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Wonka Nerds Grape Strawberry

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    2 Reviews
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      22.09.2015 02:33
      Very helpful


      • "taste great! "


      • "coloring used"

      great tasting candy pellets!

      These sweet treats used to be widely available when I was just a few years younger and until just the other day I did not even know they were still being made!

      Nerds, an odd name for a candy, are small but delicious pellets made by Nestle, which can come in a whole range of colors and flavors. The grape ones are my favorite and was when i was young too. I still remember when a panda pop and a box of nerds cost 50p, unfortunately they stopped making panda pops, and most things are more expensive now!

      I spotted these in a local bargain shop, but instead of the usual small carton, they came in a huge box, which I was very happy with and cost one pound, which I did not think was that bad for a 140 gram box. They are a great quality sweet and they taste really nice on their own, or sprinkled on ice cream. ( with the risk of sounding like a big kid myself, it is fantastic on ice cream!)

      The only downside to these candies, is that they have lots of different coloring in them, which some people do not like, but unlike most sweet products these days, they do not have an offensive amount of sugar in them, or lots of calories.

      I would recommend all parents to buy their kids a box of nerds at least once, even if it is just to try them out for yourself. I think these are better than most of the recent candies that are out these days and they are a vintage sweet in my eyes!


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      22.01.2014 19:32
      Very helpful



      Wonka Nerds may not be very healthy but they taste great!

      Wonka Nerds are sweets by The Willy Wonka Candy Company. I'm sure most of you have heard of Willy Wonka and Charlie and the Chocolate factory. The back of each Nerds pack has a greeting from Willy Wonka and claims to be made in The Chocolate Factory. The company is, in fact, owned by Nestle. Nerds were apparently created in 1983, although as the products are mainly sold in the US I don't think we saw them in the UK until much later.

      I remember eating them as a kid, but I don't remember them being around when I was really young. As a kid I remember there being two flavours. One pack was strawberry and blue raspberry and these were the ones I always used to buy. The other I seem to remember being yellow and green, but I can't remember the flavours. Sadly the strawberry and blue raspberry is no longer around, but there is Strawberry and Grape, the product this review is about and my new favourite flavours.

      The packing looks like a normal box at a glance, but if you look closer you can see the flavours are split into two, one on each side of the box and you can open each side separately using the tabs at the top of the box.

      The boxes are cardboard, but getting into them isn't always as easy as it looks. There is one main tab on the top which opened fine on the first pack I opened, but was stuck down really well on two others and ended up ripping the tab and leaving some of it still stuck down. There are two sliding tabs that come out of each side which won't open while there is any card left from the top tab.

      The sliding tabs can be slid back to reveal the hole where the nerds come out and you can simply pour them into your hand then slide the tab back afterwards. If the top tab is still there you can also push this back down so if the side tabs do move at all you're less likely to lose any nerds.

      The packing is brightly coloured, much like the sweets themselves, and has what I think are meant to be nerd shaped creatures on the front. The creatures are the same colour as the opposite side of the pack. So for example, on the strawberry and grape pack the colours are pink and purple. The creatures on the pink side are purple and the creatures on the purple side are pink.

      The packaging is clearly meant to appeal to children and it clearly has the Wonka logo on the front, reminding you who produce them.

      The best way I can think to describe the size and shape of Nerds is like Millions sweets. They come in various sizes, ranging from really tiny to quite big, especially if there's a few that have stuck together. Nerds have a sort of plastic type look to them as they are solid colours and have an almost glossy finish to them.

      Taste and smell:
      The flavours in this box are strawberry and grape and, although nice, I don't think they really taste of them but no sweets tend to taste like eating the real thing anyway.

      The strawberry ones are quite sweet to start with and you can really taste the flavour. When you bite into them you taste the really strong tangy taste of strawberry and the more you have at once (or the bigger they are) the stronger the taste is, but it only takes a few little ones to really get the full taste.

      The grape ones have a more sour taste to them. Like the strawberry ones you can taste the flavour well and when you bite into them it releases the tangy taste which is much stronger.

      The two flavours are great by themselves and when eaten together.

      The front of the box states "tiny tangy crunchy candy", which is really the perfect description for these sweets.

      Under smell on Detailed Rating I selected they smelt okay. I can't say they smell very nice but the other option is very nasty and they actually don't really smell of anything at all. Just in case anyone decides to smell them, beware that they are very small and light and if you sniff up too much you may end up with it stuck up your nose! Although I guess if they do smell faintly of anything you'll know about it if you do that. Still I wouldn't recommend it.

      Ingredients and Nutrition:
      Dextrose, sugar, malic acid, corn syrup, flavouring and carnauba wax.
      Colours: carmine, brilliant blue, *allura red, *tartrazine and *sunset yellow.
      *May have adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

      There ingredients are on a sticker over the original (I guess to be written in English only rather than American and another language) so there may be a few ingredients that I haven't listed, although looking at other packs of different flavours they seem to be the main ingredients. However, things such as colours will vary between flavours.

      The boxes come in 46.7g (1.65OZ). I assume nutritional information would be the same for all flavours, but I can only go by what it says on the Sour Nerds I have. They state the total carbs are 14g, 0g protein, 0g fat, sugar is 14g and the calories are 60.

      As a kid I remember buying these for just 25p a pack! Now they at a much higher price. You can buy a single pack from Amazon for £1.05 with £1.49 postage. There are some American sites that sell them, but with shipping they are all roughly the same price as on Amazon.

      I've not seen any sold in shops for years, but you may be lucky and find a shop that sells them or has limited stock in.

      They may not be the cheapest sweets or healthiest, but they are certainly nice and worth buying as a treat every now and then. A great product, it's just a shame that they are no longer widely available in the UK.


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    • Product Details

      Wonka Nerds Grape Strawberry. These very tiny candies had a hard shell and a tangy taste. You basically pour a whole bunch of them into your hand and then pop them in your mouth. You can suck on them if you want, but eventually.

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