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Asda Sleep Easy Tea

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Brand: Asda / Type: Herbal Tea

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    2 Reviews
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      29.11.2009 00:46
      Very helpful




      I never knew there was such a thing, but after I read a review by xxfoxy-redxx then I decided to try this. I'm not the best sleeper. I tend to wake up through the night and every so often perhaps a couple of times a year I seem to go through a rougher patch of sleep and waking up. Oddly enough if I have a day off and perhaps go for a sleep in the afternoon then I sleep alright through the day, it's just the night that's the problem now and again regardless if i've had a busy day and not slept that well the night before. If anyone could give me advise for a better nights sleep then I would take any helpful tips.

      Anyway to the actual product. Found in the Tea aisle in Asda this pack cost me 98p for the 200g pack.

      This is in a pouch and it looks alright. The colourings are light and don't look heavy or bright. It's like it is tranquil. On the pack it states that this is a "soothing green tea drink with camomile and a hint of cinnamon." Sounds a bit yuk to be honest and I wondered if i'd have the stomach to drink this.

      This is loose powder which you use 3 heaped teaspoons in a cup/mug, fill up with boiling water and stir well. It states on the pack to use 200ml water. I didn't measure it, but I guessed my the amount of liquid then it was made up alright.

      So what did this taste like? To look at it it looked like really light coloured normal Tea, but with the ingrdients it certainly didn't taste like it. It has a slight earthy taste but not in a bad way, just more the green Tea taste coming out. There was a slight tang to the cinnemon, and I was expecting this to either taste a bit like Horlicks or a powdery taste, but it was neither of these. It was sweeter than I expected and a nice enough drink that I would have now and again.

      I didn't feel it made me fall straight asleep though. I had this after having a nice long bath and a laze on the couch and although I felt all rested, then that could have been the bath.

      I feel Horlicks is a better hot night time drink, but this is pretty good and different as well.


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        17.09.2009 15:21
        Very helpful



        I shall be a consumer of this for a good while yet!

        I make no secret of the fact that I'm a really bad sleeper so me, well I'll try anything to get a good nights rest! Usually I can be found on here at 3 and 4am slightly losing the plot and I've tried so many aids to help sleeping over the past few years to no real avail! However I do keep trying and so when I saw this product costing a pound I thought it was worth a go and such a change from tea (which I'm addicted to!).

        The Packaging....

        200g cylinder dark lilac tub with a blue pull on/off lid to the top of it and a picture of a cup and saucer on the front. In white writing I'm told it is Asda Sleep Easy 'Calming and soothing green tea drink with natural camomile and a hint of cinnamon, the perfect drink before bedtime' and that it's a new product and on the bottom of the tub I'm told it can be drank hot or cold. On the back of the tub ingredients, nutritional information, allergy advice, storage and contact details are given for Asda, size is stated, the best before date is displayed, I'm told how to prepare the drink and finally there is a bar-code on there. It's a nice enough tub and I like the way all the information is tidily laid out.

        How To Prepare....

        Place 3 heaped teaspoons in a cup.
        Pour in 200ml of hot, not boiling water and stir.

        The Drink....

        Well when you open up the tub you are met with a fine white granule kind of powder with is lovely, sweet and smells of what to me smells like honey (though that isn't an ingredient) it just smells so yummy!

        As directed I place about 3 heaped teaspoons of the powder in a cup and add water whilst stirring like a mad thing. When I've done that and a happy all the powder has dissolved I'm greeted with a transparent golden liquid. Of course, I choose to drink this at night and when warm but of course you could leave it to cool or put it in the fridge if desired.

        Taste wise I love it. It is of course in the main it's green tree though I can't really taste that but I can taste cinnamon and that honey sort of taste I mentioned earlier. It is sweet and full of artificial sweeteners but to be fair it does taste naturally sweet and I've never tasted a powdery feel to the drink at all though I am an excellent stirrer lol

        In my view this is a nice, relaxing night time drink however does it aid sleep? No I don't believe so but as I say it is relaxing and doesn't contain any caffeine so that can only be a good thing. I really rate this, sweet camomile and green tea drink for it's ability to soothe and put you in mind for R+R if nothing else.

        Allergy Advice....

        Contains: Soya.
        May contain traces of nuts and/or seeds.

        Nutritional Information per 10g (made up as directed):

        Protein: 0.1g
        Carbohydrate: 9.1g
        of which sugars: 0.8g
        Fat: 0.1g
        of which saturates: Trace
        Fibre: 0.1g
        Sodium: Trace
        Equivalent as salt: Trace

        Only available in Asda Stores.


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