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Thermaltake Armor VA8003BWS

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    2 Reviews
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      25.04.2012 17:03


      • Reliability


      A well built robust case with plenty of room inside.

      Firstly let me just explain why I bought such an expensive pc case. I wanted to house a full size ATX Motherboard and have the capacity and space within the case to enable further upgrades (i.e water cooling system etc). A lot of the standard PC cases out there are restricted to what Water cooling systems you can use and dont house full size ATX Boards. I Had already purchased a Foxconn C51XEM2AA motherboard which boasts a full 12" x 9.6" board. On top of that I wanted to install 8GB of Geil Evo One Gaming memory that had extra fins on top of the memory to enhance cooling. I also had plans for a NVidia Geforce 9800GT Dark Knight graphics card which is a massive piece of kit and needs plenty of room for the fans underneath the card. I had also bought a Thermaltake Big Water Cooling system which has the pump to place inside the case and a radiator and fan which can be fitted either inside or outside the case - fortunatley this case was so large and robust that it could easily take most water cooling systems. This case comes with quick release drive bays (and plenty of them) as well as a 12" front intake fax, 12" rear exhaust fan, 6" rear exhaust fan for by the power supply and also a 6" top exhaust fan to allow heat dissipation through the top of the case.


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      05.03.2008 18:29
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Thermaltake show their quality and finish


      Very meaty tower (i.e. heavy and big), bought from Novatech December 2007 for around £118. If it weren't so expensive I'd drop it out a top floor window to prove how sturdy it is!

      WHY DID I BUY?

      My requirements were:

      - plenty of capacity and multiple config's

      - Minimum amount of tacky and unnecessary lights (failed on the latter)

      - scalable

      - easy access

      - no PSU supplied so I could chose.

      - Allow Extended ATX in case I wanted to convert to server

      - loads of cooling ability and compatible with watercooling if needed later - but not mandatory.


      This is just a great case, no complaints. Quality case, plenty of cooling. It's everything I need...errr...that's why I bought it :o) Lots of space internally so you're not scraping the motherboard if you're working on it.

      Access is via the seethrough panel, which begins to hinge but isn't permanently fixed to the main tower. Easy to put back on, although the re-connection of the 25cm fan can be a tad annoying, but not a massive inconvenience.

      Comes with a HDD triple internal case. This is removed via the handy plastic clips that hold it in (no screwdriver needed). A screwdriver is needed to fix the hard drives in this mini chassis before you insert it in place (at the bottom front).

      PSU is mounted top rear.


      Not really bad, just pointless - the 'flaps' on the front. They seem to only hide square corners and hinder easy CD withdrawal. I don't get it, why?

      Also the 25cm side fan can conflict with airflow if you use a Big Typhoon CPU cooler. Just don't connect it, problem solved!


      Ideal for gamers or those that want a case that'll last 5 years or more. My use is 3D modelling, data recovery, AutoCAD things and the occasional game play.


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