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Antec Lifestyle Solo

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    1 Review
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      16.05.2010 13:28
      Very helpful



      Looks like I'm getting another one for my next PC!

      I purchased this case a few years ago so I was surprised to find (whilst pricing up the cost of a new computer build the other day) that it was still available and a reasonably popular choice, and was still about the same price.

      Unlike many other flimsy and plasticy cases on the market today, this case is extremely well made and rock solid in construction. The steel panels are a lot thicker than those found on some of the cheaper cases and you can tell the difference just from the sheet weight of it when you pick it up.

      Both the shiny 'piano black' finish and the metallic silver front look and feel very nice but aren't too imposing or gaudy... no silly lights, coloured plastic or windows here. By all means it is a very stylish case and isn't one to be ashamed of and hide away, but it will quietly sit in a corner and not draw too much attention to itself.

      Its a fairly compact design, which can make fitting everything in a bit tight. You won't be able to fit any of the huge long graphics cards in here without any metal butchery and loss of a hard drive bay or two. The four hard drive bays seemed generous when I got it, but they're now all filled and I'm spilling over into using blanked off external drive bays for hard drives.

      The drive caddy / slide things were quite a novel new thing when it was released, but it now seems a fairly common feature of many cases so I won't go raving on in any length about how useful that is!

      Lastly, the power button and reset button design is quite poor, and my power button snapped out from the case within a few months of having it. They're sprung by the means of some thin plastic bits that are attached to the inside of the case and bend, but they snap or detach themselves from the case really easily and even a superglue fix only lasted for another few months! For the past few years I've just run it without a power button... you can put your finger through the hole and hit the switch inside.


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