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Antec Nine Hundred

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    2 Reviews
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      24.10.2009 12:19


      • Reliability


      Overall a good case but if you got the cash get the antec 1200

      This case is a well designed case and very good at keeping your pc cool. got lots of components or thinking of upgrading the case go with this as it is good in both price and quality.

      The case does not have enough cable management holes but if you want you can fix this with some DIY. Good cable management is important as it will help the airflow keeping your pc even cooler, althought the newer models of the antec 900 do have better cable management and more holes so this shouldnt be a problem.

      The disadvantage of this case is it uses fans and can get noisy when it goes up into higher speed fan settings.

      The installation of the motherboard and graphics cards is very easy in this case, I have had no problem fitting my kit in and I have a gtx 275 so thats a goodun. The case is really build solidly and has good build quality which is good to see, and will make sure it can take what you throw at it.


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      14.05.2009 22:48
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Buy it. Great case.

      This is aimed primarily at gamers and people who want/ need to keep their pc's cool.

      The case comes with 3*120mm antec fans (two front and one exhaust) and one big boy fan (top). There is space to fit two more 120mm fans, one on the side door and one inside at the back of an empty hard drive bay. The case gives extreme cooling but at a cost. Noise and dust are major problems. The newer Antec 902 has filters to help with the dust without cutting down on the cooling too much. You can turn the fan speed down to quieten the pc but you lose some of the cooling.

      Installation of the various components of your pc is for the main part extremely easy. The main difficulty would be accessing the top left motherboard screw as this will be behind the majority of cpu coolers that you install. This means it is better to install the cpu cooler after you have installed the motherboard. The installation of a floppy drive was a nightmare as the manual was extremely unclear but the manual has been improved upon and this is no longer a problem. You should also note that the case does not have a power on led, Antec have rightly reasoned that the bright blue led fans on the front are enough.

      The original case was very difficult to cable manage. Google "A positive look at the Antec Nine Hundred". If you are willing to get out your dremel you can make this case look amazing. This will take time and a lot of work but there a lots of guides on how to do this. The newer versions of the Antec900 have more cable management holes so they are easier to work with. Cable management is important in this case as there is such high air flow that allowing cables to block/ restrict airflow makes the idea of the case itself pointless. For me, it brought the case temps down by 5C.

      This case is a great learner case too, as it is extremely solid. If you do take power tools to it, it will stand up to almost everything.

      Antec's customer service is amazing. It is based in the US but they answer emails very promptly. They sent replacement and new parts from the US to me in the UK for free. I had already offered to pay.

      If you want to water cool the case is not really big enough to have internal rads. It has been done but it is extremely difficult. I am currently running a dual loop in my case with two pa120.3 rads external. Using this and a fan controller my case is now practically silent.

      Great cooling
      So solid
      Antec Customer Service
      Antec Customer Service (so good I mentioned it twice)

      Noise at high fan speeds
      Cable management is not easy but very rewarding.
      Dust. Do not leave this on the floor/ carpet.
      Not the lightest case.
      Front panel connectors may be a bit short, if so get in touch with the aforementioned amazing CS.

      To summarise, if you like the looks of the Antec900, then get it or the 902. You will not regret it. This is my first case and with a little bit of work it has taught me lots. Doing the cable management gave me the courage to hack/ mod the case to go water cooling. I can't say enough positive things about the case.


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