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Antec Performance One P160W-EU

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    1 Review
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      04.08.2006 07:48
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      Best computer case there is

      On buying my last PC i had the little thought of
      "why have a super-duper PC, if no one can tell the difference?".
      After all, it seems a bit like having a Ferrari engine in a Ford Escort. It may be fast, but no-ones going to care since it looks like just all the rest.

      On this thought i went shopping for a snazzy new PC case, and after sifting through all the other pre-modified cases i came to this one. There is a lot of choice in cases, go in any PC shop and they will have many to choose from (even PC World), but you really need to balance what it is used for and how it will look, wherever it may be that you situate it.
      Being a bit of a PC gamer and bordering a full on geek, i needed something for both performance and bragging rights.
      This fits both well, and not too hard on your wallet at the same time.

      Since dooyoo have provided a nice photo of the case, and with it having a clear panel, i may point you to some of the features using it.

      Down to the basics.

      The case has in total 10 Drive Bays.
      These are for Floppy or CD/DVD drives and of course Hard Drives.
      It consists of -
      4 x 5.25" External Drive bays
      2 x 3.5" External Drive Bays
      4 x 3.5" Internal Drive Bays

      5.25" External Bays are for your CD/DVD Drives so this gives you the option of 4 of these drives installed. Most people usually have 2 of these drives, but you have 4 to play with in this case. This allows the fitting of other components such as Sound Card Control Panels or built in Memory Card readers.

      3.5" External Bays are for your floppy drives, with most people now using only one or perhaps none at all. Similarly, you can get Memory Card or USB Panels which fit in to these smaller bays.
      With so many people having digital cameras and such nowadays, adding a memory card reader allows easy transfer of files, and with a panel on the front of your PC it is easy as pie to just slot in.

      3.5" Internal Bays are for your Hard Drives. With 4 of these bays, it allows for great expandability, with the ever increasing need for more computer memory. I myself being a gamer, with new games coming in at close to 5 Gigabytes of required space, if i install my entire game collection, the space is rapidly used up. A lot of people wont use that much i know, but this is a case aimed for geeks and gamers, so this amount of drive bays is a necessity. Especially with the current market, smaller drives are cheaper, so a few smaller drives will work out cheaper than a single massive drive.

      The case dimensions are, 20.3"(H) x 19.7"(D) x 8.1"(W).
      This is quite big compared to most peoples computers, but it is well used, and often needed.
      It is made from 1.2mm Anodized Aluminium, whereas the front panel is mostly plastic, but matches well.
      On the case there is a swivelling front panel at the top, which has the Power and Reset buttons. Added to this, the panel has quite 2 nifty temperature sensors (which it switches between), 2 USB's, 1 Firewire, and 2 Audio Connectors (Headphone and a Mic socket).
      The connections at the top give easy access to the ports, so no more fiddling about at the back of your PC trying to plug your Digicam's USB cable in.

      The case is well built, and extremely sturdy, mostly due to its design which is quite different to most others and ingenious in many ways, all of which centred around keeping cool air flow around the components giving the best performance and long life by ensuring they dont get too hot.

      For a start, the motherboard tray is removable, so allowing to you attach the motherboard then simply slot it in. Anyone whos had to screw in a motherboard to a PC knows it can be a pain squeezing in.
      Above the Motherboard sits the Power Supply area, which is very spacious and will allow for airflow around the unit, ensuring it is kept cool. My power supply (Antec Truepower 2) has about 1-2" space above it, so any heat shouldnt build up since no areas are enclosed.
      Below the Power Supply is a fan slot, for a 120mm fan. This is generally the biggest fan you get in PC cases, and as they can spin slower than smaller fans and still push as much air, they are ideal for a quiet system.
      Included with the case is a single 120mm fan, but it seems very plain in the case, so buying a seperate fan with a couple LED lights can really show off. Keep the included fan for later though ;)

      Below the fan are the expansion slots for connecting to the motherboard. There are 7 of these, which may seem a lot, but they make this case virtually future proof.
      Most PC's will have their monitor plugged in at the bottom of the back of their PC to a graphics card. Now, with ever demand for great graphics, the graphics cards become hotter and therefore larger to dissipate the heat, and often need large fans. Old Graphics cards which needed one slot, are often being replaced by cards which need 2 slots to accomodate the larger size. Also take into account the new technology to utilize TWO graphics cards to give even better performance, means that could be 4 expansion slots used up already.
      Four being used without the sound card or extra USB cards etc being added make you glad you have the extra space.

      The Floppy and CD/DVD drives are in their usual arrangement, to see how it looks check the front of the PC you are using right now.
      The one difference is that they arent screwed into the case, but rather a mount is attached, and they slide in from the front. The front panel is easily removed, but this is not the only reason.

      The main difference is with the Hard Drive arrangement.
      If you look at the dooyoo supplied photo, they sit behind the 3 vertical slots at the front of the case. Behind this, you can place another optional 120mm fan allowing great airflow in from the front mesh. This is also another reason for removing the front panel, as behind the vertical slots is a dust filter, to stop dust and gunk being blown into the case and clogging or seizing up the fans.
      The hard drives are attached to little trays, which if sitting facing into the pc from the side window, are removed by pulling straight out towards you. The trays have rubber gommets to dampen vibration.
      The effect of a large fan blowing cool air straight in and over the hard drive, cools it down tremendously and will certainly add life to it.
      The 3 slots have small LED lights in them, so it is pointless to buy a new fan with LED's, so using the supplied fan is easily the best option.

      Due to its design, and improvements over other cases this stands out far against the rest which is why i purchased it. It is slightly more expensive, coming in at £54.00 from ebuyer, but it is well worth the added expense. Also, there are far more cases out heir a lot more expensive than this, and i believe this competes and perhaps betters quite a few of them. For the improvements gained by keeping the components cool, and possible overclocking (taking components above their recommended settings for better performance, but often higher temperatures) this case is well worth the money. It may also save you money in the long run, by saving money on repairs and replacements. I know this well, as my sisters PC all but blew up, as dust had got into her Power Supply fan and stopped it working. This caused it to overheat and short, taking the Motherboard and CPU with it. With this case, regular filter cleaning would sove it, and any fan malfunctions wouldnt be too bad as the case fans would compensate by ensuring the constant supply of cool air from outside the case.
      The added temperature sensors would also alert you too possible overheating issues. Even if you werent a PC genius, if you saw it usually at the same temperature, then it suddenly jumped one day, you would know something was wrong.

      If you are a geek, you really should buy it.
      If you arent a geek, get the version with the aluminium side instead of the window, and you should avoid the geek comments while gaining the benefits we do.

      Thoroughly recommended.


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