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Twizzlers Strawberry Twists

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Brand: Twizzler / Type: Berry

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    2 Reviews
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      11.06.2013 14:03
      Very helpful



      Twizzlers Strawberry Twists

      About the Product
      = = = = = = = = =
      Twizzlers twists are made by Hershey's and are Liquorice candy which comes in a range of different flavours including Strawberry, Chocolate, Cherry, Rainbow and Black Liquorice. Twizzlers come in different varieties including Twists, Filled Twists, Pull 'n' Pull, Bites and Nibs. I am reviewing the Strawberry Twists. The twists are a low fat snack making them great if you have a sugar craving. I saw these in a Stateside Candy Company shop which is in my local town, how-ever I normally ended up purchasing chocolate instead. I had to pop into the shop to get some Twinkies for my boyfriend so I thought I would give these a try as I fancied something sweet and fruity tasting. The Twists comes in plastic packaging which is red at either end but has a clear section where you can see the twists in the wrapper. It clearly states on the front that these are strawberry flavour. From the front of the pack it looks as though there are just 5 twists in the pack, how-ever I was surprised to find another 5 twists under the tops one's so you actually get a total of 10 twists and not 5 which is what it may look like.

      = = = = = = = =
      I purchased these from my local Stateside Candy Company Shop for £1.09 which I thought was reasonable for a pack of 10 twists. I was also hoping that these would take away any sweet cravings I was having as well. I believe you can also purchase these from some supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda.

      Nutritional Information
      = = = = = = = = = = = =
      The following is per 70g which is a total of 10 twists that you get in one pack.

      Energy Kcal - 240kcal
      Protein - 2g
      Carbohydrate - 56g of which sugars - 29g
      Fat - 1g of which saturates - 0g
      Sodium - 0.2g

      The Twists
      = = = = = =
      I tore open one end of the wrapper that the sweets come in and took a small sniff. The twists smell sweet and there was a slight strawberry scent to them, how-ever not as strong as I thought it would be. I was hoping that the twists were going to taste of strawberry as they looked rather plasticky to me. Each twist is just under 15cm in length. I pulled one out of the packet which was reasonably easy to do and took a bite from one. My teeth sank into the twists straight away and I started to chew. Although the twists were chewy they weren't too tough and chewy and soon softened in my mouth the more I chewed it. The texture of the twist is soft but a little plasticky and I was a little disappointed at the lack of strawberry scent that the twizzlers had or should I say lacked. I was expecting a juicy strawberry flavour to fill my mouth as soon as I started to chew the piece of twist that I had bitten off, how-ever there was just a very slight sweet taste in my mouth as I chewed it and I personally thought the taste was a little bland. After finishing chewing the piece that I had in my mouth there was a very slight after taste of strawberry in my mouth. I decided to have another one to double check that there was really a lack of flavour and that it wasn't just me with a lack of taste buds! I took another one out the packet and bit a piece off again just like I had done with the previous one. I could taste a slight taste of strawberry, how-ever it still wasn't really much and I still thought it tasted bland and also very boring. I also decided that I didn't really like the texture of the twist either.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = = =
      I was looking forwards to trying this product as I thought it would taste of the sweets I used to buy as a kid called 'Cables' which tasted delicious and really fruity. Although the twists look boring and rather plain I was looking forwards to trying them and I was hoping that would taste really fruity. I love the taste of Strawberry which is why I chose this particular flavour in the first place. I was really disappointed with these as the texture was really plasticky and there was a real lack of strawberry taste. My mouth wasn't filled with a juicy strawberry taste like I thought, but was filled with just a sweet taste instead which didn't really taste of strawberry. I thought the overall taste of the twists was very bland and boring. I was disappointed with the lack of taste and the fact that there was only a very slight hint of the taste of strawberry which was more of the after-taste in my mouth after eating the twist. After eating 2 of these I actually ended up throwing the rest of the packet away as I really didn't think much of them and I didn't really enjoy eating them either. These also contain a lot of sugar as well so they need to be eaten in moderation. I personally wouldn't buy these again and it has also put me off purchasing other products in this range

      (review also on ciao)


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      21.05.2013 14:41
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A nice fruity American Sweet, but very sweet and sugary! Eat in moderation!

      I love sweet treats, and I've always loved treats that are either not seen for very long and just appear in supermarkets or things I find in old sweet shops, and these are something else that I've found in that kind of area. I already knew they existed but as far as I was aware they were a little American something else, so didn't really pay much attention to them, but safe to say that tonight they really have caught my eye while I was looking for Haribo Goldbears in Asda. So as well as buying some more sweet treats to absorb my vodka, I decided to buy some of these as well to have a bit of a munch on.

      ~*~ Twizzlers ~*~

      Twizzlers are a brand of 'liquorice candy' they are available in many different brandings and flavours - they come in plain strawberry, rainbow colours, filled, peel able ones, and now from having a look on the website they come in little packets of nibs. They make varying flavours as well; even chocolate - which I find in this kind of sweet to be a weird flavour to choose I'm not sure it would fit too well but I've not seen any of those in the UK yet so I'm not overly worried. They make filled twists, so they have a different flavour to the outside in them - the pull and peel ones which are like a much better tasting cheese string but in a twist rather than a plain stick. Overall it's a bit of a brand with lots of different aspects to it, one that's nice and chewy - and might be in my shopping basket a bit more often.

      ~*~ Twizzlers Twists ~*~

      These sweets are ridiculously obvious in Asda at the moment because they're sat in the area of the store that is filled with American sweets, or ones that have started to be produced here but you pay the premium to buy because they're known as American sweets. These are in a bright red package with a big white Twizzlers across the packaging with a picture of the sweet, and the flavour on them - they're not hard to spot I have to say and that was what attracted me to them actually. As I hadn't seen them before in my local Asda - but now I have they'll probably become a regular when I'm doing my shopping. Looking at them well they don't look overly special, they're just like a regular strawberry pencil, and you know the ones you can get on the 3 for £1 in Asda and Tesco? Well the sweet part of them not the filling, thicken it up a bit and give it a twist and you've got yourself a Twizzler. Admittedly they are a lot better quality than those ones you get on the offer in supermarkets - they are a lot thicker and a lot harder to get out of the packet - or at least the one I just tried to get out was! I have to say when I opened the packet I was expecting them to be as red as on the packet, but they're actually a lot paler and duller red - so you can see that there is no artificial colours in them, but it was a bit of a disappointment I won't lie I wanted them bright red and looking like they were oozing with strawberry. When you open the packet though, you do get a nice big whiff of strawberry, so there's no denying what flavour they are you just might not think it when you look at them.

      You don't need a lot when you bite into them to get a good taste of them, because they are quite thick they do need a fair bit of chewing before you can consider swallowing them. Put it this way, I wouldn't want to stuff an entire Twizzler in my mouth because I think I'd get my jaw stuck together - they are definitely a sticky sweet, they more than fill you as well. I know you shouldn't eat sweets to fill up but if you just want a sugary kick these things are perfect - because one Twizzler will more than cover a sugary craving without using all your calorie allowance for the day, but it might use up all your sugars for that day because they are seriously full of sugar but who can say that's a surprise. Just as a warning if you have a need for a filling in any of your teeth no matter how tiny it is, you'll find that these sweets find their way into the hole and you'll be fishing bits of Twizzler out all afternoon, keeping a nice sweet taste in your mouth all day. They are quite smooth in texture, so I definitely recommend them, but in moderation you wouldn't want to be eating an entire packet in a night, I've eaten 4 tonight in the course of writing this review and to be honest I've got such a sickly sweet taste in my mouth I think I'm going to finish eating this one and have a massive glass of water, because they do leave a very sweet but fruity taste in your mouth - it's not horrible, but not something you'd want to be carrying around with you all day. I like the twisted design of them because it means you can play with them before you eat them, which is very childish but I just can't help myself at the minute - they come twisted I like to see how far I can twist it in the opposite direction before it puts itself back, which if anyone's interested it doesn't take long!

      ~*~ Nutritional Information ~*~

      Serving Size: 4 Pieces
      Total Calories: 160
      Calories from Fat: 5
      Total Fat: 0.5g
      Saturated Fat: 0g
      Total Carbohydrate: 36g
      Sugars: 19g

      ~*~ Price and Availability ~*~

      I bought mine from my local Asda for £1.58 for a 170gram bag, which has about 15 Twizzlers in there - don't think it's much more, but they can be bought cheaper online at varying stores but obviously that requires paying postage. So if you don't want to buy them from Asda, have a look on Google and see where it takes you!


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    • Product Details

      Low fat candy Twizzlers do not contain animal gelatin or other animal products, and are approved by peta as a vegan-edible confection American import Will leave you wanting more Absolutely delicious

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