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Zed Candy Screamers

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Brand: Zed Candy / Type: Candy

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    1 Review
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      15.10.2007 22:33
      Very helpful



      I adore these and would put myself through the sore tongue agony just to eat a pack or two!! I love

      Well hello again you lovely lot, I'm back with another of my reviews and Im in a sour mood today !
      Remember Eye Poppers ?? Anyone who knows me knows I adore them
      Well the same company who created the Eye Popper masterpiece have yet another creation -- Zappers. I will warn you that although my review begins on a cheerful note, it ends on a somewhat concerning one. Please read on to discover why that is. I would also like to point out that I wrote this as I was eating the product so as to gain a truthful and very accurate opinion into them hence the reason my opinion alters so much so as the review goes on.
      Now let me get on and tell you about these little sourpusses . . . . .

      ~~ Packaging - Whats it look like ???

      These wonderful little things are sent to us in a neat wee 3.5 " x 2.5 " x 1 " cardboard box. Just as with the Mini Eye Poppers, this box just leaps out at you from the shelf as you walk by it in any shop - the colours used are so attractive - so amazing to the eye, just as amazing as you will discover - as the contents of this colourful packaging are to the taste buds !
      There's every colour you can imagine in evidence here, the base pattern is made up of a navy blue hue and a deep but also bright red. These colours are presented in a huge spiral inter twined with eachother and growing bigger and bigger as they protrude outwards from the very centre of the box. Placed on top of these spirals are the descriptive wording and also the name of the product - Zappers of course ! The word Zappers is written in a lovely firey orange and red, the red being from the bottom of the word to the centre and the orange being from the centre to the top. The whole word is then encased in black shadowing giving a 3d effect.
      When I look at this word in particular it represents fire to me as this is what I imagine when I look at the colours.
      Underneath the title wording we have the descriptive message which is written in a nice grass green colour and reads ' mega sour bubblegum' and below this it also reads
      ' chewing gum mega acide ' in the same green colouring.
      We have the company logo in the top right hand corner - that company being Zed Candy and also the company web address beneth the logo.
      Dotted around, inter mingled between the many words we have on the front of this packaging are examples of the actual product hidden inside of this box.
      There is also the Zed Candy trademark flap opening which can be opened and resealed repeatedly to retain the freshness of the product and to prevent moisture from making them go sticky to the touch.
      The box does also state the nutritional content of this product and the net weight. I have made sure that all of this relevant information can be found at the very end of my review.

      ~~ Zappers - Whats in them ???
      What are they made of exactly ???

      Zappers are made of fresh air as my mother would have said to me but in truth theyre made of nothing much else than sugars and colourings and not disimilar to to Mini Eye Poppers in this respect.
      Its the number of colours and the hidden dangers that are contained within Zappers that would never cease to amaze me. But, enough of me going on, here are the exact ingredients - designed to shock as i go on Im sure !

      Gum Base
      Glucose Syrup
      Acid : Citric Acid
      Flavourings ( not specifically stated )
      Colours : E104
      Glazing Agents ( Carnauba Wax )
      Antioxidant E321
      The box contains 40g / 1.3 oz of Zappers.

      ~~ The Zappers themselves - What do they look like ???

      Zappers are just brilliant inventions !
      These sour sweets are something like 7 mm squared in size and come in lots of different colours as I'm sure you'd expect when referring back to the box they're contained in. In the box I happened to devour there were the following colours :

      Blue and

      Im sure there are probably a couple of other colours out there but the chances are you'll not buy a packet that happens to contain all of the colours available in any given quantity. It's all the luck of the draw !
      Again, just as with the Mini Eye Poppers, I was so excited about having a packet of Zappers here in my clutches that I went right ahead and devoured a half a packet with absolute delight before I remembered that I had wanted to count the number of Zappers I had in my packet in the first place...................... ooops - I say oooooooppps !!!! Never mind eh ?
      As estimations go, I'd have a guess at there having been approximately 100 Zappers in there at the very beginning and well.......... none at the end he he he !!!!

      ~~ How do they taste ???

      Well deliciously gorgeously fabulously habitously sour actually !!!
      I can't stop eating them and Im not sure I could even have a shot at stopping to save my wee life ! They're pure addiction to me and I'm certain that for any other sour sweet lovers out there in Ciao World they'd be equally as addictive so I do warn you now................. be very aware !!
      The minute I put one of these into my mouth, my tastebuds felt like they were engulfed in flames ! Id expect you to think 'oh dear how painful ' but please don't as besides setting my tastebuds on absolute fire, it also sent my tastebuds into orbit. The intensely sour taste that eminated from just this one solitary sweet was so fantastic that my taste buds could not wait to get a grip on the rest . I was addicted already !
      I put another into my mouth and soon discovered that one wa no longer enough to satisy the craving I had developed in the short time it took for me to replace the already eaten Zapper with another from the box. And so, I took the plunge and thrust 10 or so of these beauties in there and boy what an explosion of acidity !
      Perfect ! Just perfect !
      For me 10 Zappers gave me the sourest explosion of taste and flavours that I had experienced from any sweet on the market in a long time. I can say with with pure honesty that the taste and acidity of the Zapper sweet far outweighs and outstrips the taste and acidity of the Mini Eye Popper. And to think back in the day when I reviewed the Mini Eye Popper, I actually thought they were super sour .................. tut tut, how wrong I was !

      ~~ Texture ???

      This product is bubble gum as the descritpion does proclaim and so you would expect it to be quite resistant to the bite - and well, that's exactly what it is. There's a really good bite to this and each Zapper takes some chewing before all flavour has disappeared. I did a chew and taste test and it took just over a minute before I felt it was time to chuck away the piece of gum and start again with a fresh piece. As it does take some degree of chewing, you do get a continuous stream of powerful acidic flavours bursting through with each indentation of a tooth and this ensures that the flavour really does last out. Once the outer shell of the gum has been and gone, you are left with a nice small ball of gum that is lacking flavour and somewhat lacking in moisture. I personally like to discard the gum at this stage in firm favour of another acidic injection of flavour !

      ~~ Any Nutritional Values - or lack of ????

      Well the nutritional value of Zappers are clearlyy stated right here on the packaging. There are values for the US and Canada in place on the back of the packaging and values for the UK and the EU situated on the side.

      * For the US & Canada they are as follows :
      ( Based on a serving size of 10 pieces - 6.5g )

      calories : 22.9
      Total fat: 0
      Total Carbs: 5.7g
      - of which sugars: 5.7g
      Sodium: 0mg
      Protein: 0g

      * And the UK & EU :
      ( Typical values per 100g )

      Energy: 1497.7 kj / 352.4 kcal
      Protein: Nil
      Carbohydrate: 88.1g
      Fat: Nil

      Overall - What do I think ???

      Let me go on a little about the ingredients on a more in depth and individual basis. When is a sweet not a sweet ? Well, in my opinion, when it contains this little lot.... Read on if you dare so.....

      Dextrose and Sucrose are both Sugars and Im sure I dont need to educate you on the damage they can inflict on our teeth though I will take the liberty of giving a couple of tips on the aftercare of teeth once you or a child have eaten Zappers or any sweets in general.
      Acid will of course erode the enamel coating on teeth and so I'd not recommend these for children who still have their first set of teeth and I'd recommend that older children brush their teeth carefully and thoroughly after eating any kind of sweet product. And regardless of whether you gorge on sweeties regularly, visit the dentist for regular checkups.
      Shellac is actually an excretion of the Lac Beetle (Coccus lacca). It is a hard brittle substance used in the manufacture of many sweets that are available that have a hard outer coating such as Zappers. Obviously this makes Zappers unsuitable for vegetarians.
      Carnauba Wax is secreted from the leaves of the Brazilian Fan Palm Tree ( Copornica Cerefera ) and is used as a glazing agent in most confectionary products.
      The colouring E110 is otherwise known as Sunset Yellow. It is widely suggested that this colouring can contribute to disruptive tendencies and lack of concentration in children who consume E110 and current and recent studies do seem to support this suggestion.
      E133 is a blue synthetic coal tar dye often used in conjunction with E102, Tartrazine, to produce various shades of green, it is also one of the colours that the Hyperactive Children's Support Group recommends be eliminated from the diet of children. Would you also note that this particular colouring is banned in Argentina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Mauritius, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Trinidad and Turkey !
      Whilst being a commonly used colour in the UK , E104 - Quinoline Yellow - is banned in Australia, Japan, Norway and the United States and is also a colour that is recommended to be removed from the diet of children.
      E129 is a red synthetic azo dye that can affect people with skin sensitivities.
      The antioxidant E321 is Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT).
      It has produced adverse reactions in dogs but like all antioxidants it is anticarcinogenic ( it does not induce cancer ).
      The colours will also run if the Zappers come into contact with moisture. I would recommend that you avoid getting this on clothing at all costs.

      It shocks me to think that I have consumed this lot in just one relatively small packet of sweets ! When you look at Zappers on a much more deeper level, they are clearly very complex. I allow the lovely Manal a minute amount of sweets anyway but after investigating the effects of colourings contained in almost all sweets, I am inclined to withdraw her allowance immediately.

      Going back to the way I felt when ignorance played a major part and my only focus was on the taste and texture of zappers, I would have suggested overall that these were an ideal product for consumers who adore the sour and maybe - if your not one for caring about the nitty gritty bad stuff then - they're still a recommendation in that respect.
      If you are very aware of colourings and high sugar content of sweets and do actively try to avoid giving them to your children in high doses ( or to yourself of course ) then I would advise you to stay clear of items such as this one though, if you are aware of these types of ingredients already then I am sure that you know this without me telling you so.

      ~~ Need more information ???

      If you would like to know more about food colourings in general then you can go to various websites containing the relevant information though I used the following site only for reference :


      Zed Candy also have their own very easy to navigate and very colourful website which can be accessed using the following :


      ~~ Are your comments valuable ???

      I would be very interested to hear what you think personally about the effects that colourings are said to have and whether you are happy to go on providing your children with products that contain these ingredients or ones that are similar or whether you are horrified at what I have told you here.

      Please leave comments as all comments are appreciated - good or bad.

      Many thanks for reading this review / opinion.

      Love and best wishes to you all as always !

      Heidi xx


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