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Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger Tea

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2 Reviews

Brand: Celestial Seasonings / Type: Fruit Tea

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    2 Reviews
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      10.09.2009 20:48
      Very helpful



      Great tea

      Being a tad under the weather I went to the local store looking for a tea that would make me feel better. I chose Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger Caffine Free Herbal Tea.

      **Company Background**
      The Celestial Seasonings tea company has been around since 1969 based in Boulder Colorado USA. They have been making 100%Natural Tea's blending fresh herbs picked in the Rocky Mountains since 1969 I would have to say that they know what they are doing. They have since expanded there tea's and the ingredients they use. Using herbs, spices and fruites from more than 35 different countries.

      The great thing about this companie is that they take care of there growers. They call it Ethical Trade. Providing Fair Wages and sustainable harvests for over 30 years. When you purchase there teas you are supporting ethical trade.

      **About The Tea**

      Upon opening the box I am greeted with a sweet lemony smell. From what I can smell that is. I am sick and bought this to make me feel better a hot cup of tea always does. I am waiting for my water to boil as I look at the box reading what it says. (more about that later)

      I come across the ingredient list and am pleased by all the good things that are in each little tea bag. The ingredients include Hibiscus, Rosehips, Roasted chicory, Orange Peel, West Indian Lemon Grass, Lemon Peel, and Whole Dried Lemons, Natural Lemon Flavor with other Natural Flavors. This is a wholesome make you feel better tea wit a all star cast of ingredients.

      As I read the box I am impressed to see cute little captions and quotes from various people. What a way to pass the time as you wait for water to boil.

      The water is boiled the tea is steeped and now its ready to drink. I am impressed with the flavor of this tea. Its very lemony and I can notice that I am starting to feel better after the first sip. (of course that may be just wishful thinking) Any way the flavor is very nice. I have added a spot of honey and it reminds me of a hot toddy that my gram used to make for me when I was sick. I have to say that I really like this tea and will be drinking more of it because it has a good flavor.


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      03.05.2009 16:29
      Very helpful



      A lovely drink for all seaons

      Celestial Seasonings is a brand of herbal teas imported from Colorado in the US, and they are quite a find for me, as they have provided a welcome change from cups of tea and coffee, and each one I have tried has been joy!

      Lemon Zinger is one of my favourites, and has become the one I most often choose as it has surpassed all the others in terms of flavour and of appeal.

      Celestial Seasonings were formed in 1969 by a group of young business entrepreneurs, who made teas by harvesting herbs which were grown in The Rocky Mountains. They then dried and sold them in little hand made muslin bags to health food stores. What started off as a gem of an idea for a business, turned their little cottage industry into an overnight success, as prior to this herbal teas were really only seen as medicines rather than as drinks to enjoy for pleasure and well being.

      They now supply the ingredients which make up 1.6 million cups of tea in the US each year, making them the largest supplier of herbal teas over there. My son who lives in Arizona loves these, and informs me that you can buy so many different ranges there, whilst in the UK we have some of their finest offerings sprinkled in health food stores, and in online retailers such as at www.goodnessdirect.co.uk where I source most of mine. You may have seen "Sleepy Time" tea in supermarkets as this is one of their best selling night time drinks.

      As the ranges have expanded not all of the teas are grown in Colorado, but they are all blended there. It is important to note that the teas are made ethically, and that the company ensures that the growers are paid fairly for their crops.

      The lemon Zinger costs £1.10 for 10 bags and it is made from Hibiscus flowers, rosehips, roasted chicory root, orange peel, lemon grass, lemon peel, and whole dried lemons, natural lemon flavour and citric acid. I buy mine from www.goodnessdiect.co.uk.

      The dinky box is a delightful little compact affair. The top is decorated with two halves of a lemon into which thunder bolts are pointing, giving the immediate impression that this tea is going to have a zing to it!

      It's caffeine free and contains dried whole lemons, which have been blended with hibiscus, rosehips, and lemon grass, and the result is a lemsip type drink which you don't need the flu excuse to indulge in!

      The bags themselves have no strings or tags or individual wrapping, this ensures that there is no excess waste to be dumped into the environment, and the box has some words of wisdom to inspire you if you are looking for spiritual guidance as well as an herbal pick me up! "Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window of the world through which you must see the world" a quote by George Bernard Shaw.

      I love the quirky packaging, the compact box, the price, and the ethical considerations, but what about the tea?

      It's simply divine. To make it hot you simply add boiling water onto a bag and leave for 4 to 6 minutes. You can sweeten if you like, but I don't as it is delicious. The flavour is like home made hot lemon, which you would find comforting if you were laid up in bed with the flu so as a comforting drink it is fantastic. It's a lemon explosion. You can't really discern the other flavours at all.

      The best way to serve it, I think though, is to chill it adding ice, and then it becomes a refreshing summer drink to enjoy anytime there is a warm day and you want a thirst quenching drink. This is even better with slices of lemon.

      I have also found a fantastic recipe courtesy of my cooking hero Ina Garten, author of some fantastic cookery books in the US, and host of the show Barefoot Contessa. If you are unfamiliar with her work have a look at two of my reviews on Dooyoo, one of her show on UK TV Food, and one of her cookery books.

      Ina uses Lemon Zinger and also Red Zinger tea bags to make this herbal tea drink, and I have found that if you buy a special bottle of apple juice, such as the type they sell in farm shops, this is out of this world.

      "Herbal Iced tea
      * 4 Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger tea bags
      * 4 Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger tea bags
      * 4 cups pure apple juice
      Steep the 8 tea bags in 4 cups of boiling water for about 10 minutes. Discard the tea bags. Combine the tea with the apple juice and refrigerate until cold. Serve over ice."

      This is divine and you will have the comfort of knowing it is pure hydration and tastes delicious!

      The only thing I have against these bags is that they are not individually wrapped which I know is better for the environment, but they are not so handy to carry a few in your handbag, when you are out or at work and fancy a drink, but having said that I think the box is so lightweight you could easily remedy that by popping a box in for emergencies.

      From my recent experiences of drinking herbal teas I would say that this is amongst the best as you really get a flavourful drink, not a hint of something but a real intense flavour.

      I love this one and it's so versatile, a comforting winter warmer or a refreshing summer cooler. It is whatever you want it to be.


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      Brand: Celestial Seasonings / / Type: Marmalade

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