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Clipper Organic Everyday Decaf Tea

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Brand: Clipper / Type: Everyday Tea / Food quality: Organic food

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    1 Review
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      10.12.2013 19:25
      Very helpful



      Love it!

      I suffer from chronic sinusitis which sometimes gives me a fever (what my acupuncturist calls 'toxic heat'). Through trial and error; I discovered that my 'toxic heat' seems to worse when consuming caffeine (coca cola, tea etc) and when I discussed this with my acupuncturist she said it's because the caffeine raises my temperature. So I then decided to start buying decaf tea, instead of usual tea. I soon noticed a difference in my 'toxic heat' - it reduced significantly and I no longer felt hot all the time. However, I then read in a magazine that 'normal' tea brands such as PG Tips and Tetley use chemicals to blast away the caffeine, which is actually worse for you than the caffeine itself. The article recommended organic decaf tea which didn't use this chemical process but a natural process to get rid of the caffeine. That is where I found Clippers Organic Decaf Tea.

      The tea is just like any other tea to make - simply pop the kettle on, add a tea bag to a cup and when the water is boiled, pour immediately. Simply leave to brew for a couple of minutes. I tend to leave the bag in mine for a good five minutes as this is how I like it. However, if you like it stronger then you can leave it a little bit longer, and vice versa, if you like it weak then don't leave it so long.

      To me the tea tastes no different to regular tea. According to the Clipper's website, the tea they use in these bags is actually Assam tea rather than ordinary English Breakfast Tea as apparently Assam tea maintains it's flavour when the caffeine is taken from it whereas normal tea loses its flavour.

      I can honestly say that this tea is full flavoured - it manages to be quite strong, without being too strong if you get what I mean. It's just a lovely balance and tastes lovely and fresh. I have a splash of milk with mine and whilst the tea and the milk compliment each other well - the milk doesn't take too much of the 'strongness' away from the tea which is good.

      I find this tea to be really nice and fresh. It's very 'easy' to drink and I have a few cups of this a day. It particularly goes well with cakes and chocolate (Weight Watchers' cakes and chocolates of course!!)

      The only thing which I do not like about this tea is the fact that it's quite expensive (as are most teas these days) - you can expect to pay around £2.50 for a box of teabags. To begin with this wasn't too bad as I was the only one drinking it in our house, and so at around 3 cups of tea per day I found that a box could last me two weeks. However, everyone else in our house now love this tea and being total tea-a-holics in our house, I'm lucky if I can get a box to last a week, and so whilst it's much healthier, it's quite expensive. Another thing is availability, I find that I cannot get this tea from every supermarket, only Sainsbury's or Tesco.

      I would definitely recommend this tea. I feel so much better since drinking this tea instead of regular tea - plus I find I sleep better too.

      Thanks for reading!
      December 2013


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  • Product Details

    A fine organic Assam tea, specially selected to retain a full flavour after decaffeination.