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Asda Great Stuff Flavoured Spring Water

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Brand: Asda / Type: Water

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    2 Reviews
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      11.01.2012 08:18
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      This is more water that I have recently bought to try and get me drinking more Water. I find the odd drink of normal Water ok but it is a bit boring and I know I wouldn't be able to drink 1-2 litres of normal Water a day, so that's why I picked up some Flavoured Water as well and the size of these bottles mean that I can carry a bottle around and stop me reaching for some Chocolate!

      This Water is Strawberry flavoured. I think you get different flavours, but I got the Strawberry one as I thought it would be nice and juicy and a bit different from the usual Apple and Blackcurrant flavouring that I have.

      You get 6 bottles of 330ml Water and I paid £1.29 for these bottles which isn't too bad priced, but I think this was an offer price as sure it was around the £1.50 mark for it.

      Each bottle has only 7 calories so good if you are trying to watch your calories and I wouldn't say that this tastes as if it is as low calorie as this - I think it much tastes like the Volvic version which has more calories.

      The flavour of this Water is nice. It tastes nice and Juicy and is a nice fresh kind of taste. Best drank nice and cold but when this is at room temperature it is still nice enough. I thought the Strawberry would be a bit of a sickly taste, but it's nice. I couldn't drink too much of this Juice as it is a little bit sweet but that is what you need if you are looking to satisfy a sweet tooth without actually eating anything sweet.

      A really nice Water that I will be buying more of.


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        22.05.2011 19:42
        Very helpful



        A nice tasting, healthy option, flavoured spring water drink; mainly for children

        I have been buying this Asda strawberry flavoured 'great stuff' still spring water for my son for a few years now. I buy it for his School packed lunches and he likes it. He never even asks me to change it for another drink (although occassionally I do) as i think he should have a bit of variety now and again. What also surprises me is that my son loves fizzy drink like coke and pepsi so i would have expected him to sometimes complain about this unfizzy drink . Fortunately he is not allowed fizzy drinks at school so he can't really moan too much about that! I like knowing that he is drinking healthily at school.

        What I also like about this drink is that there is plenty of it in the bottle. I sometimes buy other fruity type drinks or fruit juices and more often that not, they come in smaller bottles which are not usually enough for my son.

        ~~~Asda Great stuff food/drink~~~

        ' Great stuff is a range of kids favourite meals, snacks and drinks which have tightly controlled fat, salt, sugar and saturated fat levels for childrens lower daily requirements. They are also closely monitored to ensure minimum use of additives, so you know that what they're eating really is Great stuff!!'

        The drink is sold in packs of 6 bottles, with each bottle containing 330 ml of strawberry flavoured water. There is no added sugar. On the front of the bottle the label looks appealing; it has some smiley faced cartoon characters on it with some pictures of strawberrys. Surrounding the small strawberrys various information is given; 'contains vitamin c which helps the body to absorb iron'; 'no artifical colours or flavours' and that it is 'High in vitamin c' . On the label it also states that the product has been 'taste-tested by kids' and 'endorsed by Asda nutritionists' I particularly like the knowledge that Asda have consulted children about the taste of the drink.

        There are actually plenty of positive things printed on the label concerning the drink. Asda have a 'great stuff guarantee' thats states that 'there are strict limits on fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar'


        You can taste a pleasant strawberry flavour within the water; which is just about right; quite subtle and not overpowering. Oddly enough there is some apple juice concentrate in the drink, although I wouldnt say you can taste this. Its quite refreshing and is best served chilled. This sometimes can be a problem in my sons packed lunch, keeping it cool, so i sometimes put a small freezer pack in with his drink (especially on hot summer days) so it remains chilled for him by the time he has it at lunchtime. Failing that, i will sometimes put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes just before he is due to leave for School, so its gets slightly icy.


        Spring water
        Apple juice from concentrate (3.0%)
        Citric acid
        Natural flavourings
        Vitamin C
        Sweetener (sucralose)

        This product also contains naturally occurring sugars

        ~~~Allergy advice~~~

        No allergy advice is provided on the label so i would presume that it is suitable for most children/adults

        ~~Calorific content~~

        In each 330ml bottle there are only 7 kcals

        This refreshing and healthy drink only costs £1.65 per 6 pack. Thats what I call a bargain!

        The drink is also available in Blackcurrent flavour and Tropical flavour although I have not tried these myself.

        In my view it it deserves the full five Dooyoo stars.


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