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Lift Instant Flavoured Peach Tea

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2 Reviews

Brand: Lift / Type: Instant Tea

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2011 18:37



      I have been drinking Lift Peach Tea for some time and enjoy it much more than normal teas and the main outlet that I have been purchasing it has been Asda,however it has been increasingly hard to obtain recently,and on asking Asda why was told they were no longer stocking the product,but when they did it always seemed to go before the lemon variety so it was a popular product,I contacted Typhoo on the Wirral who said they would contact my local store and ask why they made the the comment I await to hear the result.However if anyone can direct me to a local store close to Manchester city central who do stock it I would be gratefull


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      11.07.2010 21:01
      Very helpful



      A great imitation Turkish Tea, either hot or cold.

      Lift produces three different flavours of tea: Apple, Lemon and Peach. I am going to review the peach tea in this particular review, which is my favourite.

      This product claims to be a "tea" but it is more of a tea in the Turkish sense of the word than the English sense. You may have tried Twinings various flavours of fruit tea and found that they tasted like traditional tea with a hint of "insert flavour here" however this particular tea tastes like warm peach flavoured water, which is a lot more delicious than it sounds.

      You can find Lift Teas in most large supermarkets, I have purchased it in both a Sainsburys and a Morrisons but have yet to come across it in any small supermarkets such as Tesco Express or Co Op due to it not being popular brand of tea like Twinings or Yorkshire Tea. It retails at about £1.43 but this does vary a few pence from supermarket to supermarket.

      Now for making the cup of tea:
      1) Unscrew the lid - The lid comes off pretty easily, I am one of those people who spend for hours banging jars trying to get the lid off. This one turns and comes off ... ideal.
      2) Peel off the "inner lid" - Since the lid comes off so easily I am quite glad it has a peelable lid to ensure freshness and no sticky fingers fingering it in the supermarket.
      3) Add two teaspoons of powder/fine granules to a cup - According to the label this will give you 20 servings however I have not counted this personally.
      4) Add boiling water and stir then leave to cool or add warm water, stir and drink immediately. I tend to go for the latter as I am impatient.

      SIMPLE! No waiting for a tea bag to defuse. No going to the fridge and realising your other half has put the empty milk carton back in the fridge.

      Now onto a review for your senses. When you first open the jar, you will be greated by a peachy smell, which fills you with confidence as it is peach tea after all. When you had the hot water the smell intensifies :) When you take your first sip of the tea, you will find a lovely peachy taste ... delicious! And not a hint of that awful conventional tea taste to be found (can you tell I am not a tea girl?)

      Also, unlike most hot drinks which when they turn cold also turn your stomach, this one is delicious. It tastes like peach juice with water ... refreshing and delicious even if you do get distracted half way through your cup of tea by salesmen at the door.

      The only draw back to this product is that unlike its fellow Lemon tea, it does not come with a low sugar alternative (same with the Apple flavour) but at only 58 calories a serving I certainly don't feel any guilt.


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    Brand: Lift / / Type: Instant Tea

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