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Bettys Imperial Gunpowder Leaf Tea

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Brand: Bettys & Taylor / Type: Herbal Tea

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2010 02:16
      Very helpful



      An acquired taste but I love it.

      Bettys is a Harrogate institution - an old style tea shop! The company is actually a Subsidiary of a group who also owns Taylors of Harrogate and Yorkshire tea!

      The tea comes in either on of the simple Betty's lined bags or in a caddy style time (very elegantly decorated - I use mine as a Jewellery tin now!)

      It is available from Bettys Online or from the teashop itself. I was lucky enough to be at the teashop and bought my most recent pack in a tin for I think around 8.00.
      Online the bag prices are as follows-
      2.45 - 125g
      4.90 - 250g
      9.80 - 500g
      19.60 - 1000g
      I couldn't see the tin version.

      The prices are quite steep for simple tea leaves. The question is, is it worth it?

      Gunpowder tea
      This is a Chinese green tea from the Zhejiang province. The name comes from the rolled leaves resembling gunpowder pellets, and the smoky aroma. As water is poured on the leaves unfurl, becoming more similar to other green teas.

      Making the tea
      Pour hot water over the tea! In Chinese tea ceremonies you may get a green liquid with whole leaves uncurling in it, or it may just be the green fluid poured from a pot. At home I tend to use a tea strainer and remove the leaves in it when the tea is suitably strong.

      Betty's Gunpowder has a fantastic smell first of all. I had had gunpowder tea in China and when I got home wanted to find some similar. As soon as I smelt Betty's I got a tin of it! It does have a smoky aroma - almost reminding me of the smell after fireworks and a bonfire! It is quite strong.

      1 heaped teaspoon of the tea went a healthy slime green colour within a minute and I removed the strainer and let it cool off.

      Even after being doused in hot water you still get a wafting smell of smoke in the steam.
      And this doesn't leave you when you taste it. Although there was a general tang of green tea popcorn like taste, this, rather like cheesiness of a smoked cheese is the background! The tea did have a delicate sweet hint but this was very very light and it really is a savoury tea!

      Betty's tea is slightly variant to other green teas I have tried, particularly the sweet tint. It is strongly smoky and a very rich flavour. I do find there is an aftertaste, so I wouldn't plan to eat too soon after a cup!

      A downside is the price - it's far m,ore than I pay for my standard cuppa, but I prefer this as a treat to other fancier drinks plus there are the benefits of green tea to consider (anti oxidents, weight loss aid). I'm sure my bank manager will be consoled by that!!!


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    Brand: Bettys / / Type: Herbal Tea

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