieces and were covered in thick dark chocolate. I had five of these oblong chocolates in my box. These chocolates were very flavoursome and they were not too crunchy - just having little pieces interspersed in the truffle.
      These large domes were covered in dark chocolate and decorated with white chocolate. Only four in the selection and they did not taste much different to the other chocolates. They looked a bit like snowballs.
      These were knobbly looking round chocolates and I had eight of them. They had a softish creamy centre with double cream and peppermint oil and again covered in dark chocolate.

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars. These are good quality mints which I give five stars as I have not marked them down purely because they are a bit too sweet and fancy for my tastes.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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        19.01.2011 12:05
        Very helpful



        A box of mint chocolates by Thorntons

        Christmas is usually one of those times of year where you either buy too much chocolate or are given too much or even maybe both! I was given lots of chocolate this year as I had been pretty good about not buying any for myself and so this is how I came to end up with the Thornton's Mint Collection which I have to say I was very pleased about! I have managed to make them last this long which considering there is not a lot in the box is a huge achievement for me as mint chocolate and I go very well together and I think it was only through sheer determination to make them last longer that means I still had some left until the grand date of the 18th of January.

        The packaging:
        The box these came in is a very minty looking dark green with lime swirls and also a few stars and Christmas trees dotted on the front. A flat box that is rectangular it is a fairly wide one with the top left corner having the 'Thornton's' swirly logo printed on it and in the middle the lime green box has a darker green print telling us this is a 'mint collection and it is 'a delicious collection of your favourite mints'.
        Of course this box is geared towards the Christmas market however Thornton's do the exact same chocolates all year round but, instead they are packaged then slightly differently along with a few extra ones in a brown box with a dark green strip across the middle. For the sake of the review the box I am reviewing is the Christmas one.

        The chocolates:
        Ah, so onto the important stuff. The collection has a total of 5 different varieties of mints and altogether there are 35 in the box. Some are wrapped in an extra layer and some are ready to eat straight from the box. I will give an overview of each in turn since there are not that many.

        Mint fudge - This one is diamond shaped and has minty fudge centre that contains peppermint oil. Wrapped in a layer of dark chocolate it then has a milky zig zag of chocolate covering it. When you bite into this one the fudge really is very creamy and soft and the combination of dark chocolate and mint goes so well together! There are six of these in the box.

        Peppermint crème - ah the classic mint chocolate! A dark mint chocolate disc, it contains a cool mint fondant that again contains peppermint oil. Wrapped in a silver foil, it has the Thornton's logo in green spread across it. The fondant is not runny but, slightly soft and the taste is similar to that of an After Eight chocolate. Yummy! There are just three of these in the box.

        Crunchy mint truffle - Again coated in dark chocolate this is one of my favourites! It is rectangular in shape and quite wide with a white chocolate line decoration the outer shell. When biting into this one the truffle feels truly delicious, soft and melt in the mouth. The tiny mint crunchy pieces make this one simply mouth- watering. There are just four of these in the box.
        Mint Baton - the baton is eye catching in the box with a long thin stick of milk chocolate again covered in a white chocolate decoration. This one has a creamy, honeycomb centre and is truly delicious. Similar to the mint truffle but, somehow even creamier! There are eight of these in the box

        Mint Crisp - another classic mint. A thin disc of dark chocolate that has honeycomb pieces inside and containing peppermint oil. Straight from the fridge, this is perfect to bite into and crack! Crunchy and oh so minty it is perfect! There are 14 of these in the box.
        I found all of these chocolates very tasty and also every one of them has a good strong whiff of mint about them even before you bite into them. In fact when I received my present off my friend, I could smell it through the box and wrapping paper and it made me very happy knowing there was some form of mint chocolates inside.

        Nutritional info:
        Each chocolate apparently contains 47 calories. There is a warning on the box that it may contain nuts and it also states that the chocolates are suitable for vegetarians and are a of a gluten free recipe. Full ingredients can be found on the box should you need this information when purchasing.

        The box usually retails for £10 from Thornton's but, usually, after Christmas is over, they reduce these down to below half price so if you can hold out every year you can get yourself a box during the January sales. The expiry date is not until March on my box so you still have plenty of time to enjoy them!

        Overall opinion:
        I truly love these chocolates - I mean it is easy for people to buy these as a cheap gift for me and know I will enjoy them as I literally adore mint chocolate! The best bit is nobody else in my house eats mint chocolate so they are all mine without the worry of somebody nabbing one. I think these make a perfect gift as the box looks nice and has a reasonable amount of chocolates in and they would also be something you could buy yourself a treat if you felt like indulging. The only negative I can really find with them is the lack of some varieties compared to others in the box - such as the fact that there are 14 mint crisps but, only three mint fondants! Seems a little unfair and would make more sense to have the same amount of each but, I suppose it is all down to the cost of making each type and also the size of the packaging to get them all in. I would recommend these and I can only hope next year I receive some more!


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          03.01.2011 13:36
          Very helpful



          You would have to be a serious mint lover with a very sweet tooth to appreciate these!

          My boyfriend and I received a box of these for Christmas, much to my secret delight as I love mint chocolate but my boyfriend doesn't like it, so I knew the box would be destined for me only! Naughty yes, but if you can't indulge at Christmas, when can you?!

          As they were a gift I don't know how much was paid for them before Christmas but they are currently on offer on Thornton's website for £5. The box has pictures of Christmas trees on the front so I'd guess they aren't available all year round but they do a similar collection in alternative packaging, which seems to only contains four varieties.

          I had never seen these before and wouldn't really associate Thorntons with mint chocolates. The box is a bright distinctive green colour which again seemes a bit out of keeping with usual Thorntons packaging and looks a bit cheaper to me than their other boxes. However the smell of mint was very strongly noticeable even before opening the box.

          Inside there are five different varieties, namely Crunchy mint truffle which contains crunchy mint pieces, Mint crisp which is a dark chocolate medallion with honeycomb pieces, Peppermint creme which is a chocalate medallion with a fondant centre, a Mint Baton which has a soft minty centre again containing honeycomb pieces and finally, a chocolate coated mint fudge.The chocolates are flavoured with natural mint oil and this is evident from the smell which, although very strong, does not smell artificial.

          Although I was impressed with the scent I actually found most of the chocolates quite sickly. As I said before, I love mint chocolates but found the strength of these overpowering. The mint crisps were nice as they were not too sweet, and likewise the mint batons had a slightly more subtle flavour, but the other three flavours were very sweet and sickly. Considering four out of the five chocolates had soft centres as well, I found the collection would have benefited from a bit more variety.

          If you are concerned about overindulging then I would recommend these as it would be very difficult to consume them in any great quantity, however personally I found the smell so tantalising that I found it very frustrating, as the taste was too sickly to satisfy my mint chocolate craving!


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            02.01.2011 19:46
            Very helpful



            A lovely box of chocs for mint lovers!

            Just before Christmas I received an email from Thorntons promoting some very good half price offers. One such offer was a half price hamper costing £30 instead of a huge £60. It was very handy as I was able to divide up the contents and to share them out as presents but the one box that I decided to keep for ourselves was the Thorntons mint collection as these chocolate did look very tempting. I saved them for New Year and I have to say that they were both delicious and also very moreish. Needless to say that there are not many chocolates left in the box now!

            The five different mints are crunchy mint truffle, mint crisp, peppermint crème, mint baton and mint fudge. They all look very attractive and tempting in the box. The peppermint crème is the only mint that is wrapped and has a fondant centre that is made with natural peppermint oil. This is probably the most bitter and driest of all five mints but is also very tasty and refreshing. Next is the mint baton which is my favourite to look at. It is long and thin and covered with dark chocolate with a lighter chocolate drizzled over that in a zig-zag fashion. It has a smooth peppermint centre but also has pieces of honeycomb. The centre is dark and crunchy and really delicious. The mint fudge has a creamy fudge centre with a dark chocolate coating. This is another favourite of mine although it does not taste quite as minty as some of the others as the taste of the fudge comes through quite strongly. There is also the crunchy mint truffle which is rich and delicious and finally the mint crisp which is more like solid chocolate with peppermint oil and honeycomb pieces.

            I have to say that I love all of these although I don't think that my waistline does! If you dare read it, the nutritional content is given on the back of the box. Having just eaten such a few I wish that I had not read that each chocolate contains 47 calories. It does not take long to eat half a dozen and that soon adds up to a fair few calories. Oh well! It was Christmas! All the nutritional values are quite high but I'm not going to depress myself by writing them all down now. If you are worried by these you are probably best off not getting a box in the first place!

            The box is green and very festive and it says that it is ' a delicious collection of your favourite mints'. In fact there are five different mints in the collection and they all taste great. I was surprised that there are not equal quantities of each chocolate and if you happen to be a fan of peppermint crème you are likely to be quite disappointed as there are only three of these. However if your favourite is mint crisp you will be very happy as there are fourteen of these. The different quantities do seem quite bizarre to me!

            I bought this box as part of a Thornton's hamper but having just looked on their website I have noticed that the box usually costs £10 but it is currently half price in the sale for only £5 (January 2011) which I think is pretty good value. If you are a mint lover I think that this collection will really go down a storm and I thoroughly recommend it!


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              31.12.2008 15:08
              Very helpful



              Not a bad box, but a little disappointing at times.

              I received a box of these for Christmas, and in the interest of dooyoo, thought I should munch my way through them very seriously so that I can write a review.......!

              So, the box is about 10 inches square - containing 250g of chocs - big enough for you to give as a gift without looking stingy, and containing enough chocolates for the biggest chocoholic, yet few enough so that if the person is watching their weight they won't have to grapple with their conscience!

              It contains one layer of chocolates with 5 different varieties - although the picture above shows six varieties.

              I have a real "thing" about chocolate, with dark chocolate being my favourite, so I was looking forward to eating all of these:

              **Mint Crisp** - a combination of honeycomb pieces natural peppermint oil and dark chocolate - a bit like the Elizabeth Shaw after dinner mints. I really liked these chocolates and there were plenty of them in the box - nice and indulgent and not sickly as the honeycomb is really very small.

              **Mint Baton** - a soft smooth centre with natural peppermint oil and honeycomb pieces - except I didn't find any honeycomb that I could speak of in these - it was quite smooth, more like a truffle. The outer layer of chocolate was quite thick and these felt like a really good quality chocolate. There were four of these in the box, so you might be a bit reluctant to offer these around.....

              **Peppermint Creme** peppermint fondant in darkchocolate - these are individually wrapped so excellent as after dinner mints as there are plenty of them in the box but I thought that the fondant was quite sickly and even though I have a sweet tooth, I would not want to eat too many of these (yes, I know you should eat them sparingly anyway, but it's a box of chocolates and I just can't seem to put these things down!).

              **Mint fudge** creamy fudge with natural peppermint oil coated in dark chocolate - this for me does not work at all. Fudge should taste of fudge, not of peppermint. They also tasted really sacharrine-like although the ingredients list does not show sacharine to have been used. I really did not appreciate these particular chocolates at all, and was happy to share these with others.......There were only a few of these in the box, thankfully, and I will not be looking to buy them on their own.

              **Crunchy Mint Truffle** a smooth truffle made with natural peppermint oil and crunchy mint pieces, coated in rich dark chocolate........these were really very good - the truffle was nice and smooth without being overpowered by the mint flavour. I was not so keen on sharing these.....

              So, there we have it, a box didn't last me long (in the interests of reviewing, of course) and it was a bit of a mixed bag - Thorntons seem to push the "natural" peppermint oil, as you will see from the descriptions above, and I do think it sad when we have to be reminded of the natural elements as if to say "we are being wholesome in some small way"!

              The box lists the ingredients on the back and is not suitable for anyone allergic to milk, eggs or soya. No hydrogenated vegetable oil is used which is good, but sorbitol is used, which can give laxative effects, although you are not warned of this on the box. Personally, I feel that the fewer ingredients the better, and I would prefer to have good quality "real" products rather than substitutes that are not any good for you!

              Calorie and fat wise - well, its all there on the box but to be honest should you be looking at the calories when you have a box of chocolates in front of you saying "eat me".......nope, I didn't think so either! Obviously if you eat lots of them, you will get fat........if you eat them in moderation, you probably won't....

              Would I buy them again - well probably as a present for someone if I was in a hurry on the basis that you can't really go wrong with Thorntons Chocolates, but as far as mint chocolates go, I would probably prefer After Eights and a mint Aero.......


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