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Victoria Spearmint Chews

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Brand: Fravigar / Type: Mints

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    1 Review
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      03.06.2009 10:28
      Very helpful




      It was whilst I was in my local "Farmfoods" frozen food store that these sweeties caught my eye. As I glanced over the white packet of sweets, I was instantly taken back to my childhood, when similar chews were always popular with my sister and me.

      I was keen to discover if the sweets were as nice as I remembered, and when I saw that they were the brilliant price of 79 pence, my mind was well and truly made up - into my basket they went! As I looked around the other bags of sweets hanging up in all their glory, a small sign caught my eye which informed me that I could select any two bags of "Victoria" branded sweets for the sum of £1. What fantastic value! With that, I plopped a bag of Jelly babies into the basket too... sweeties seldom go to waste in our house, so I knew that they would be a safe bet.

      I felt that the chews offered great value as the bag was quite large at 325g. I made a mental note to stock up on bags of sweets from Farmfoods at Halloween time, instead of doing what I usually do, which is basically spend a bloomin' fortune at Tesco's, to provide some little goody bags for our little trick 'n' treating visitors!

      It wasn't long after returning home from doing the shopping that I decided to sample the spearmint chews. Upon opening the bag, which is mainly white with a picture of several of the sweets on the front, I was aware instantly of the sweet smell of spearmint.

      Each chewy sweet is individually wrapped in a white wrapper with the word "Spearmint" across the wrapper in a green box and the ends of the wrapper are red. The individual wrapping on each sweet is similar to the wrapping on whatever brand of spearmint chews I used to get regularly as a child, which makes me feel rather nostalgic.

      Popping one of the sweets into my mouth, the spearmint flavouring is instantly noticeable. The texture of the chews is quite hard to begin with, so I had to suck it for a while before it was ready for chewing! The taste is very sweet, but not overpowering or too sickly.

      Once I started to chew it I was a bit disappointed at how incredibly sticky it became. The consistency of the sweets once chewed is a bit like toffee! This meant that it got all stuck in my teeth which is ok for me because I still have my own nashers, but it might not suit some of my family members who have a slightly more 'artificial' smile...

      A huge plus point for me at least is that the packaging quite clearly states on the front of the bag that the sweets contain "No artificial colours of flavours" - this is a welcome change for me, because a lot of the sweets I eat regularly contain all sorts of chemicals and flavourings! Another plus point is that the sweets are suitable for vegetarians, and so can happily be enjoyed by my vegetarian friend which will make a welcome change for her, given that the sweets I usually have on offer contain gelatine or some other ingredient which is not suitable for her.

      The packaging also states that they are not suitable for nut or peanut allergy sufferers. Looking at the nutrition information, I am informed that each sweet contains 0.8g of fat and 40 calories.

      Overall, I would recommend these sweets. To be honest, they are not as good as the ones we got as a child, but that is possibly something to do with the fact that the "Victoria" version doesn't contain any artificial flavourings in them, whereas when I was young, most of the sweets we chomped on regularly contained all kinds of rubbish in them!

      The texture is not unpleasant, but is not quite as soft as I personally would like it to be. The nice subtle spearmint flavour more than makes up for it though! I would award them 3 stars out of 5 and will probably buy them again in the future!

      I will definitely be trying more sweeties from the "Victoria" range, and if they are of the same quality as these chews i'm sure I won't be disappointed! I'll certainly be bearing these bargain bags in mind when it comes to Halloween, family parties and perhaps even if I need some small stocking fillers nearer Christmas... They are such good value!

      A really enjoyable chew... :- )


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