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Asda Earl Grey Tea Bags

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Brand: Asda / Type: Tea Bags

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    1 Review
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      17.06.2011 02:42
      Very helpful



      Very Cheap and at a Bargain Price

      Basically as it stands, ive never been a fan of hot drinks expect a caramel hot chocolate with cream from Starbucks. This was down to the rich and sweet taste which i got from the drink, however every time someone puts the kettle on and makes a cup of tea, my taste buds have started to tingle, making me want to try a hot drink but i never have!

      How I tried my first mug
      I'm at university at the minute and all my flat mates moved out a week ago as my course went on longer than theirs does so i was stranded here alone, before they all left, they came up to me with a goody bag of gifts and they said it was to "help me through the week" there was some nice little treat items in there but more to the point Asda, earl Grey tea bags!

      One day bordem got the better of me, so as you do when you get bored you start to nose around for something to eat! i opened the box and they smelt incredible, so that's how i came to having my first cup of Earl Grey which i loved! ... maybe it was the smell and simple packaging that drew me in, as im a graphic design student and love things looking simple and sleek, However with my first cup of tea i had to have three sugars with it to make me be able to handle it (so it was more like sugar with a touch of tea!)

      However im working on getting it down so its back to the crisp flavour that this drink can offer. You can easily sit back and enjoy a cup of Earl Grey, makes it even better when its cold outside and you can sit and look outside. Yeah i sound like a really old type of guy, but man does drinking this make me feel manly haha!

      Price wise this is an excellent buy, at 1.50 for 100 tea bags, what more can you ask for, that's an average of 1.5p per teabag. that's a bargain for 10 minutes worth of relaxation, i will defiantly be getting these when i get back home as it has already started to drum itself into my head that i really like these enough to just be sat at the PC writing these reviews and think "Earl Grey Marty ?" ... "why not brain, great choice!"

      The packaging is a very simple and clean cut design which can stand out for me personally as that's the sort of thing that my eye gets drawn to, with me being a graphic designer. However maybe not the most amazing thing for everyone, but seriously what can you expect for 1.5p a teabag, look at it this way ... where else can you have the feeling of flying on a fluffy cloud with a blazing hot sun beaming on you (metaphorically) for 1.5p ?

      Very tasty and at a bargain price, if your a fan of peppermint or chamomile tea then its worth giving this a go


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