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Thorntons Vanilla Fudge

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Brand: Thorntons / Type: Fudge

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    3 Reviews
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      06.06.2010 20:32
      Very helpful



      A very sweet treat

      Thorntons vanillan fudge comes in a 180g packet which is made from a kind of thick cellophane. It's a tear open pack which is not re-sealable, but lets face it, it will probably be eaten so quickly, that storing it is never going to be an issue!

      The packaging is mainly brown, with a picture of the vanilla cubes on the front and the Thorntons logo.
      The back of the packet contains all the nutritional information. It is suitable for vegetarians and is gluten free. There is a warning that it may contain traces of nuts.
      The bad news is the calories and fat content - 500 cals per 100g and 23.5g of fat, so a product best avoided if you're watching your figure.

      The fudge itself has been made into little oblong shapes, about 1.5cm by 2cm. I'd estimate that there are roughly 20 pieces per bag.
      The fudge is a very pale caramel brown colour, identical to the picture on the packet. The packaging states that the fudge has been made with fresh clotted cream and you can smell creaminess as soon as you open the bag. Each oblong has been lightly dusted with icing sugar which meant the pieces aren't sticky and are not all mashed together in the bag.

      The fudge is lovely and soft and incredibly sweet. I personally have a sweet tooth and think it tastes divine, my husband however can't manage more than one piece as he thinks it's too sickly.
      When you bite into it it practically melts in your mouth - a little piece of vanilla cream heaven!

      I picked up several packets of these in Home Bargain for a very reasonable 79p a bag, but even at the more standard price of around £1.40 a pack I think these are worth it if you want to treat yourself, or look posh when serving after dinner coffee to guests!


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        17.04.2010 19:27
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A little but very fattening treat - not for me!


        I like fudge but its not very good for yoy but my auntie bought me a pack for easter. It was the Thorntons Vanilla fudge - 25% extra free. Which is 225g for the price of 180g. I really like the thorntons brand they make like the best chocolates and ice cream ever!

        I found it quite nice it is a bit 'powdery' though which I didn't really like but it has a really quite nice taste of vanilla and creaminess. It is also made with fresh clotted cream - but this means that the expiration date is shorter, so you have to eat them quicker. I think it is a quite product and it would make a nice little addition to a gift but after a while it does get a bit sickly in my opinion but other people may disagree. My friends, me and my mum really like it so it must be quite good.


        Glucose syrup
        clotted cream (12%)
        vegetable oil
        Whole milk
        natural vanilla flavouring
        dried free range egg white
        milk protein
        soya lecithin

        It is suitable for vegetarians and it is a gluten free recipe and it contains no hydrogenated fats - which is a good thing but the fattening ingredients out way the good healthy ingredients. Also there are 500 calories per 100g! which is a lot. And there is also 23.5g of fat per 100g too!


        *Extra 25% free
        *Thorntons is a really good high quality brand
        *Really nice but can be a bit powdery
        *In my case it can be a bit sickly after a while
        *Made with fresh clotted cream
        *Gluten free recipe
        *Available in some card/gift shops and in the thornton stores, for example, Manchester fort and Oldham shopping centre
        *original classic throntons packaging
        *qQuite cheap at about £2.50 a bag

        Thank you for reading my review


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          27.05.2009 00:50
          Very helpful



          Verynice fudge

          I absolutely adore fudge, so when I saw a bag of Thorntons Vanilla fudge with 25% extra free for £1.25 in Morrisons, I couldn't resist picking up a couple of bags.

          It comes in the usual hanging bag that sweets tend to come in, and it's easy to open, so no problems there. On the front of the bag it says that it's made with fresh clotted cream. My bag has a Best Before date of September, so it keeps for a good few months.

          The fudge is in little cubes a little bigger than 1cm. You get quite a lot in the bag, and it does seem to me like good value for money. It's fairly soft textured and feels nice as it melts easily in the mouth. It's smooth and creamy, and doesn't have any little pockets of sugar in it that you often get with cheaper fudges. It also has quite a light feel to it, and is not too heavy on the stomach. It tastes absolutely divine, smooth, creamy and not too sweet. The quality is really reflected in the taste, it's just lovely.

          Each 100g of the fudge gives you 500 calories, 69.5g of sugar, and 23.5g of fat (17.8g of which is saturates), so it's obviously a luxurious treat and not something to be eaten too often.

          I've just noticed on the back of the pack it says that the fudge is dusted with icing sugar to prevent the pieces from sticking together, but I didn't notice any icing sugar, so it must only be a very small amount that is used.

          This is the best fudge I've had in a long time, and I'll definitely be buying it again!


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