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Walkers Nonsuch Original Creamy Bar of Toffee

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Brand: Walkers / Type: Toffee

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    2 Reviews
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      27.01.2013 18:18
      Very helpful



      Delicious toffee from an old English family firm.

      ===Why I Got This===

      Well actually we received this as an after Christmas present - probably because mum-in-law got given more than she could eat.

      ===The Brand===

      Walkers makes only toffee and is an old family business that was established by Edward Joseph in the late 19th century in Stoke on Trent.
      The name "NONSUCH" was taken from Henry VIII's "Nonsuch" Palace which was call the 'palace of all palaces' and there was supposedly 'nonsuch' to better it. So - 'There's nonsuch toffee like Walker's Toffee!'
      Walkers only make their own toffee and do not provide any for anyone else.

      ===The Product===

      'England's Finest'. Made in England.
      BRC (British Retail Consortium) accredited company.
      I got this as part of a double pack but I shall only be talking about the original creamy toffee.
      200 gram bar with a plastic protective tray on its front ad wrapped in clear cellophane.
      'Whack, unwrap and enjoy.'
      Made with whole milk and butter.
      My duo came in a cream and orange box with a little metal hammer.
      Contains no artificial colours or preservatives and is free from hydrogenated vegetable oil.
      Store in a cool dry place.
      Suitable for Vegetarians and is gluten free.
      A serving which is estimated as four pieces would be 40 grams and 198 calories and 9 grams of fat.
      Each bar has 10 squares.
      Long shelf life - mine was until August 2013.
      Ingredients include: glucose syrup, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, vegetable oil (palm), butter, salt, molasses and emulsifier E471 and flavourings.

      ===Other Varieties===

      The slabs of toffee also come in the following flavours:
      * Treacle
      * Milk Chocolate Covered
      * Brazil Nut
      * Liquorice
      * Fruit and Nut
      * Hazelnut

      Walkers also sell individually wrapped toffees.


      I am not sure of the price for an individual slab but a box of two on Amazon is currently £3.29 + £1.25 UK delivery. So one slab works out as about £2.25 when bought online but is probably cheaper in the shops

      ===My Opinion===

      My sister loves toffees but they have never been something I have really raved about and actually I am not into eating a lot of sweets or chocolates of any sort and only usually have them around Birthdays and Christmas.
      I can recall having a set of this toffee way back in the 1960s - this time it was a set of four slabs on a reusable metal baking tray - also with the hammer which I found fascinating.
      Anyway back to this toffee. I have always been a bit cautious of sticky sweets in case it pulls my crowns out and, besides, I never really liked the toffees that you would often get in boxes of chocolates or selection tins.
      Anyway as we had finished most of our Christmas goodies I thought I would give this toffee a try. It was lucky that it came with two slabs as my husband walked off with the Brazil nut one before I had a chance to try it - so I grabbed the original slab for myself.
      To break up the toffee it says to whack before you unwrap - which is a good idea. I hit it on the reverse side with the hammer which broke it up quite easily - if you had a bar on its own without a hammer I would think hitting it on the corner of a table would do the job as well, or else use a rolling pin.
      I should not really have eaten this toffee as I have a lose crown on my tooth anyway but when I opened the packet it smelt so rich and delicious I could not resist it.
      This is more a hard toffee than those soft and gooey ones you can have - but there is no comparison. This toffee is absolutely delicious -and I am now converted to being a real toffee fan.
      Being very careful I sucked my toffee pieces - they are so rich, creamy and delicious - I defy anyone not to immediately love it.
      I would only have a few tiny pieces at a time so a slab lasted quite a few days as I try to ration what I eat to some extent.
      It really does show how the old original recipe and proper ingredients can make such a difference.
      I will definitely be buying this for myself again - but I think I'll wait till I get my tooth fixed! My sister, the toffee fan, is often breaking her teeth on toffees but if you are careful and do not chew or bite it too hard you should do no harm to your teeth.

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars.

      ===Would I Recommend?===


      ===Odd Fact===

      It seems that toffee hammers were used by the suffragettes around 1911 to break windows as they were small enough to easily conceal!




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        19.11.2009 22:06
        Very helpful



        Whack, Unwrap and then Enjoy!

        Competition information added at the end, your chance to win a free bar of Walkers Non-such Toffee! Please read the review first. :)

        ~ ~ Ingredients ~ ~

        Glucose Syrup
        Sweetened Condensed Milk
        Vegetable Oil

        ~ ~ Allergy Information ~ ~

        May contain nut traces. As a Ceoliac, there doesn't seem to be anything in it that I can see that I can't eat and after eating two bars I have had no side effects. Contains Milk, so unsuitable for Dairy Free.

        ~ ~ Other Info ~ ~

        No Artificial Colours, No Preservatives, No Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils.
        Weight - 100g, 3.5oz
        Walkers email - Sales@walkers-nonsuch.co.uk
        Website - (www.Walkers-nonsuch.co.uk)

        ~ ~ Packaging ~ ~

        The Nonsuch Walkers Original Toffee comes packages in a clear plastic wrapper sealed at both ends with a blue strip at each end. Across the back of the packaging is the normal ingredients and allergy and nutritional information in three different languages. The best before date is also printed on the back of the wrapper. On the front the Walkers logo is shown along with the titles and the catch-phrase of slogan for the Original range of toffee bars.

        ~ ~ What's inside ~ ~

        Inside you'll find one large piece of toffee which is separated into 10 smaller blocks. The slogan of Walkers Nonsuch is "Whack, unwrap and enjoy", which kind of suggests that that is what your meant to do. Unfortunately I didn't manage to read that before unwrapping it and nearly tearing my teeth out trying to separate the blocks. The first bar that I bought had obviously already slightly melted and re-set which is why I managed to pick this up slightly cheaper than I would have done normally. I would advise handling the toffee as little as possible because it melts very quickly on your hands leaving them VERY sticky!

        ~ ~ Tastes ~ ~

        The first time I tasted Non-Such Toffee I loved it, it still doesn't disappoint. The toffee is said to be "England's Finest Toffee", which I agree with and it really does deserve. The original toffee bar is very creamy and sweet, just how I like it. The toffee tastes amazingly good once you've managed to separate it from the rest of the block, unless you try and eat the whole thing in one bite, I wouldn't advise it. It has a very distinct and strong Toffee flavour being much stronger than a lot of other types of toffee which I have tried. This is what you might call, the real thing. It does contain a lot of sugar as most treats like this do, I'm not saying that it is good for you but it is extremely tasty.

        ~ ~ Disadvantage ~ ~

        I didn't manage to read the "Whack, Unwrap and Enjoy" until after I had opened my second bar. This was a very bad mistake. On my first bar I tried snapping it which didn't work, I then tried scissors with it, which didn't work and then tried biting it which nearly ripped my teeth out. In the end I found the best solution was to "Whack" it on hard surface which shattered it. I would advise that you do Whack it before unwrapping it because it does go everywhere!

        ~ ~ What happened to me ~ ~

        I have tried some of the other Nonsuch range before, the bagged sweets but never have I seen this type of bar before. I picked my first bar up a few weeks back at a local Home Bargains store. I picked it up for the cheap price of 50p for a 100g bar of top quality toffee, it wasn't bad. One of the reasons that I saw that it was so cheap was that the toffee had already slightly melted and re-set, which had no effect on the taste. Home Bargains probably bought these up very cheap as Misfits or damaged stock, but still it was a very good offer and was substantially reduced. After eating the bar, I went in next time I passed to find that they had run out. Hoping to find information on where else I could buy this, I visited the website at (www.walkers-nonsuch.co.uk) it was there that I found the competition giving away 50 bars of the toffee which I had just bought, every week. (More on the competition later). To my delight a week ago I received a bar of the toffee through the post and it was gone within the hour! Next time I see one of these I will definitely splash out to buy one, such an amazing taste.

        ~ ~ Competition ~ ~

        What everyone has been waiting for. Simply go to this website, the official Walkers Nonsuch website (http://www.walkers-nonsuch.co.uk/) and click on the link on the left side of the page saying "Are you a fan of Walkers, click here to enter the competition", if this isn't there then I'm afraid that it is probably closed. Clicking on it will open a pop-up box for the competition, so if nothing happens make sure you turn off your pop-up blocker and try again. Fill in the information on the sheet and then click "Submit". They are giving away 50 bars of the Original Non-such Toffee every week and I received one myself. It tastes much better if it is free! Goodluck.

        Walkers Nonsuch is a family run business which has been making toffee and only toffee for the past 100 years. They only use the finest of ingredients.

        Thanks for taking your time to read and rate my review. I put a lot of work into my reviews and I hope that people have benefited from reading them. Thanks and Goodluck with the competition.


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