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Thorntons Taveners Toffee Bon Bons

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Brand: Thorntons / Type: Toffee

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    1 Review
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      06.08.2009 14:16
      Very helpful



      Lovely if you can exercise self control!

      A few weeks ago I went on a trip to Boyes and bought the usual humdrum items, stood at the till and noticed a display of sweets. I'm blaming the fact there was a queue for my lapse and soon found myself hovering around said display trying to decide which sweets to buy.

      The ones that caught my eye were the bon bons, but which to have? Strawberry, lemon or original? I plumped for original and popped a 190g bag in my basket which cost me a mere 99p.

      These original toffee bon bons are made by Taveners which is something to do with Thorntons although you wouldn't kow it from the packet. It doesn't say Thorntons anywhere but when I searched online for them every site had them as Thorntons Taveners. To buy these online they are available at www.tangerineuk.net.

      It says on the front these are "proper sweets" which I tend to agree with, these are the kind of sweets that have been around for many years and the kind you used to be able to go into a sweet shop and order a quarter of. Happy days!

      Apparently they have completely natural colours and flavours and no added salt. Each chewy, powdery delight will cost you 27 calories and 0.8g of fat which sounds great until you look at the sugar content, 4.9g carbohydrate per sweet of which 4.8g sugars. So very high in sugar. They contain milk and soya but are gluten free.

      This hefty bag of sweets ought to last me several days right? Well, yes it should have but unfortunately I developed quite a taste for these and they only lasted me two days!

      These bon bons are about 2 cm long and oval in shape. They are white to symbolise their original flavour which is actually vanilla and coconut but I could not taste any coconut in these. The outside is a powdery shell like icing sugar that leaves white powder on everything it touches. Under the powder is a very thin layer of crispiness which I suspect is a concentration of sugar before you get to the chewy toffee centre.

      The toffee is very creamy and sweet and filling-removingly chewy. My fillings crossed my mind a few times while I was merrily chewing my way through the bag but thankfully no harm done!

      The powdery outside is actually my favourite part of these and I'm always pleased to put a fresh sweet in my mouth that has lots of icing sugary tastiness on it but don't get me wrong, the brief combination of the outside and the toffee is lovely too before you just get down to the toffee.

      I gave myself jaw ache eating these but then I did go overboard which isn't like me! They are very sweet and get sickly after a time but also very addictive and tasty so you've been warned! I don't think I dare buy another bag but they were gorgeous while they lasted!


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