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Wrigley's Extra Spearmint Gum

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Brand: Wrigley's / Type: Mints

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    5 Reviews
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      18.06.2013 18:01
      Very helpful



      nom nom chewing gum!

      Please note: this is a review of the 60 peice tubs of extra gum which I suggested to Dooyoo but was asked to pop under this item instead.

      ===Chewing the fat===

      When I was a child I liked to eat. Mostly food, occasionally mud and dog hair. Thankfully I grew out of that habit by the age of five. I did not, however, grow out of the habit of eating. In fact, food is up there on my list of favourite things to do, right in there with "sex" and "be paid for doing nothing". I think this list makes me a well rounded and normal individual. The reality is probably quite different. Point being, if you are going to spend your life enjoying putting things (mostly foodstuffs) in your mouth, you should probably adopt some sort of dental hygiene. Ask my gorgeous dentist and he will tell you that my teeth are perfect. He's a liar, they are squint and have fillings, but they are always very clean.

      I don't for one second attribute my dental health to gum. I started chewing gum when it was full of sugar and you could blow bubbles the size of your head with the stuff. Normally this resulted in a burst bubble and a resulting haircut. These days I stick to Wrigley's Extra for my chewing needs; I tried going back to bubble gum just for nostalgias sake but it's just not as stretchy as it used to be. Big sigh.

      ===Forever and ever ago===

      Wrigley (who are now a subsidiary of Mars Inc.) have been around forever. Well, since 1911. That's when they started selling their products in the UK starting off with juicy fruit and spearmint strips. In 1952 they added Tunes to their range, following on with Opal fruits (now starburst) in 1960, Skittles and Lockets in 1974, and finally the first sugar free gum in 1977. From then it took them till 1989 to release the Extra brand of Gum that most people will recognise. Since then, both the British Dental Health Foundation and the Irish Dental Association have approved Extra as a good supplement to dental hygiene. If you really crave more information about Wrigley, they have a rather professional looking website: www.wrigley.com/uk and if that isn't enough you can even give them a ring on 0845 604 8495. I'm less than sure what you'd really want to discuss with them, but there you go!

      ===Extra, Extra, Read all... oh you know where it's going===

      So, as part of their fantabulous journey into the corners of every handbag and pocket in the UK, Wrigley's decided to release a handy bumper pack for chewing addicts. Rather than the usual small pack, this pack comes with 60 spearmint pieces for around £1.90. Wrigley likes to call them pellets, though that feels a bit weird for me, always bringing to mind something used to kill rodents. Far too medical me thinks.

      The pack itself is rather pretty. It is about three inches tall and two inches wide and a lovely contoured shape. The lid comes with two sections. One is a small flap on the side to allow a couple of pieces to be coaxed out by shaking the tub. The top of the tub, however, also opens up fully so if you prefer you can open the bigger flap and just dip your fingers in to pick the pieces out. Oh the choice!

      You should store this in a cool dry place, away from heat or moisture. If you don't, I really don't recommend chewing on it as it will be a bit soggy and gross. On the plus side, you won't end up putting this pack through the washing machine as it's slightly too big for your jeans pocket. No more soggy gum in your pocket! Yay!

      ===Neat freaks rejoice!===

      The first thing I love about this pack is the neatness of it all. Most people will be familiar with the sight of a week old pack of gum, half eaten and folded over at the top to keep it fresh. It looks ragged, wrinkled and messy. You're never sure if the pieces inside will still be edible and you're never sure you really want to try and find out. This pack solves all of that. Its sleek contours look great, the packaging doesn't wrinkle and crack as it's made out of plastics. The pieces inside never end up looking crumbled and inedible as the pack is like a mini Tupperware box keeping them fresh. The pack looks a lot better than the smaller paper ones and I can happily sit it on my desk at work without it looking like a mess. It can even fit neatly into the cup holder in my car without making every look littered. Fantastic!

      ===Hoarders Rejoice!!===

      The next obvious upside of this pack is that it in theory will last you a lot longer. If you are anything like me, you'll want two pellets of gum for each and every occasion you wish to chew on some gum. One just doesn't feel like there's enough in your mouth and three feels like too much. Due to that, I can usually get through a normal pack in a day. I'm a spearmint gum whore. As soon as the flavour fades a little it's out of my mouth and a new set goes in. This means that the normal paper packs last about two or three hours when I'm on a gum kick. Never more than a day anyway. These packs tend to last me three or four days which is a massive improvement. It also means if you have some compulsion to hoard gum, pens, paracetamol, ibuprofen, telephone wipes or other at your work so that in the rare occasion a work mate is desperate for something you can give them it, this pack is great. 60 pieces means no worrying about your quickly diminishing gum packet.

      ===Replace one bad habit with a slightly better one!===

      If you've been paying attention you'll remember that I love to eat. I really, really do. I am one of those people who will eat food just because it is there. If something is in front of me, I will happily pick away at it, consuming till I turn into a massive balloon and pop. At which point blood and guts would go flying. Gum, however, has saved me from this Seven-esque fate. I am very aware that this habit isn't a good one, so I try when I can to curb it. Gum helps this to no end by sticking something tasty in my gob to chew on. It's similar to the way that smokers find it difficult when their hands have nothing to do. Having the gum here helps me stop eating junk when I don't need to be, all the while keeping my teeth clean in the process!

      ===How long does it last?===

      On the pack Wrigley recommends that you chew for 20 minutes after eating or drinking. This apparently helps to "neutralize plaque acids, balance the plaque pH in the mouth, protect against early damage to tooth enamel, maintain tooth mineralization and rebuild tooth enamel". Sounds like a mini workout for your teeth, keeping them healthy and clean. Most people will really only want to know how long the flavour lasts since gum is pants when it loses its flavour. To that end, I am going to time how long it takes for the flavour to die. Here goes nothing:

      11:59am start chewing.
      12:06pm flavour has died down but still there.
      12:25pm we still have faint flavour.
      12:38pm flavour is pretty much gone and gum is getting tough to chew.
      12:41pm I can't hack it any more. Gum is coming out.

      I lasted 42 minutes. The flavour lasted 39 minutes. So it's more than capable of fulfilling its recommended 20 minutes. Huzzah! The flavour is a lovely fresh minty flavour as most spearmint flavoured items are. It's not as harsh and brutal as the other flavours are as it has a little sweetness to it. The subtle sweet flavour continues throughout your chewing experience making it that much more enjoyable. Near the end of the 42 minutes the gum started to become uncomfortable to chew but you really don't need to chew it for that long.

      ===Calories?? In gum?!?===

      As with most thinks like blinking or looking at cakes, gum has calories. Thankfully it really doesn't have that many. There are 149 calories per 100g in this gum. Now for some maths; there are 60 pieces weighing 84g in total in this pack, meaning that each piece would be 1.4g. You'd need 72 pieces to make 100g so with that math you'd assume each piece has 2.06 calories (roughly) which isn't actually that bad really. If you eat a whole pack of these you'll consume about 124 calories. That's less than a bar of chocolate for the whole pack which should last you anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Pretty decent. Take into account the fact that you aren't actually swallowing the gum and that chewing gum will burn calories as you do it, it probably negates those horrid little numbers all together. In fact, this gum is completely free on the diet I'm on (Scottish slimmers)! Yay!

      ===Anything Extra to add?===

      Another great aspect of this gum is that it is suitable for vegetarians. Some gums contain gelatine which is made from the bones and skin of pigs and cows, but this one doesn't. So if you prefer your cows to be alive you will be happy to know there are no animals within your mouth as you chew away. Personally I'd prefer to be chewing on the cow than the gum, but each to their own!

      One interesting thing that you will note if you read the fine print is that "Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects". If you are a gum whore like myself, this may be something you want to pay attention to, though I've never noticed any ill effects. In saying that, I have so many stomach issues I'd probably not notice if one particular thing was giving me the runs. The same can be said of other minty products (seriously, look on your pack of polo's next time) so it's probably the mint that does it. Who knows? Doctors, that's who.

      ===Is that all there is?===

      Yes. Well. Apart from my conclusion: Wrigley's Extra Spearmint gum is brilliant. It tastes great and the flavour lasts for more than long enough. The 60 piece pack is great value for money at around £1.90 (depending on the retailer) and looks a lot better than its smaller paper counterparts. It's suitable for vegetarians but can cause laxative effects if you over-chew. Overall a most awesome product. Five stars out of five from me!


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        29.05.2010 16:51
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        The best there is

        Wrigley`s Extra Spearment gum is probably the best gum out there, its currently sold in a green packaging as the white strips have been discontinued to make way for the more funky gum. I remember the white packaging from years ago when they used to have chewing gum dispensers outside the shops (remember those?) before the shops opened all day

        You can buy it in a strip or tub of 60 pieces, which I bought when my local discount store was retailing it for 50p, I bought two lots.

        On initially opening the pot you are hit by the aroma of spearmint, its a delightful smell and on popping a piece into you mouth , you have an urge to chew, it is chewing gum after all, I like to suck my piece for a bit before I chew as I love the spearmint taste.

        I found this gums taste lasts the longest out of any gum, it seems to go on and on and it lasts ages. Its not too hard to chew and it remains quite soft until you`ve had enough of chewing unlike other gums which can get quite hard after continued chewing.

        Another added bonus is that the packaging is recyclable so your doing the bit for the environment

        Nutritional Values

        Per 100g

        Energy 158g
        Protein 0g
        carbohydrates 66g
        Fat 0g
        Fibre 0g
        Sodium 0g

        Each piece is roughly 1.5g , sugarfree and suitable for vegetarians, its says excessive consumption can cause a laxative effect, but 60 pieces was alright for me

        These are probably the best gum out there in terms of flavour staying power and for a nice soft chew. So its a thumbs up from me and I will purchase again.


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          04.11.2009 12:53
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Wish I could get my fiancee off the white stuff, but sadly, shes hooked!

          My partner is addicted to this stuff so I may as well rate it in the 5 minutes I have this last unopened pack available to me before she gets to it. Unlike its peppermint counterpart the spearmint flavoured gum is not overpoweringly minty and the mint doesn't taste of chemicals even though the ingredients list seems to be full of them. The gum claims to be good for your teeth which is probably a bit of a stretch, I think it would be more accurate to say it does no damage to your teeth but the gum is not going to clean your teeth as the advertising seems to suggest. But it is great when you are out and about and have something stuck between your teeth you cannot get out.

          When it comes to price you can get this stuff for a song, I bought a pack of 5 packets for £1.58 in Tescos today, so 50 pieces for £1.58 which works out at just over 3p per piece of gum which is pretty darn reasonable.

          I was surprised to see that there is nutritional information on the back of the packet which gives values for 100g of gum, which is utterly useless on its own as I have had 3 people look at the pack of gum and I was right in saying that nowhere on the packet of gum does it give a weight for the pack or a piece of gum, but after some research, as I don't have a scales sensitive enough to detect the weight of a piece of gum accurately, I have found a piece of gum weighs 2 grams.

          So the nutritional value of a piece of gum via simple maths is 3.16kcal and 1.32g Carbohydrate in the form of Polyols. And it is suitable for vegetarians.


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            03.09.2009 21:22
            Very helpful



            A delicious chewing gum with an intense long-lasting flavour

            Wrigleys Extra Spearmint Gum is the nicest chewing gum you can buy. It has a classic spearmint flavour and I find the pieces ideal to chew as they are quite small and very flavourable and last a long time. They aren't too big like the strips you get so you can discretely chew them whilst at work or even school (be a rebel).

            They do actually help you to concentrate and it has been scientifically proven that it helps improve your memory and also helps you to concentrate. It also keeps you from habits such as smoking and nail biting.

            The Wrigley's Extra Spearmint Gum comes in green packets containing 10 pieces. The outer packet has a laminated paper cover and foil inside to keep the pieces fresh. The large Extra logo is on the outside and it's green to signify the spearmint flavour.

            You can easily open each packet with the red tape that is around the back that strips across one end. Inside are the pieces, which you can quite easily remove but you'll have to rip the packaging too at times to make sure you can get out pieces further down.

            Each piece is small and has rounded edges. You pop it in your mouth and bite into it to release a very intense spearmint flavour straight away. The texture seems somewhat hard and crunchy at first as you break through the shell of the gum. However, it immediately softens up into a nice small bit of chewing gum. It has a cool spearmint flavour, which is really authentic and lasts very well. It helps to freshen your breath and is satisfying to chew. I'd highly recommend this gum as it's small and discrete and has a delicious long-lasting flavour.

            You can get a pack of 5 (50 pieces) for £1.59 at supermarkets, working out at around 31p per each small packet containing 10 pieces. If you buy small packets separately, they cost around 35p-40p each.

            Thanks for reading,

            Dan ©


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            09.10.2008 08:39
            Very helpful



            A great tasting gum with an unusual side effect!

            As I was leaving work in Asda the other day I did a bit of shopping on my way out and as I stood at the checkout I noticed the display of chewing gum. Now I don't normally bother with chewing gum, in fact I hate to see people constantly chewing and 'slapping their chops' as my mom used to say, but the Wrigley's Extra Sugar Free in spearmint flavour caught my eye. I decided to try some to keep in my bag as an emergency breath freshener.

            The one I purchased was a multi pack containing three individual packets of the chewing gum and it cost me just 98p. Each packet contains 10 pieces of gum so I though 98p for 30 pieces of gum sounded like a good deal to me.

            Incidentally I am not keen on the flavour of peppermint at all so I was pleased to find the spearmint flavour - I wouldn't have bothered buying any if the only flavour had been peppermint.

            The packet to look for is bright green with the word 'extra' written diagonally across the front. Each of the three packets inside is also bright green again with the word 'extra' written across them. In fact nothing like the picture that Dooyoo have chosen to put at the top of this category!

            When I got home I decided to try the gum to see what it actually tasted like. I find that most spearmint gums have an initial spearmint taste but that it develops into more of a peppermint taste as I chew it.

            As I opened the packet I was met with a lovely smell of spearmint which was a good start. The chewing gum is in small tablet shapes as opposed to the long flat pieces that you sometimes get.

            I popped a couple of the pieces into my mouth and was instantly impressed with flavour. The spearmint taste was fresh and clean without being overpowering and it didn't have peppermint overtones.

            So there you are then - a good result - a cheap, excellent tasting gum. I can't say whether the flavour lasts for a long time as I don't chew gum on a permanent basis as I said earlier. For me it is more of a breath freshener so I chew it for about 15 minutes at the very most.

            You might think that this is the end of the matter but, no, this chewing gum had an unexpected effect in our house.

            I was sitting on the sofa when I started chewing the gum and Mew was sitting across the room on the other sofa. Now I will say at this point that he isn't a 'lap cat', he likes a lot of fuss but he doesn't sit on our laps favouring his spot next to Dave on the sofa.

            Anyway Mew came over to me and climbed on my lap which surprised me. Then he started trying to lick my face which he has never done before. I kept turning my head away as I don't like animals licking my face and he kept trying. I suddenly realised that it was the smell of the chewing gum that had attracted him! He kept walking across my lap and then standing on the arm of the sofa, He even lifted up his paw and tried to open my mouth with it! It was so funny! The crazy thing is that he doesn't like catnip but now we know he loves spearmint! I must get some spearmint tea bags and see what happens!

            So there you are - a boring old review about spearmint with an extra (forgive the pun) story about your favourite cat!


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            The great spearmint taste has been providing refreshment for over 100 years.

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